Travels to Central America

When I become overwhelmed by my current situation my body goes into flight mode and I want to go somewhere else. I had been feeling very unbalanced since my mother passed away and I was living with my father, helping him out. Before my mom had become very ill I had planned to move to Nicaragua with my then boyfriend and continue my private practice as an energy healer yet those planned changed. I’m thankful I was with my mom when she passed on and have been here with my family in my hometown. It has been helpful facing many doubts and concerns I had pushed down.

I decided to leave to Nicaragua for a month and also visit my former Peace Corps town in El Salvador. While there I made new friends and created contacts that reestablished my intention of one day returning to Esteli, Nicaragua and have a base there. While there I was also able to disconnect from technology, mainly internet and have many days of quiet and solitude. I made numerous decisions of next steps and developed many ideas for my business.

IMG_2174                    IMG_2157

I have since returned more motivated and empowered to build my practice and hopefully bring on board others who also share the same mission of finding one’s balance. I am halfway through a health program with Dr.Axe that addresses both business and health practices, I also started the business immersion program of my health coaching program, and I’m building my team of supporters.

I feel my light shining brighter than ever and I hope the people around me are feeling it and drawing closer so we can share light with others.


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