Healing with love


This weekend I attended my first holistic expo in West Palm Beach through HolisticGlobe and offered energy healing sessions along with angel readings. I offered 6 sessions with glowing responses from the receivers and 2 angel readings. I also collected more than 20 emails from people interested in learning more. I was honored to open the expo with a chakra guided meditation accompanied by another presenter who used singing bowls.

Overall, I felt the experience offered me an opportunity to talk with others about my work and meet other practitioners. It was incredible to be amongst so many healers sharing their gifts to people open to learning about healing themselves through various modalities.

For the past 30 years, natural healing techniques have been pushing forward as another resource for people to take back their health and learn more about why they became ill in the first place and what they could do differently. Every day we are seeing more holistic centers operating with different practitioners offering massage, Reiki, herbal medicine, and nutritional support.

These techniques are not meant to eradicate western medicine, for they are being offered as a way to complement it and offer patients the power to take control of their health. Expos such as the one I attended offer various modalities to treat health issues and provide more options. It was an honor to attend this expo and I look forward to attending many more in the future.

Have you recently learned about a new healing modality or received a treatment? Please share your experiences in the comments below. Thank you!


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