Full Moon Intentions

I felt the energy in the depths of my stomach for at least 2 days. I knew June 20, 2016 was the summer solstice, a full moon, and strawberry moon which was spiritually powerful  validated by many. For me it’s a day I chose to release a long term habit that no longer served me and begin to really live authentically. After 20 years of this habit I have chosen to let it go so I can bring into my life more abundance and opportunities.

Full moons are known for creating changes in the atmosphere. The ocean becomes turbulent and people are believed to become more emotionally wild. They can bring people together from all walks of life to gather and dance or others may be solitude and focus on their own rituals and releasing ceremonies.

The night of June 20th I felt the subtle pull of energy and its connection to mother nature. I looked out at the ocean and I felt myself pulled into her depths as all of my worries and doubts flowed off me. I felt the moon slowly beginning its rise into the sky, even though it was cloudy I knew where she was. I offer my blessings to the universe for this experience of watching the rising moon from a balcony overlooking the beach.

On June 20th I set my intentions for my future, focused on what I valued most in life without for or judgement. For many years I have been hesitant about manifesting my goals because I wanted to be open to opportunities. I didn’t want to place my ideas in a box yet I’ve recently realized I was procrastinating because I feared what was next. So now that I’ve kicked this fear to the curb it’s time to rise up to my potential and glory as I share my healing gifts with others. I envision a life traveling from one place to another providing healing services and teaching stress release. I see a healing center with numerous spaces for respite and relaxation on a beach in another country.

This full moon was very special and I meditated on my wants and needs. I asked God for support and enlightenment which I feel within my body coursing throughout my veins yet subtle. I then ended my practice with gratitude for all that I have and all that I will receive at the right time. The day after the full moon I awoke to a cloudy day with rain justifying the cleansing process this world desperately needs to clear itself of hate, jealousy, and greed. I stand up to my calling to bring forth healing, compassion, and authenticity. I am now rising to the occasion God has set forth for me as I teach, share, and empower others and myself how to find balance towards health and happiness.

Whether you believe in the power of the full moon or not, I can guarantee you may have felt off these last few days. Perhaps angry, annoyed, odd, etc for no reason. That’s the power of the moon and now with the rain those feelings have washed away so you can be ready for a new day that you can create your reality.

Please share what your experience with the moon was and your favorite ritual to manifest@patymariposas or leaving a comment below. If you’re interested in a complementary telephone healthy check-in and discuss your aha moments.DSC04902, email me at patricia@mariposasholistic.com

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