My birthday celebration

bday collage

Today, October 12 I celebrate 37 years on this beautiful and inspiring place called Earth. Also, I am celebrating in my hometown of Miami with my family. It has been a life full of ups and downs. I have loved, lost, and lived numerous adventures. I am now living my dream of building my own practice at Mariposas Holistic Healing and traveling around the United States and Central America. Thankfully I have two paying positions as a as a property manager for my father and for a holistic gym, I Am Equilibrium in Miami in administration and as an energy facilitator and stress reduction specialist.

Living here was not part of my original plan as I had hoped last year to be living in Nicaragua. My life transformed completely last September with my mother’s death. That same month I broke up with my partner of two years because he was not offering what I needed in a partner and he chose to live in Colorado. Now I’m grieving for him as well because he passed away last month.

Honestly, a couple of weeks ago I was grieving for my loved ones and how confused I felt about my life and what I wanted to do, I did not want to celebrate my birthday. Yet, I shook it off because I am always telling people how important it is to celebrate one’s life. Since October began I have been celebrating every day by giving thanks for my life, career, family, friends, health, living on the beach, passport for traveling, and so much more.

Today I am celebrating with a friend and taking professional photos in the gardens of Miami. Tonight I will be eating dinner with my father, uncle, brother, and sister-in-law at a Castellano (Spanish) restaurant as they celebrate their tradition of Columbus on his voyage to the New World.

As I celebrate 37 years on this planet I am so grateful for the healing gifts I have been given, my family both blood and soul, opportunities to travel the world, my holistic health, friends that live around the world, and my numerous skills and abilities.

My wish is to continue to live a healthy and balanced life while sharing my gifts with those who cross my path, live in abundance and happiness, continue to give and receive love and peace, live and to always push past fear and push forth to my fullest potential. May I continue to live many more years.


(yes that’s an arrow in my neck. I broke it while pushing past my fear of the unknown)

How do you celebrate your birthday?