Self-growth through energy work

Today I took a time out for myself and attend an all day soul relationship retreat with a group of strangers who are now like family. Most of the day we listened about how important it is to be aware of the blocks we are using so we won’t allow love to come in. From intimate relationships to professional ones, we have to be aware of our own patterns so we can stop attracting similar types of people.

I attended the retreat so I could be open to attract my soulmate. I am aware that when I am in intimate relationships I sometimes do not voice what I want or how I feel. I swallow the discomfort in order to avoid confrontations and then I become bitter.

Today I realized my underlying fear is because at times I feel as though I am not worthy and hold on to what is not serving me so I won’t be alone. I set the intention to release that negative thought and embrace love, compassion, and the knowing that I will receive the right partner when the time is right.

After our discussion of getting to the root of our blocks we were led into breath work, an intensive and emotional releasing therapy. While focusing on our breath in a specific way, pent up emotions, fears, and thoughts rose up and released themselves. Afterwards we were to lie on our left sides and regroup.

We regrouped in a small circle to share briefly our experiences, hear what we may expect for the next few days and giving thanks for the space and the teacher who led it. We ended by connecting one last time by holding hands and feeling the energy flow through the group.

Driving home I gave thanks to the universe for placing such an amazing experience into my life at this moment as I was currently struggling with my life’s direction. Once home I spoke to my mother’s older sister who exclaimed how proud she is of me and the work I do. She mentioned how I bring joy to my family and I’m so helpful. It was another confirmation of how powerful and full of love I am and worthy of love too. A great ending to a wonderful day.

As a healer and teacher it is essential that I also become a patient and a student as I continue to heal my wounds while also releasing limiting beliefs that cause me to sabotage my personal and professional life.

Please share if you have participated in a recent retreat, group workshop, or class focused on self-growth and empowerment.


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