Happy Best Year of Your Life, Welcome 2018

I feel it in every part of my being that 2018 is going to my year of transformation along with many others. To set it off, tonight we have the first super moon of the year. I’m heading to the beach today to set up my intentions and releasing them into the universe. This is truly the year that many awakened individuals, such as yourself, are taking control of their lives and manifesting their true desires.
This month I’m going to focus on mindset and will devote each weekly newsletter to what that means for manifestation of your dreams so they can become reality. As I write for you I’m also keeping myself accountable to stay present and focused.
These last few days I really began to dig in deep as to why 2017 wasn’t as transformative for me. I was able to identify many aha moments in 2017 that have been helpful in putting into perspective the lifestyle I want and meeting people who are aligned with a similar purpose. Yet, I know that I faltered along the way because I truly need to shift my mindset.
This Friday, I’m going to share with you my 3 key words of the year and how we’re going to keep each other accountable in 2018. So please ensure you open it on Friday.
Today I began with a 10 minute meditation which is part of my goal this year to be more present. When my alarm went off (the second time) I had a choice to continue staying in bed or get up and take action. My ego was saying, stay in bed, yet my purpose said get up and take action, which I did. This year my plan is to ensure I have the upper hand as I keep my ego in check and I want to support you along your journey as well.
In 2017 a few of my ahas…
  • My mindset was in victim role, I’ve been waiting for someone to save me from my struggles.
  • I love to have fun and will find ways that combine business and pleasure.
  • I wasn’t as proactive as I could have been because fears of being unworthy continued to show up in my life.
  • I’m comfortable staying at home alone sometimes yet it doesn’t bring on loneliness just time for reflection.
  • However, staying at home is also a sign of feeling unworthy of being with others
  • Everyday (or throughout the day) is a new opportunity to take action towards the life that I want.
  • Belief is important yet taking action on that belief is even more.
  • Ask and it’ll be given.
  • I can manifest anything that’s in my highest good.
  • I’m still grieving the losses of my loved ones yet being present with the ones still here.
  • I’ve lowered my expectations for how I engage with my immediate family.
  • I love bike riding and plan on doing more of it in 2018.
  • It takes mindset each day to move forward on my goals.
  • Procrastination is part of feeling unworthy
  • I have an incredible gift to assist myself and others on their healing journeys.
  • I’m extremely grateful for all that I have in my life.
  • I work best in collaboration rather than often by myself because there’s more time for fear and doubt to rise up
  • Social work is an entrenched part of my being
The ahas continue to come as I’ve remained open to receiving them. Now, it’s important to reflect on them as a learning tool as long as I don’t stay caught up in my errors.
I’d love to hear your 2017 reflections so take a moment and leave me a note or send me a private message.
Pass this newsletter along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need time to focus on ourselves everyday!

Blessed to be part of your healing journey, Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

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