Celebrating my mom today .

Today my mother would have been 74 years old. It seems as though it was only yesterday that I was sitting next to her offering her Reiki and talking silliness as we laughed about nothing at all. I was so blessed to spend her last few months with her as I moved back home to help take care of her when her body became to weak.
My mother was the most beautiful, engaging, and loving soul who showed me strength, commitment, and love for her family.
As I prepare to teach Reiki 2 this weekend, I recall the first Reiki class I taught in Costa Rica alongside with my best friend Libby as we co-facilitated a chakra based yoga and Reiki retreat.
I had obtained my Reiki Master/Teacher certification in April 2013 and then moved to Nicaragua once I graduated with my dual Masters. Libby was in Costa Rica working at a yoga studio at the time and we planned to do a retreat together (our first one ever) with great success much to my surprise. My mom was receiving treatment for cancer at this time and I casually invited her, not believing she would say yes. I was beyond excited when she did.
In this retreat she learned yoga for the first time and felt the healing energy flow through her hands. I remember her surprise when she was able to feel the heat within her palms as she allowed her hands to flow slowly over her Reiki’s partner’s body. She looked at me with the most child-like eyes I’d ever seen and a smile of disbelief.
Si mami, es de verdad. (Yes, mom it’s real). She left the retreat feeling lighter and happier to have shared a beautiful experience with me in a serene beach town within Costa Rica, a country Yoli, my sister loved. Although she was conflicted at the time for she thought that Reiki was against her Catholic religion, I calmly informed her that no, for each time she connected through prayer to God, and allowed herself to be the channel, then God could work easier through her because she’d released control.
Even though, Yoli and my mom are in another universe right now, I continue to feel their presence every day especially when they leave me little reminders. The connection continues to grow with my self-Reiki practice as it’s the connection to the universal flow of energy. Every time I practice and share the gift of Reiki, I feel them next to me cheering me on as the energy of love expands.
Reiki has been for me one of my consistent tools to battle depression, anger, frustration, impatience, and loneliness I’ve experienced over time. Yet, it’s also been how I can communicate with Yoli and my mom, along with other spiritual guides which leads to more faith and trust in what I can’t control.
I’d love to hear from you and how Reiki or any practice that you’re currently doing for spiritual growth.
Please share either by replying or posting in Our Wheels of Lifefacebook group. 
PS I’m continuing to move amazingly through my Vegan Challenge with only one blip of eating dairy.
Pass this email along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need time to focus on ourselves everyday!
Thank you for taking a moment for yourself as you practice self-care and ways to release stress naturally.

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​
Upcoming Events in February and March 2018
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Reiki 2, February 10, 2018 Español
Reiki 2, February 11, 2018 English
Journey Dance at Yoga Fest Nicaragua, March 3 and 4
March 6, Reiki Refresher in Nicaragua
Reiki 1, March dates coming soon.

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