Playing small

Playing small to me implies not pushing through my fears in order to be successful in my life. Recently, I was reminded how I am continuing to play small by not having the confidence in what I do. This has been a constant debate within myself and I have moments of clarity with progress and other times moments of doubt. My intellectual mind understands this, yet my emotional mind is what keeps me in my comfort zone.

Throughout this year I have placed myself in numerous opportunities to push past my fears of sharing my work with others. Every time has been successful yet limiting because I would shrug back from the light when feelings of fear started showing up.

This week I am choosing to change that. I have found in the past I work best within a structured environment, which I have been lacking. As an entrepreneur I have appreciated not having a 9-5pm structure yet I’m becoming aware that this lack of structure is causing me to work long hours scattered throughout the week. By my calculations, I’m working 60 hours a week without much direction.

I have decided to change it by taking my business more seriously, which means creating a structure and specific goals. I have been following various successful entrepreneurs and even downloaded their helpful resources, yet without action it means nothing. Now, I have a plan to share my knowledge and promote my healing work to those who vibe with what I have to say.


However, the first step towards structure begins with my self-care. Therefore, I am establishing a positive ritual every morning that consists of meditation, positive affirmations, exercise, gratitude, and a healthy breakfast. By taking care of me first I feel more energized and motivated to move forward in my life. I am playing big because I’m taking care of myself so I can show up in an authentic and loving way.

By raising my vibration through structure and creating my reality, I can then share more positively my message and assist in creating a happy and healthy world. Owning my worth and believing I have value to share is what drives me forward, even past my fears.

How do you feel you’re playing small in your life?

Book a Healthy Check-In Session with me and let’s discuss any blocks you may have in your life or struggles with playing small.  I’m here to support you with a step-by-step plan to balance your life, embrace your power, and focus on health.

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