Power of intention

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Two years ago I decided I wanted to create my own business so I could serve others by supporting them along their healing journey and be flexible in case my immediate family needed my presence in Miami. Last year I made that happen by establishing my LLC in Florida and beginning my path as an entrepreneur.

Two months ago I jumped into my business full-time and work about 30-60 hours a week. My work is my passion and so it really is echoed in all I do. I offer recommendations and healing energy to people I come across throughout the day and give myself self-healing as I need it.

Each month I set goals I want to focus on and then break them down into bite sized pieces, just as I do with my clients. Last month my goal was to find a place to practice energy healing instead of relying on visiting people in their homes, as that was not coming to fruition. Plus, moving around and carrying my healing tools was not providing me a consistent work plan with my clients.

I have been volunteering as a facilitator of a reiki/meditation group at a local trauma center for the past few weeks. Recently they announced that they were relocating to another location in south Miami. At first I sighed at the idea of such a lengthy drive just to facilitate a circle I was not being paid for until I remember an offer I was given last month.

A healer I had met at a networking event offered me her space to use when she was not  working and I remembered that Wednesdays were one of her days off which is when I do the circles. So, I contacted her and asked if the offer still stands and she said yes.

Therefore, my goal of finding a place to practice, the intention I set last month has been resolved. Starting next month I will be practicing energy healing in a beautiful and serene healing space which I am so grateful for and excited as it is further proof from the universe that I am on the right path.

Discussion: What has been a goal you had stated that has recently come true.


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