My Baby, Stress Less Sunday

Have you ever had an idea stay fixated in your head because fear and doubt prevented it from coming into fruition? 
That’s what happened with me in 2017 with my idea for a day of healing and merchants. I was inspired by a colleague, Sheri Kaplan, who has created a weekly healing event with practitioners and a group meditation in Hollywood. I remember attending her events as a practitioner and thinking of how it would be great to have something like that in Miami.
Like many ideas though, I put it in the back of my head because I wasn’t sure how I would be able to bring it to life by myself. Then the universe brought me someone who also liked the idea and said she’d do it with me. As we were working on making it happen, with our idea of offering a healing day and meditation twice a month, circumstances changed and she left the office where we worked together.
I had a choice, take imperfect action or continue to simply envision this idea and just keep it in my head. So, I said let’s make it happen. On October 2017, my birthday month, I launched Stress Less Sunday. It began on the second floor of my Coral Gables office with about 3 vendors and a few of my clients, even my dad, who came to support my endeavor. It was so humbling and amazing to see the healing taking place. Then the next month, the vendors backed out because they had other plans and no one showed up. However, I tried something new, I had 1 vendor and I placed her outside of the building on Giralda Plaza. It was a hit. We stayed outside talking to people and hearing about their interests in yoga, meditation, and Reiki sessions.
So, in December we were back on the plaza offering yoga, Reiki sessions, and a couple of vendors. It was so fulfilling and heart warming. We had people coming from all over Miami to do yoga on the plaza, a few of my Reiki students were offering complimentary chair sessions to anyone who was interested. Yes, this is what my vision entailed, for my Reiki students to share their gifts with others while I offered support.
Then, I began to talk to the city of Coral Gables to verify if we could have a tent on the plaza because it was sunny where we were located. I soon discovered that offering yoga on the plaza was a no no due to liability issues and so beginning in March, I’ll have to discontinue yoga on the plaza.
However, I did submit a proposal to offer meditation, Reiki, and local merchants on the plaza which will benefit everyone once a month. I’m now waiting for the committee board to approve it.
Point of all this, is that there were many times I wanted to give up on my idea because I kept running into challenges, plus doing it on my own honestly stinks. Yet, the interest people showed encouraged me so I continued moving forward even though I had no idea what each month would really look like. I was led by faith.
Have you ever allowed yourself to simply be led by faith?
This Sunday I’ll offer Stress Less Sunday again with yoga, a nutritional consultant, and stress release sessions (reiki and massage) on the plaza. If it’s the last time I can offer it, then I’m doing it my way.
Yet, I hope my proposal is accepted and we could stay on the plaza offering stress release sessions to families and having local vendors sharing their treasures. We may have to move the yoga inside if the teacher wants to.
Join us this Sunday as my baby, Stress Less Sunday, hangs out on Giralda Plaza offering community, laughs, and natural ways to release stress. Yoga begins at 12:30pm and we’re meeting in front of my office, 195 Giralda Plaza.
If you have an idea that’s been itching in your head, then take imperfect action now. Better yet, reply to this email and share it with me. Who knows!! Perhaps I have some tips and resources that can help you make it happen.
PS I’m continuing to move amazingly through my Vegan Challenge with only one blip of eating dairy.
Join me on my Vegan challenge and learn a thing or two about how to incorporate more vegan options into your life in Our Wheels of Life facebook group. 
Pass this email along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need time to focus on ourselves everyday!
Thank you for taking a moment for yourself as you incorporate ways to release stress naturally.

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​
Upcoming Events in February and March 2018
Click the date for more information or call me 305 680-5923
Stress Less Sunday, February 18, Coral Gables
Journey Dance at Yoga Fest Nicaragua, March 3 and 4
Reiki Refresher, March 6, in Nicaragua
Reiki 1, March 25, Coral Gables (Bilingual)

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