Are you an energy mirror?

Have you been feeling physical or emotional pain that is similar to others who are close to you or that you’re working with?

Are you a heart centered individual who gives more than receives?

As energy beings we are constantly absorbing and releasing energy around us. Our field filters in what’s helpful and not, yet with so much stimulation occurring within and around us, sometimes we lose our balance. Losing our balance can occur on various levels in our lives yet show up through physical or emotional pain as that is how our body communicates with us. Also, the universe throws mirrors in our lives as we are confronted with situations, experiences or people that mirror our challenges or issues we need to improve so we can continue on our path towards self-actualization or connecting to spirit.

Recently a Reiki student told me how she was struggling with low back pain which has been affecting her daily life. We discussed how the pain was related to the sacral chakra, relationships, flow, sexual energy. She then mentioned doing energy work with the client, not Reiki, which dealt with releasing energetic attachments from a traumatic loss. She added that her client had been struggling with low back pain and her own pain started after the energetic session.

Have you been protecting yourself with Reiki?, I asked her.

No, she replied, how do I do that?

As she discussed when the pain arose, work with her client, and other issues coming up in her life, she began to connect the dots.

So, now that the awareness is there, next step is the protection and taking care of self.

As a Reiki practitioner or energy healer, it’s important to protect yourself before and after sessions. Also, taking care of yourself is important. As heart centered individuals taking care of yourself with even 5 minutes of time for you allows you to balance yourself again.

Below I have identified 5 ways you can energetically protect and take care of yourself, regardless if you’re an energy practitioner or not.

5 steps to protect yourself energetically

  1. Intention: Before a troubling situation or working with clients/customers, set an intention that you will be protected and ask for support from God/spirit/angels. I usually imagine myself surrounded by white light, like a bubble. Reiki 2 and up practitioners, use the power and distant symbol before each session.
  2. Dust the energy off: Imagine the energy you have absorbed after a session or challenging situation as dust. Using intention and action, state that you will release the energy while also brushing the energy off with your hands. Begin with left hand over right arm and switch, same with left hand over right leg and switch, then both hands dusting off front and back. Clap your hands to end it.
  3. Cutting ties: Similar to dusting the energy, this concept is more about cutting ties. After working with traumatic situations with clients, state your intention (out loud or in your head) to cut energetic ties and release any attachments. With your hands acting like a knife, imagine slicing down your front and back stating the intention.
  4. 5 minute self-care: We’re all busy rushing from one place to another, yet giving yourself 5 minutes will help your energy remain balanced throughout the day. After each session or client leaves (if able), set an alarm for 5 minutes and sit quietly without interruptions. Focus on your breath, breathing in and out of your mouth. Allow the thoughts to float away without focusing on them.
  5. Gratitude: Always take a few moments after each session to identify 3 ways you are grateful (action you did, thanking God/spirit/angels for assistance, being present, etc).

Implementing one or all of these tips into your daily self-care practice will liberate you from energetic attachments which has been brought on by stressful situations or people you are working with. By engaging in these practices you will remain balanced and protected from absorbing issues other people are struggling with.

Please share with me your experience with energetic attachments and if any of these tips were helpful to you. Connect with me via email at or visit my website, to learn more about me and my work.

Blessings and health,
Paty Hernandez, MSW, MPH, CHC


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