From the Ground up

I was inspired to write after watching this documentary about  PurePlant NationAmerica and the world is awakening en masses to the idea that the food we eat is not always safe, that we can no longer simply trust the federal agencies overseeing how our food is handled.

As a public health educator, I teach people about prevention of chronic health diseases and as a health coach I meet my clients where they are to help them in making lifelong health changes.

The time is now to take charge of your health and know where your food is coming from. As stated in the documentary, revolutions start “from the ground up” and so taking back our food supply while protecting our environment is of upmost importance. When we care about what we put in our bodies, we care about what we surround our lives with, and we care about how we show up in this world.

Check out the documentary and share your thoughts about the growing revolution of organic food, farmer market’s, and having more colorful vegetables on your plate than meat and starches.


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