She’s been gone 7 years

May 21 is marked forever in my mind as it was the date Yoli, my older sister, transitioned. The years continue to move forward yet I remember as if it was yesterday the last words we shared as we snuggled in the hospital bed brought by hospice to our parents’ home, whispering silliness and laughing at funny movies. Yoli has always been a clown and I was her biggest fan.

yoli y patty

Reading her decree she wrote about me when on my graduation day as an Eckerd’s Wilderness camp counselor.​​​​​​​

Last week I talked about how Reiki helped me through my grief with Yoli. By learning Reiki I was given a practical self-care tool I could grab onto when the earth felt as though it was shaking below me. Also, it gave me the opportunity to believe in the spiritual aspect of life which is separated from religion. Within in the first class of Reiki, the attunement process is all about opening the meridians and chakra channels so the spiritual energy can enter your body and clear it of toxins. Which is so fascinating!

During Yoli’s last week with us she was in and out of a coma state of consciousness as she was given medicine to help her body relax. I would give her Reiki every now and then to help her as well, and myself to feel as though I was doing something. Watching someone die in front of your eyes is challenging yet with Reiki it was easier for some reason. A couple of days before she was to transition I was standing by her head with my hands on her heart. I felt called to glance into her eyes and suddenly her face and body softened. Her eyes glowed with understanding. She looked straight ahead as though she could see something. Quietly she said, “it’s okay, they’re coming for me.” I asked who but then her eyes closed and she was off to sleep again.

A few moments later I realized that she meant the angels were coming for her. Growing up Catholic I have always believed in angels yet learning about Reiki allowed me to understand that angels are around us at all times.

As I was headed to tell my parents I wondered how could I explain what just happened. So, I said that her vital signs are showing that she’s passing on soon and it’s time to say goodbye.

Reiki has been one of my favorite self-care tools along my grieving journey. Since Yoli has passed I have been to countless healing sessions, personal growth workshops, days spent in isolation, and so much more. I miss Yoli everyday and yet everything I do from my work to my travels, I do in her memory for I know she would have been with me throughout.

Other ways I keep her memory alive are through pictures, writing and talking about her, meditating with her, and doing things she would have liked to do. Oh and a tattoo on my back of her as an angel.

How do you keep the memory of loved ones alive?
What technique (s) has helped you move through grief in your life?

Feel free to reply to these emails as I’d love to hear from you.

Pass this blog along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need love everyday!

Thank you for being a part of my expanding family.

Paty, La Mariposa

PS, Yep, the Reiki Love On Program is close to being released this summer. Stay tuned.

Going Live tomorrow

Excuse the intrusion so early into the week but I wanted to share an important announcement. Tomorrow, I’m breaking through my fear of showing up by doing 2 live videos via social media. Excited?? You should be because you get to participate in discussions with me about forgiveness and energy medicine. Details below!
Part of my fear of showing up is due to insecurities since childhood of being laughed at or worse not taken seriously when I had something to say (I was bullied often). So, now I’m taking imperfect action and know I will improve each time I show up.
Join me in taking imperfect action through a fear you have.
I’ve been wanting to do videos for awhile now but I keep coming up with excuses for why I come with excuses of not doing more videos (which I’ve been asked to do). So, tomorrow night I’m taking an idea out of my head and presenting it for the world to see, releasing attachment of who will see. I want to show up in the world with my message of releasing stress through natural healing techniques.
As my tribe of mariposas, people constantly transforming towards greater love, I would love your support and honest feedback. Please show up tomorrow or put it in your calendar to watch for later. Share my message with others if you find it useful. Most importantly, let me know what you thought of my webinar and what more would you like to hear (inspire me).
Tomorrow I’m excited to share that I’ll be doing two live videos.
Video 1; First I’ll be doing a Facebook Live at 9am about forgiveness through an inspiring Facebook group called Lightworkers Rise Up, click here  to join. .
Video 2: In the evening I will be doing a Youtube Live video with a slideshow presentation on Energy Medicine, Real or Woo? It’s at 7pm. Click here to join live.
I’m really excited about stepping out of my comfort zone so I can gaze into your eyes through whatever screen you’re using. It’s an amazing concept.
Pass this email along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need time to focus on ourselves everyday!

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Let’s discuss ways to include more self-care into your life.
I’m here to support you with a step-by-step plan to balance your life, embrace your power, and focus on health.

