Affirmations and Inspiration

On my desk I have an inspirational perpetual flip calendar by Robert Holden called Success Now which I flip every now and then whenever I feel called for a pick me up. Affirmations for me are like a candy or a coffee as they fill me with energy to keep moving and stay motivated. I obtain affirmations and inspirations in numerous ways such as Angel Readings, meditation, podcasts, social media and so much more.

For the last few days I have been feeling very happy and focused. I recently returned from a fabulous weekend music festival called Farm to Family.  I participated at this event as a vendor offering stress and relaxation service to attendees. This was my second time vending opportunity and it brought me so much happiness. I was able to enjoy the music from my booth and feel the earth energy as we were surrounded by trees, water, and camping. Each day I focused on gratitude for my holistic abundance.

Once home I settled back into focusing on my business and my responsibilities. Feeling a need for inspirational focus I turned to the calendar by Robert Holden called Success Now   and landed on a quote that really hit home for me. It said “Reflect on how you can make today more beautiful, more meaningful, and more enjoyable for yourself and others.” It brought back memories of the festival and how blessed I was for the numerous types of abundance. All that I had manifested came true.

Also when I see that quote I wonder what can I do to make this day more beautiful and take action on ideas that come forth. How can I continue to inspire myself and others?

In a world in which we are constantly bombarded with negativity on social media, television, radios, and surrounded by grouchy and negative people, I believe it’s important to find inspiration each day and embrace it with happiness. Life can be very challenging at times yet it can also be happy and peaceful if you find inspiration throughout your day.

Inspiration also comes from the work I do with my clients. Today was an example as I received a text from one of my counseling clients who’s been really sad lately, stating he felt more optimist and energized since he’s been finding his joy again. I was so appreciative that he shared that with me. I reflected how my work with this client made today and other days “more beautiful, more meaningful, and more enjoyable.”

Being happy for me is the greatest feeling in the world and for me happiness comes from the simple things in life. From dancing to live music in the sand barefoot, reading a good book in a comfortable spot undisturbed, and spending time with my niece and nephew amongst many many more

Reflect today on what you can do to make it more beautiful, more meaningful, and more enjoyable for yourself and others.

I would love to hear what inspires you. What are some of your favorite affirmations? Please share at @patymariposas on Instagram.

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