From procrastination to 5K

I finally caught a 5K theme that interested me, a color run. From the video on its website,¬†, I was intrigued and set out to do what I do best, find others who are interested. I signed up two of my friends, neither who have run a 5k. I created a team called Happy Love. That’s what I feel when I think of what the event will hold, happy times filled with love.

I am a procrastinator especially when it comes to exercising. I like to sleep in until 8am although I’m always groggier and leaving the house to exercise I envision it being a chore. Yet once I’m out the door I’m so thankful and wished I did it more often.

So, now I have made the announcement to others I am prepping for the 5k which will be May 2 in Miami. The purpose of announcing it to others is for support and encouragement. Next step was to download an encouraging free app called 5k free. It received great reviews and focuses on step by step action to prepping for the 5k in 8 weeks. I can do that.

Yesterday I began my first workout. I was out the door by 8am with my phone in hand, listening to music and the app offering words of encouragement. As I returned home to stretch and do other strength based core exercises, I felt so proud of myself and motivated this time as I take back my health.

Every day I make a continued effort to do the best for myself on a holistic level. I make mistakes and make changes, all with the purpose of being the best I can be and role model to my friends, family, and clients.

So if you’re in Miami (or believe you can be) on May 2, I encourage you to join my team, Happy Love (password is the team name) and let’s spread happy love to others while dancing, getting paint all over ourselves and meet new friends at the Color Fun Fest South Florida.