Reiki, my life’s work

I discovered Reiki, a Japanese stress reduction technique which promotes relaxation within the body-mind-soul for holistic healing, in 2009, the year my sister was diagnosed with cancer. I took Reiki level 1 in the home of my first Reiki teacher/master, Sarah. I was amazed by the energy that began to flow through my hands as I practiced the hand motions. Excitedly, I knew I had a new skill I could use to share with my sister and help her on her healing journey. After all, it was my sister who first introduced me to energy healing such as sound healing, affirmations, meditation, and eating cleaner foods.

Unfortunately, my sister passed away in 2010 and honestly my heart for Reiki died with her. I felt as though I failed her. I continued my familiar path of social work and being of service to others by being present and supportive. Two years later my heart beat again for Reiki as embraced the idea of using Reiki as a way to release stress. Within a year I became a Reiki Master/Teacher with the focus of sharing it with others, especially in Latin America. I could combine my love of community work with establishing a natural healing center in Nicaragua.

In 2013 I taught my first Reiki 1 and 2 class in Costa Rica as my friend Libby taught yoga. Together we focused on healing the chakras through yoga and Reiki. We had 10 participants, including my mom. It was truly a blessing and a sign I was on the right path. I have continued to practice and teach Reiki in Nicaragua and various states within the United States. My path of having a healing center is temporarily on hold as I feel guided towards another one which is still unclear.


All I know is that my mission to assist people in release stress naturally as an energy healer and health coach is constantly affirmed by the universe. Since 2013 I have been teaching Reiki Level 1 and 2 in both English and Spanish with the sole purpose of providing people a natural tool to heal mind-body-soul. I am grateful to state that I will be teaching my first Reiki 3 class in Palmetto Bay this year, bringing forth another generation of energy healers who will continue to share love and light to this world.


As I teach others about ways to heal themselves I believe I am supported by my sister and mother who are watching from heaven. They have inspired and taught me about healing oneself emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally which is a life long journey. My grief for them has now turned into my greatest service to others. I’m blessed to have assisted others with cancer find more meaning about their illness.

yoli 010

Please share if you have experienced grief and how you have been able to transform it into your greatest passion @patymariposas or leaving a comment below. If you’re interested in a complementary telephone healthy check-in and discover how to find your life’s passion or ways to embrace your grief, email me at



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