Spring Cleaning for the Mind and Body

Cleanse your mind and body with daily practice

As we continue to flow through spring and the transformation that continues to take place as the world reawakens from its winter sleep, the time is now to clean out what no longer serves us, which could be over accumulation of stuff, toxins in our bodies or our negative thoughts.

Each of us has our own process of cleansing. When we clear out our homes it can be done through yard sales and donations. Our “junk” can be someone else’s treasure and we receive compensation in some form plus a cleaner home and happier state of mind. Hopefully, though the idea is that we release what we no longer need or want so that we may simplify our lives and clear out the clutter. Others clear out negative thoughts or emotions that are blocking us from moving forward in life by seeking help through a coach, counselor, workshop, class, book, etc. Some also do short-term detoxes to clear our bodies from toxins. Whatever process we choose, our intuition guides us and the opportunities or support appear to help us.

You may recall the saying, “out with the old, in with the new” which could apply to all ways of cleansing.  Transformation begins, when we take responsibility for our lives by recognizing we are not feeling fulfilled or happy in this present moment, we then take action. Recently my process of cleansing has been through various ways, from clearing out physical items from my living space and computer, meditating, and also recognizing my challenges. Two of my ongoing challenges as a creative person with numerous ideas and goals are staying focused and completing projects.

Each year (and week to be honest) I state I’m going to be more focused and just like many I set intentions and goals about how I will do that. Yet, four months into the year I do not see that I have progressed well in that area. Although I have purchased and watched numerous programs which advertised I would be more focused I have not taken the necessary action by focusing on one or two projects.  Granted I have been accomplishing many tasks as my business continues to grow yet I have also been procrastinating with many other tasks and activities. I feel sometimes like I have 8 arms and all are busy doing something different.

Have you felt this way too?

As a health coach and counselor, I work with people who are struggling with the same issues of too many ideas and little focus. Last year I took action by investing in a business coach to assist me in building my business and understanding what it takes to be successful. While she helped me in some areas to become more clear, being focused was not one of them, which I take full responsibility. I have tried various ways to be more organized but in all honestly have not been 100% committed.

Lately I have been listening more to what I say to others and have recognized that I am constantly complaining to people, “I’m not focused” I’m such a procrastinator, I’m so frustrated and annoyed with myself.”

Does this sound like you?

Obviously criticizing and complaining are not the solution and are really bringing my energy down. I asked my spiritual self for help and recalled what has helped me in the past was having a planner to write in and not just relying on my online calendar. I turned to Amazon Prime, my favorite shopping place, to search for a planner that could help me become more focused and I came upon one that really met my needs. It’s called The Life Coach* in a Book for 90 days and it addresses achieving balance in life by addressing goals, visions, and chunking it down by month, week, and day. I have committed to writing in it each morning and night. This commitment of taking action is about taking responsibility for my challenges and transforming them into strengths. I am enjoying this guide so much I am now using it in my Ultimate Stress Release Program and provide it as a gift to my clients which we use during our program.


Check out this planner* and see if it will help you in clearing out your limiting beliefs and filling them with limitless ones.

Please share your thoughts about what you use to stay focused or your thoughts about this planner @patymariposas 


Book a Healthy Check-In Session with me and let’s discuss any blocks you may have in your life or struggles with procrastination.  I’m here to support you with a step-by-step plan to balance your life, embrace your power, and focus on health.

*Disclaimer, I am an affiliate through this link and will receive financial compensation.


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