5 minute self imposed time out!

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5 minutes a day for self-love
Time is always of essence and many times we feel as though we run short of time for ourselves. We give so much to people we love, our work, and others we do not allow time to receive relaxation or moments of tranquility.

By following these practical five minutes a day tips to become more mindful and release stress, you can focus on being more grateful and appreciative for the time you do have.

Self-care is so important to ensure you remain healthy in a mental, physical, and spiritual presence.

Choose one or all of them and give yourself the gift of self love by taking a 5 minute self time out.

Self Love tips

1) Dance and shake off your stress. Put your favorite song and move around within your office, car, or house as your sing out loud and move your body to the rhythm. Movement also assists in reducing inflammation which causes numerous chronic diseases and cognitive issues.

2) Breathe and Relax: Practice breathing slowly which can reduce anxiety and bring back calm. Inhale deeply from your belly and exhale slowly while saying, “relax.”

3) Mindful Breathing: Dr. Weil, Integrative and wellness doctor, teaches a simple mindful breathing technique of inhaling to the count of 4, hold for 7, and release for 8.

4) Loving Kindness Intention: Begin your day with a loving intention, During this day . . . 
May I be happy.

May I be healthy.

May I be free from emotional, physical and financial suffering.

May I be free from drama, conflict and negative energy.

May I be immersed in prosperity, positive energy, and peace.

And during this day may I give and receive sincere acts of love & kindness

5) Evening Gratitude: As you lay in bed before going to sleep, give thanks for 3 things that occurred that day, take a deep breathe, and release into a relaxing sleep.
Please share which of these you will incorporate into your life by leaving a comment on Mariposas Holistic Facebook page or add one of your own.

I am also offering a complimentary 30 minute Life Balance consultation by phone or skype. Call 305 396-1389 or email patricia@mariposasholistic.com to schedule a time that works for you.

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