Stress release through conscious movement!

Many of us in Miami are finally returning to “normal” after the horrendous storm and fear caused by Hurricane Irma. Every day I give thanks as the majority of people and places in Miami were spared the destruction the keys and the Caribbean have experienced. However, there continues to be people without power and lots of debris in their yards.
The stress levels are continuing to decrease as people find their balance again within their lives. However, that remains to be seen for the parents whose kids are still home because the schools are closed.
Stress during times such as these is common and necessary for it helps us remain in action mode so we can protect ourselves from danger. Following the stressful events we need outlets to release the pent up energy that we’ve accumulated from our personal fears of what’s going to happen, the constant concerns from loved ones checking in with us, and the notorious news media that keeps us in a hyped sense of fear.
Releasing stress comes in so many ways from talking about one’s experience, clearing out debris, meditation, yoga, alternative medicine, and dancing.
Yes, dancing!!! When I talk about dancing though it’s not about following synchronized steps but rather following the waves of energy flowing through our bodies as they react to the music that’s being heard.
Earlier this year I was certified as a JourneyDance Facilitator so I can share my love of conscious and transformational movement with others. I’m so excited to share that this month I’ll be offering small group classes in Pinecrest (September 27) and Doral (September 30) through Shake Your Chakras through Journey Dance.
This class is perfect for anyone interested in returning to their bodies and feeling how each part moves throughout the space. I’ll guide you through each chakra so we can move the energy that’s stuck in fun and innovative ways.
I know this will be a class like no other and I promise you, you won’t need to even know how to dance. The purpose of this class is simply to help you move and understand the chakras through movement and release the stress you’re holding on to.
Join me in either of my Shake your Chakras through Journey Dance Class this month.
If you’re worried that others are watching while you dance, I promise you that they are more focused on their own process so release the fear and join us.
PS: Stay tuned for information about my upcoming Reiki Refresher 21 day online course beginning late October.
Thank you for being a part of my expanding family.
Love and light,

Paty, La Mariposa, Hernández


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