It’s time to love yourself up.

Reiki, is the best technique for self-care (in my humble opinion) because its purpose is for you to take a few minutes to yourself and place your hands anywhere on your body, state your intention, and believe (or feel) the energy flow into your body. Whenever I feel anxious, I touch my heart, if my head is going way too fast; hands go on my head, if my belly hurts; both hand flop naturally over.
We’ve been applying this technique in one way or another since the day we were born as a way to self sooth or share support with others. For example, when you cry, you cover your eyes, you get a boo boo; hands immediately flock over there.
Reiki enhances this self-soothing tool because the Reiki practitioner connects to spirit (god, universe, whatever), asks for help and believes the energy is flowing in. Sometimes you feel it and sometimes you don’t. However, after just a few minutes you do feel much calmer and the pain has decreased.
This year celebrates 8 years since I’ve incorporated Reiki into my life. I was using Reiki often with Yoli, my sister during her healing journey, especially when she was preparing to transition. It’s because of her that I learned Reiki and I’m so thankful. I really feel connected to her each time I offer someone, even myself, a healing session.
When I first learned, I did it for her because I wanted her to feel better. Then she passed on and I began to share it with others for stress and pain relief. However, there came a time in 2013, when Reiki became part of my everyday activities and it really clicked. I began to add Reiki to my intentions, daily meditations, shower, food, prayers to others, my physical body, my thoughts, loved ones, clients etc. It’s such a valuable tool and so easy to use that it’s second nature to me now. Whenever Reiki students complain about one thing or another, my first question is have you applied Reiki?
I’m beyond thrilled that I can share this gift so easily with others, especially when it was never in my plans (before 2012) to do so. I’m honestly still surprised on a daily basis that Reiki is a modality that I incorporate into my business practice and counseling sessions.
Also, because of Reiki, I’m now considered more than ever a Spiritual counselor as I assist people in enhancing their faith or releasing judgements about things they can’t logically explain (yep, like ghosts). I laugh at this now because it wasn’t too long ago when I questioned my own spiritual connection, now I’m considered an expert.
Through my Reiki classes (English and Spanish), I’ve been able to gift people the tool to use in finding their true purpose, healing chronic health issues, finding more peace within themselves, releasing anxiety and so much more.
Here are some testimonials offered by former students.
“I can now use it as a tool for self-healing and a way to get more in touch with the movement of energy.”
“I really enjoyed the way Paty taught the class, she explains the steps in detail and welcomes questions from her students at any time. She puts you at ease from the moment you step into the classroom and guides you every step of the way. Very informative and well prepared.” MJP​​​​​​​
Paty is a professional and enthusiastically teaches the principles of Reiki and its benefits. I’m confident that anyone wanting to learn about this energy practice will be in excellent hands with her teachings. SL
Ready for Reiki? Check out the upcoming dates I have for 2018 and choose the best one that works for you. I also travel and am willing to come to you and teach Reiki in your hometown.
If you have any questions or are curious if Reiki is right for you, schedule a discovery session with me today.
For those in Miami or can’t attend in person, fret not as I offer Reiki classes remotely as well. Yeah, it’s quite amazing how one can receive the attunement this way, after all energy doesn’t follow time or space like we do.
If you’ve already taken Reiki and want to attend as a refresher, let me know. However, I’ll be offering another Reiki Refresher online program mid year, so stay tuned.
Love on yourself with Reiki, join the movement
Pass this email along to someone who may benefit from learning Reiki.
Thank you for taking a moment for yourself as you practice self-care and stress release.

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​
Upcoming Reiki Classes
Click here to choose one of the classes and register online
Reiki 1, March 25, Coral Gables
Reiki 2, May 6, Massachusetts (private home)
Reiki 2, May 20, Coral Gables
Reiki 1, June 10, Coral Gables
Reiki 2, July 15, Coral Gables
Reiki 3, September 22(part a) and 23 (part b)
Reiki Refresher March 6, in Nicaragua

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