Grateful for Mom every day

It wasn’t too long ago that around this time I would be searching online for flowers to send to my mother for mother’s day and a heartfelt card, regardless if I was home or traveling. Now, I stand on the beach where she used to walk and imagine her next to me. My mother passed away in 2014, 3 years after her body battled cancer and chemotherapy. Every day I give thanks that I was by her side when she took her last breath. Every day that she was in the hospital I would give her Reiki to help her body relax.
Reiki, Japanese energy healing technique, has empowered me to be more in tuned with my body and become more sensitive to energy. Usually I feel my mom (and other loved ones who’ve passed) when I sit outside on the beach (or nature). I close my eyes and just breathe. Sometimes I cry and sometimes I smile. Whatever I feel I just allow it to be without judgement as I know it’s my body releasing pent up stress, otherwise known as energy.
Recently, I began to work with a new client who lost an adult child a few years ago and is really struggling. The pain has been intense yet this client is finding hope in various ways, which I support. One of the techniques I will be teaching this person is Reiki as it allows the body to heal naturally by removing blocked energy. I will be teaching my client Reiki remotely, a new opportunity that the universe recently placed in my lap.
In 2013 I became a Reiki teacher as I was on a mission to share this amazing healing technique with whoever wanted to learn. I was inspired by Reiki to help with stress and grief after learning the first level in 2009. Honestly the reason I learned was to help Yoli while she was finding the best way, her choice were natural techniques, to defeat the cancer that was consuming her body. Since then,I have been incorporating it into my life and my profession with a long break after Yoli passed. Yet once I began to understand Reiki the more I embraced being a teacher.
My first Reiki workshop was alongside my friend and yoga instructor, Libby in Costa Rica. It was a successful weekend workshop on a quiet beach on the Costa Rican coast. My parents came as my mother was taking the class and to support me on this endeavor. I had the honor of teaching her Reiki and Libby taught her yoga. It was amazing on so many levels.
That’s my mom to my right.
My mom back right. She gave it all. 🙂

To me, Reiki is a spiritual love connection. It doesn’t always offer a direct explanation yet it helps the body to chill so it can heal however that needs to be. It helped me move through my grief whenever I lost a loved one or was struggling through emotional stressors. Now, I’ve created my own reality with a successful healing business so I can continue to serve people in a way that’s unique and beneficial too so many people. I know my mom would be so proud of me. Shoot, I’m super proud of myself. 😉

So this Mother’s Day we (brother, his family, and my dad) will raise a glass of wine in my mother’s honor and celebrate her life. I’ll send her a blessing into the heavens along with a kiss.
This mother’s day give a mother (your mother or any mother you love) a big hug and say thank you for her dedication to ensuring you are fed, taken care of, and loved.
How will you celebrate Mother’s Day this year?
Feel free to reply to these emails as I’d love to hear from you.
Pass this email along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need love everyday!
Paty, La Mariposa
PS. Join me on YouTube Live on May 17 at 7pm as I talk about Reiki; real or woo woo. Click here to join live on May 17.
If you’re in Miami join me for my upcoming Reiki 1 class in English and Español.

