Stronger in community

DSC04978Always climbing upwards!

As many of you know if you have read my recent blogs, I have been processing the recent suicide of a dear friend, my ex-partner. This loss has hit me much deeper than my previous losses mostly because of the sudden impact and that I was not in contact with him a few months before his death.

This loss is my story yet I know you can relate to loss at some point in your life. We have all experienced the same feelings; anger, frustration, sadness, joy, happiness, and confusion. How we process these feelings may be where we differ.

Since his loss I have been blessed with so many gains. I am in touch with his family again. His best friend and I have supported each other emotionally through this loss. I have asked for help when I needed support. I have also allowed myself to be alone and then in community when I felt the need.

During this time I have also continued to recognize the importance of the healing work I do, either as an energy healer or health coach. The clients entering my life asking for assistance reflect many of my struggles and show the strength I have so I can empower them where they are.

There were numerous times in my earlier years that I contemplated suicide because I did not feel alive. Now, I feel so alive the energy runs through me easily and freely. I have been blessed with an amazing life with struggles I have been able to work through on my own and with the support of others. I am overwhelmed at times by feelings of gratitude.

I will prosper because I believe in myself yet honestly there are times I feel fear. I recognize it and ask the universe for help. In turn I receive people and situations that can help me.

I am reminded everyday of how blessed I am because I have a career I love, surrounded by friends and family, am physically healthy, and find abundance in all I do.

I want to share with you how grateful I am for you and for being in my life. You are not alone, rather in community. So if you feel alone or lost at any time please reach out to either myself or someone else. You deserve abundance and prosperity in your life.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

Suicide, a traumatic loss for all

This time last week I received the most horrific news, my ex-boyfriend committed suicide at his parents’ home. It honestly came as a surprise to all because he had been doing so well on his healing journey. He had served 15 years in the military and a few years ago left the Army due to Post Traumatic Stress. He was in recovery using natural methods such as massage, meditation, essential oils, and was also taking a reasonable amount of prescribed medication. He starred in the documentary, Hidden Enemy about the overuse of prescription medicine in the military.  In October he would have completed a year long massage training program and would have started a massage program for veterans at the school. For reasons unknown to all those who loved him he took his own life.


For those left behind the trauma of a losing a loved one suddenly is quite shocking. Although I have experienced the loss of numerous family members recently, I was able to prepare for their passing as they passed on due to illnesses and I was by their side as they passed over.

I have worked as a grief counselor and yet nothing could have prepared me for the gut wrenching loss of losing a person I really cared about. Although our romantic relationship ended, our friendship was always consistent and full of love. Following the news I was unable to eat or work for a few days. I felt numb and full of grief.The pain is like a punch in the stomach and just feels dull after a bit. The tears that have flowed and continue to flow have been unlike any I have felt before. I have only just recently began to move forward and return to work as a health coach and energy healer. It is comforting to continue to serve others yet also taking time for myself.

I have been taking care of myself by acknowledging my grief and allowing the tears to fall as needed. I also have spoken to numerous friends and family who have supported me throughout this time. Many have noted my strength which comes from knowing how to ask for help and being present. I also have taken numerous walks along the beach and dips in the ocean to release the sadness. Being in nature is so important to being grounded and present. I am aware of the stages of grief and know I have gone through them numerous times, which is a normal process.

I will continue to reach out to others, receive emotional support and healing, and be grateful for knowing and loving a man who was generous with so many people. I will take this loss as a reason to continue doing the work of supporting others and being present, especially for those who have suffered trauma.

If you have suffered from loss or know of someone who committed suicide please share your story and how you prevailed. Thank you!

Business coach helping Health Coach


A few moments ago I took a monstrous step towards creating a successful business, I hired a business coach. For so long I have been hesitating because I said I didn’t have the money, I could do it myself, and other excuses. Yet, as I look around my home office and numerous notes I realize I am not moving forward in any one direction. I need help.

I listened to a webinar today by a successful business coach and she offered an amazing deal which I immediately took. I have learned, especially as a coach, that asking for help and being held accountable is the key to really move forward in life.

I want to be successful and I want to offer my current and future clients amazing transformational programs. I want to be location independent so I can pursue my love of traveling and teaching whether in the United States or Latin America.

It’s an investment that I am willing to pursue and the timing was just right. I have recently returned from an amazing trip to Oregon and I realized hat in order to move forward I need to invest in myself and change what is not working. I’m going to continue climbing the wheel of life which offers so many opportunities and embrace the wonderful world of transformation and self-healing. DSC04978

I’m thankful to share my healing journey with you and hope you continue your journey in this world. I would love to hear about any recent investments you have made in your life in order to improve your current status. Please share in the comments below or email me at