Waiting and going forward towards your desire


Finding one’s passion and joy in life is a continuous journey that presents itself all at once or a little bit at a time. I know I have found my life’s passion which is to share information, love, and support with others who are drawn to me. As I give of myself I am also open to receiving the same from others. It is beautiful and freeing as I release attachments.

Currently I am working on my feelings of rejection, something I have felt throughout my life and has kept me from pushing past the fear of hearing no. I am seeking the source and then healing it with Reiki, love, and gratitude. What I have learned on my journey I hope to share it with you my reader and hopefully one day client.

As I release rejection I then embrace trust as it balances it out. I am reaching out and asking for help from numerous people as I build my business, manage a home and living with my father, and take care of myself. I am thankful that most people I have asked for help or support have agreed and I am now forming an amazing team for my business and personal life.

I am blessed as I have found my passion and will help others find theirs so we can be in love with the world and ourselves.

Whether you have your life’s passion or not, please share and let’s support each other.

Blessings and health!

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