Shake off stress and frustration

Happiness is a thought and an action. So is relaxation and enjoying life. Lately I’ve been questioning myself about what brings me happiness because sometimes I don’t always feel so happy. Just the other day I was feeling upset and angry without understanding why. I allowed the emotions to run their course by crying and yelling throughout the apartment as I released the intense energy coursing through my body. Then I crashed on my bed and fell asleep. Once I awoke all of it was gone and I felt better. I still haven’t been able to understand why I was so upset yet instead of focusing on the why or thoughts, I focused on the actions I could do to release it.

Feelings and thoughts come and go yet they only manifest into stronger emotions when we focus on them. This is a message I remind myself and share with my clients. Basically I remind them, do your emotions control you or do you control your emotions? In the above example, I knew those emotions could really take over if I allowed them and feelings of anger could linger longer and eventually lead to depression.

Yet, I chose to take action and release the emotions which is not always an easy process. It does take the mindset of making a choice to be upset or happy. I chose happiness. I created a list of identifying ways I could relax and enjoy life plus what I was grateful for. As I wrote this list I could feel my body become lighter and calmer. My frown was really turning itself upside down. Then I chose one activity from my list to do, listening to music, and played my favorite song. I have learned that one way of releasing stress is by shaking. So, I raised the volume as loud as I could (not very loud because it was on my computer) and shook every part of my body as I released whatever pent up stressed I had. I sure danced, moved, and laughed throughout the almost 4  minutes of the song, I’m Alive.


After the song I drank water and gave thanks for the ability to shake off the stress and really enjoy this amazing life I have created for myself. It’s not always perfect yet it’s up to me (and you) to remember all the wonderful blessings I have.

What is your favorite way of releasing stress? Share @patymariposas  #mariposasreleasestress

Peace and health,

Paty La Mariposa

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