Trusting intuition saves me from disaster

As a social worker one of my responsibilities (and most adults) is a duty to warn if I believe someone will be harmed. Sadly, I was on the receiving end recently of two attempts from strangers who wanted to harm me financially and emotionally. Fortunately, through my intuition, loving friends, and internet access I was saved from disaster.
I want to share my story so you or someone you know won’t fall victim to the horrific scam I’m about to share with you. I allowed my vulnerability to show through which has left me rather emotionally raw yet I have the tools to assist me in releasing the stress the events left upon me. I incorporated Reiki, palo santo (cleansing smoke), my crystals, and determination to not allow these malicious people to cloud my optimism in life.
I am continuing to be vulnerable as I share my story with you because it is also part of my healing journey. I no longer want to hide within and keep my secrets to myself. By sharing my story I also heal my heart so I can move forward in life with more confidence and awareness.
Earlier this week I received a phone call from an unknown number (rarely answer these, red flag) from a man calling himself Sun. He mentioned that he received my phone number during a meditation (red flag, I have never heard of anyone receiving such detailed information during a meditation). I was skeptical from the beginning yet he reflected my deepest struggles with such ease. He told me how Spirit guided him to me because I was seeking a spiritual teacher. Honestly I had just prayed earlier today asking Spirit for a spiritual teacher. The timing was uncanny. So, I continued to hear what he had to say waiting for the joke to come out because I really thought it was a friend pulling my leg. For the next hour he talked about how I could receive the White Light from him through Tantra Sexyes he said sex numerous times, huge red flag. The reason for tantra sex was due to my first and second chakra being blocked which I recently came to the same conclusion before he even called.  Throughout the conversation he pinpointed my biggest fears and stated that once I received the White Light, through tantra sex only, I will then be more open to financial abundance and achieve the healing center that I envisioned. He was even detailed on how that would look like which aligned with my beliefs which I never even shared with him. 
Honestly I was skeptical from the first moment I said hello and heard a man with an accent on the other end. It was too good to be true but I decided to push through my doubts because I was limiting myself, so he also reminded me. He was very good at challenging anything I had to say, causing me to doubt myself numerous times. Wednesday I reached out to my best friend and asked her about tantra sex. Immediately she responded with tell me more. So, we talked on the phone and I explained about the odd experience that I had. She was also at a loss for words yet thought what he was saying was true because she knew of my past struggles with male relationships. What I know of tantra sex is that it is a spiritual form of making love to someone. It’s not about rushing towards orgasm but really enjoying and learning about the person on a spiritual level.
In each call he asked me to perform rituals with a white candle and in the nude, we got into major disagreements about it because I felt really uncomfortable. He said it was important for me to be free of anything. It was the oddest sensation yet I obliged because he couldn’t see me and I wanted to push through my blocks, one of them being around sexuality. I was in the dark with only a candle and the phone camera facing the floor. I really wanted to believe he could be my teacher, sign of desperation is a red flag and easier to fall victim to. After all he said he couldn’t meet with me at least for a couple of months and by then I would have had a better handle on this situation because I just knew tantra sex was not the only way to “wake up the kundalini,” which my best friend also agreed to. All of this took place over 3 days. Throughout this time he offered me many has into limiting beliefs I carried and clarified some questions yet my gut feeling that something was off was always present.
Have you experienced this gut feeling or sensation within your body like alarms wailing around?
Yesterday morning my friend who I told all of this to, called me about her recent online research. She admitted she had an uneasy feeling too and felt called (intuition) to research about him. As I was en route to my mechanic because my check engine was on (turns out I didn’t close the gas tank correctly yet my oil was really low and needed changing, so I was saved from another disaster) she read me the first report about a scam involving a man from Tibet who claimed to be the Master of White Light. As she read out loud every cell in my body screamed it’s him, it’s him.
Emotions from fear, to gratitude, to anger, to shame, to relief flowed through me. I was crying as I realized how close I could have been to becoming another victim because I was following my heart (compassionate and dutiful student) rather than my head (or gut feeling).
I share this with you because even I as a spiritual healer I still struggle with listening to my own warning signs and intuition as I want to think the best of people. Unfortunately, there are those who wish to harm others for their own benefit. This was the second time I was close to falling victim to fraudulent activity in less than 2 months. Since these two situations I am more determined to listen to my intuition and follow through with it rather than listening only to my heart. I’m so so so thankful that I am spiritually protected (we all are) and I have placed in my life people and opportunities that protect me from harm, especially when I fail to listen to my intuition.
For more information about this man Sun, especially if you are an energy healer or coach, please read through the website links below. Let’s keep sharing this information and stop this man from hurting others. He’s been doing this since at least 2004 and his story remains the same.
As a social worker, energy healer, and compassionate person it is my duty to warn you and inform you of the importance of listening to your intuition or gut feeling.
This experience has taught me that even though I may begin to stumble towards victim hood I have numerous resources around me to sustain me from falling. I would like to be one of your tools if you too have realized that you are stumbling and doubting yourself in life.
Let’s jump on the phone and talk about your latest struggles so you can experience what it’s like to be supported within your life. Continue to scroll down and book a complimentary phone or skype session with me today.
Before you go though please respond to this email as I would love to hear from you and your response to listening to your intuition.
Pass this blog along to someone who may benefit from it as we all support everyday!

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Let’s discuss ways to include more self-care into your life.
I’m here to support you with a step-by-step plan to balance your life, embrace your power, and focus on health.

Take imperfect action now in your life

I’ve returned from Nosara, Costa Rica and I’m burning up from excitement and motivation towards moving forward with my passion. While in Nosara I was trained as a JourneyDance™  guide, which is a conscious dance form that brings together free expression and structured movement so you can get out of your head and back into your body.
Check out my video blog where I talk more about my experience and also why I’m on fire and how I’m even more motivated to move towards my purpose in life.

Please share one action tip you’ll take this week towards your purpose as I’d love to hear from you. Pass this blog along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need love everyday!

Thank you for being a part of my expanding family.
Paty,  La Mariposa  
P.S. I have a new program developing called Reiki Love On. Stay tuned to learn more about being attuned to Reiki 1 and 2 within 90 days.

Let’s discuss any blocks you may have in your life or struggles with procrastination.
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