Feelings of doubt lead to inability to work

There are times when I just do not feel like doing anything work related, not the best for an entrepreneur. Lately, I have been taking into account what is behind the reason for this lack of motivation and I came to the conclusion that it is due to fear. Yes, I fear rejection, feelings of insecurity, of not being good enough, and other little black clouds of negative thoughts. When they creep into my mind it affects my entire body which then drains me of energy.

So, now what? First step to any problem is to find the source. Check. Now, next step is to break it down and identify what the issues are. In my case it’s insecurity and fear. What I have been doing is making a list of what it is I want to do and putting them into my calendar. Since I love to check things off it is very satisfying when I do it. Then I have been surrounding myself with influential people who are giving me lots of insight and positive support.

By staying busy and productive I have been able to tell those little clouds to disappear for they are not wanted in my life. I then say a mantra like, “My passion in life is to inspire, I can do this” over and over until I feel it in my body. It takes baby steps at times to focus on what I want to do, because honestly there are so many things I want to do.

I’m thankful for the opportunities and people coming into my life as they are assisting me in visualizing my dream of inspiring others and living a passionate life. Thank you to all of you who take the time to read these postings for you give me strength to keep on going.

Discussion: What is one thing you do when doubt or fear arise in your life to keep moving forward?

Waiting and going forward towards your desire


Finding one’s passion and joy in life is a continuous journey that presents itself all at once or a little bit at a time. I know I have found my life’s passion which is to share information, love, and support with others who are drawn to me. As I give of myself I am also open to receiving the same from others. It is beautiful and freeing as I release attachments.

Currently I am working on my feelings of rejection, something I have felt throughout my life and has kept me from pushing past the fear of hearing no. I am seeking the source and then healing it with Reiki, love, and gratitude. What I have learned on my journey I hope to share it with you my reader and hopefully one day client.

As I release rejection I then embrace trust as it balances it out. I am reaching out and asking for help from numerous people as I build my business, manage a home and living with my father, and take care of myself. I am thankful that most people I have asked for help or support have agreed and I am now forming an amazing team for my business and personal life.

I am blessed as I have found my passion and will help others find theirs so we can be in love with the world and ourselves.

Whether you have your life’s passion or not, please share and let’s support each other.

Blessings and health!

Travels to Central America

When I become overwhelmed by my current situation my body goes into flight mode and I want to go somewhere else. I had been feeling very unbalanced since my mother passed away and I was living with my father, helping him out. Before my mom had become very ill I had planned to move to Nicaragua with my then boyfriend and continue my private practice as an energy healer yet those planned changed. I’m thankful I was with my mom when she passed on and have been here with my family in my hometown. It has been helpful facing many doubts and concerns I had pushed down.

I decided to leave to Nicaragua for a month and also visit my former Peace Corps town in El Salvador. While there I made new friends and created contacts that reestablished my intention of one day returning to Esteli, Nicaragua and have a base there. While there I was also able to disconnect from technology, mainly internet and have many days of quiet and solitude. I made numerous decisions of next steps and developed many ideas for my business.

IMG_2174                    IMG_2157

I have since returned more motivated and empowered to build my practice and hopefully bring on board others who also share the same mission of finding one’s balance. I am halfway through a health program with Dr.Axe that addresses both business and health practices, I also started the business immersion program of my health coaching program, and I’m building my team of supporters.

I feel my light shining brighter than ever and I hope the people around me are feeling it and drawing closer so we can share light with others.