Eating the rainbow while traveling!

Last week I highlighted my upcoming trips in August through my newsletter which are diverse yet all exciting opportunities with family and friends. The first one in which I’m still enjoying is a week long cruise along the West Caribbean. Within this trip I’ve been amazed to see all the food available for as many who have traveled on cruises know they are notorious for the amount of food available all the time. Some people use this as an excuse to become gluttonous as they overeat and then complain about how much weight they have gained.
I have learned that even while traveling or the holidays, it’s important to maintain consistent how I eat. Over the years I’ve been focusing more on listening to my body and paying attention to when I’m becoming full and also to what my body is craving. I have to be mindful though of my emotions because sometimes when I’m sad or depressed my sugar cravings creep in. If that happens I do sometimes give my body a few sweets but choose either a handful or a small plate so I don’t feed into my emotions which can then cause me to feel guilty. Fortunately, due to my healthy eating my sugar cravings have decreased.
One of the ways I stay consistent is to ensure I’m eating as many colorful foods as possible which each meal. Being on the cruise this has actually been quite easy as they offer so many options. I also only eat one plate of food and don’t go back for seconds. Although I do sample the desserts on a smaller plate. This consistency is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not just picking or choosing when I want to eat healthy.
When I travel on the road I ensure that I take snacks with me like trail mix, fruits, granola bars, etc. so I have less temptation to eat crappy food. There are times that this food runs out and I do have to rely on whatever I have available but again by ensuring I bring in color if possible and being mindful of how much I eat, then I can stay in control of my food rather than it controlling me.
Are you mindful of how you eat when you travel or during the holidays?
Time and time again I hear clients and loved ones give themselves permission to overdo it because I’m on vacation” or “it’s the holidays” or “it’s just one day.” These are excuses that continue lifelong habits of poor choices and flow out into other areas of their lives. My suggestion to you if these are statements you have said, that you look honestly as how this is positively or negatively affecting your life around food and other areas.
Stay consistent to the best of your abilities when you eat and be mindful of your emotions. Here’s a chart from my Food and Spirit Certification that identifies what colors impact different aspects of your body.
Remember the best rule of thumb is to eat a rainbow of foods for your body and mind will thank you for it.
If you’d like to release your stress around food, then join me in September for the upcoming 21 day Whole Detox online program. We’ll dive into the 21 day Whole Detox book and support each other on an empowering journey through health and wellness within the 7 aspectsClick here for more information about healing with color.
Love and light,

Paty, La Mariposa, Hernández

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