Let’s dance together!

The other day I was inspired to shoot a raw video of myself dancing in my living room. The reason was because Wednesday night I was going to offer a Journey Dance class in a new studio.
As a Journey Dance Facilitator I can share my love of dancing, healing, Reiki, and transformative work with others. Journey Dance is unlike any form of dancing that you’ve ever experienced because it’s about getting in touch with your feelings, your body, and movement so you can heal. It’s powerful and moving each time I share it.
I share this video with you because I want to challenge you in a loving way to incorporate music into your life as part of your self-care. Music has been used since the beginning of time for rituals, healing, and celebrations, as well as, dancing.
I don’t expect you to create a Facebook Live like I have, although you will get extra kudos and love if you post it on Our Wheels of Life public Facebook group.
My only challenge is for you to choose one song that really brings you joy and shake off your stress.
I also wanted to share this video to demonstrate that dancing isn’t about knowing formal steps or really knowing how to dance. It’s about feeling the music within your soul and body so you can really experience healing.
For my first Journey Dance at Luna Bohemia in Pinecrest, I practically had to beg my 2 participants to come as one of them was hesitant about dancing because was fearful about how she would look. However, knowing what I do about Journey Dance I knew it was something she just had to experience. Following the class as we set in a circle talking about the experience she admitted she was glad she came and was excited about attending future events.
So if you’re in Miami I encourage you to come out this Saturday to my Journey Dance class in Doral or in Pinecrest once we finalize the dates.
Regardless of where you are I encourage you to dance today for yourself, for your community, and for our world.
I’d love to hear your experience by replying to this blog.
Pass this blog along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need love everyday!
Thank you for being a part of my expanding family.
Love and light,

Paty, La Mariposa, Hernández

PS Reiki practitioners pay attention to your inbox on Monday as our online Reiki Refresher course cart will open.

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