Doubt and Hesitation Can Be Prevailed


I find the human mind to be a powerful tool which can be used in positive or negative ways. Emotions can fluctuate from one extreme to the other at times, or so it seems focused on canceling each other out. I once heard or read (I don’t recall who) that when a person is experiencing a rush of happy feelings the ego self-sabotages by raising limiting beliefs into one’s mind.

I believe that as I have been more observant of my emotional state as of late. Perhaps I have more feelings of doubt and hesitation since I decided to invest time and money into establishing my own practice. I had hoped by this point in my life I would have been more successful and sharing my gifts with others yet my self-doubt creates such obstacles in my life which seem to push my goals away.

Yet, I know so many of us struggle with doubt and hesitation regarding different aspects of our lives. I recently created a survey which I shared across various social media outlets to learn more about people and their stressors thus confirming most have issues with doubt. It’s also seen in numerous self-help books, videos, blogs, etc. I know of this for a fact because I have watched, participated, and practiced various techniques which are focused on releasing doubt.

So, if I know so much why do I still question myself? What I do know is that I can recognize it now and decided if I want to allow it to take over and prohibit me from moving forward or face it.

Doubt really is another name for fear. I fear success and people’s expectations. Writing it out and knowing it’s going to be read by others scares me yet I’m pushing past the fear and letting it go.

By releasing doubt and fear I choose to move forward on my transformational path and practice the techniques I teach one word at a time. Writing has always been a resource for me to release and I’m going to embrace it rather than run from my vision of achieving a balance towards health and happiness for myself and others.

Now that I have released my fear are you ready to release yours? Please share your fear in the comments and we’ll push past it together.