Ask and you shall receive

As I prepare my amazing journey back to Nicaragua for two months I began to ask the universe for my wants. First on my list was secure housing with access to a kitchen and close to the city. Today I heard from a friend who lives in Nicaragua as she has an extra room in her house that she is willing to rent for $100 a month, all utilities included. She sent me pictures and described the house. I fell in love with the idea that it’s on a large piece of land and just outside the city. She explained the only downside was limited access to internet.

That is a small downside as I do have health coaching clients and having access to the internet is how I connect with them. However, I do have a week once I am in Esteli before I speak to my clients to develop a system or even find a place with good internet to use so I can speak with my clients. Overall, I believe this is a great place and with good company.

My second request is for the universe to put in my path the people who will assist me in manifesting my dreams of establishing a wellness center in the city of Esteli if that is my purpose.

My third request is that my Reiki 1 and 2 workshop in Leon have at least 6 people who are willing to learn and practice Reiki upon themselves and others. I have been translating the manuals I co-wrote with another Reiki Master into Spanish and I just received a message from a friend that she is willing to edit my work.

I am thankful for these opportunities, for the gifts the universe has bestowed upon me, and the people in my life who have been supportive and helpful along my journey.


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