Cancer returns to my life

Within 5 years I have lost my sister and my mother to the western word, cancer. Yet, I do not know why they had it. I believe that answer will soon become clearer to me as I am focusing on helping those who have received the C-word diagnosis. Yesterday, I began to work with a new distant energy healing client and is my 3rd client with cancer. I believe this is the universe sending me a clear direction so I can focus on working with people who have chronic and terminal illnesses to support them on their healing journey.

I always checked in with my sister and mother about their thoughts and feelings about their cancer diagnosis. They both felt they could beat it in the manner that was right for them, alternative and complementary. Unfortunately, they are no longer with us on this mortal plane. However, I believe from the spirit world they continue to support and empower me so I can help others.

yoli 010

An older Nicaraguan man I worked with who had cancer told me, he knew he was dying and he was okay with it. He also appreciated when I came to give him Reiki because it gave him natural comfort and warmth. I was also able to speak with his family members and ensure they had a safe place to release and gave them Reiki to.  It was a beautiful experience yet I was still hesitant to work with people who had cancer because it reminded me too much of my sister and mom.

That experience happened 3 years ago and now I have shifted my thoughts about it. I want to be a support to those who have recently received a shocking diagnosis, either personally or someone close to them.

I was not always available physically or emotionally while my sister and mom battled cancer because I was just as scared. I have released my feelings of guilt for holding on them only hold me back, yet I do recall the situations with a heavy heart. I want to unite a community of chronic sufferers to learn about how to heal themselves naturally.

I honestly do not know where my exact path will lead me to and so I maintain an open mind. In 2 weeks I will be visiting a holistic healing sanctuary for people with chronic and terminal illnesses for a few days to help someone there with healing work.  I am maintaining an open mind for I do not know what lies for me there.

Conversation on FacebookHave you recently felt an urge to go somewhere new and do something different? Have you noticed a pattern of opportunities or situations in your life?

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