Losses lead to opportunities

Today, March 5 marks 6 months since my mother passed away and it is the day we held a funeral service for my 100 year old grandmother who passed away on March 1. When I awoke today I felt so empty it was difficult to move. I did not even have an appetite. Yet, I continued on the day resolving different errands with my father before the service.

I called upon Reiki energy to flow through me throughout the day and sent it ahead to the service so all will move easily and the family will be strong and present. I also used a couple of times Balance by DoTerra to help me remain calm.

While at the service I spoke with numerous family members about my work as an energy healer and how I would offer it to my grandmother as a relaxation tool. Needless to say they were impressed and asked me to contact them once I returned from Nicaragua next month.

I felt blessed about these opportunities to share my energy healing abilities to assist people on their journey. I feel fortunate I was able to share my various techniques with my mother and grandmother before they passed. All with the intention to ease their suffering and release when they would be called to pass over.

When my mother became very ill last summer I was asked by my brother and father to return home. I was not working at the time and was ready for a transition as my then boyfriend had received his veteran benefits and we could move anywhere. So in July we moved to Miami and began a new life with my parents. Needless to say my boyfriend and I did not last as my focused turned primarily to my mother and he was in a cultural world he did not know. Miami is not an easy place to live for veterans. He returned to live with his parents in a smaller town in Colorado so he could begin massage school.

I became my mother’s full-time care taker and helped around the house. She passed away in September. I have since decided to remain in Miami for at least a year and put all of my energy into building my business as a health coach and energy healer.

Within 6 months my family lost 2 great matriarchs and the loss runs deep. I believe my mother is happy that I am back home with my family and staying with my father as we regain our balance.

Even though I have lost 3 wonderful women in my life, my sister five years ago, my mother 6 months ago, and my grandmother, 4 days ago; I have gained a new appreciation for my hometown, integrating myself in the holistic and conscious community, and still fulfilling my love of traveling by visiting different states and countries.