Reiki, My Saving Grace.

One of my constant stressors that I’m always working on is being here in the moment. I’m a busy person with many activities piled on my plate because I’ve asked for them to be there. Try as I might to lessen the load, I continue to say yes to new activities, however, I’ve become more conscious about what I say yes to.

For example, this week alone I saw clients, finished the final touches for an award ceremony I was helping to plan, as well as, being the Master of Ceremonies, and of course spending time with my family. Behind the scenes there was plenty of work to do to prepare for the actitivies plus taking care of other tasks that came up.

When I felt my stressors becoming too much; distracting thoughts, fast breathing, panic or feelings of overwhelm, I immediately stopped whatever I was doing and practiced Reiki.

Reiki has been a tool that I use every day for every thing. By practicing Reiki and reminding myself to be present, I immediately feel more calm and I can think more clearly. I then reduce my overwhelm and stress by writing out all the tasks that I have to do, then cross them out as I accomplish them. I so love when that happens.

Reiki is a tool that I also incorporate with my clients both in person and remotely. For example, yesterday I was coaching a client through a challenging situation that she had recalled from her childhood. When I asked her how she was feeling, she admitted to pain in her neck and stomach. This was caused by a building up of energy as she was processing buried emotions, energy in motion, which is common yet uncomfortable. I asked her permission to do Reiki and also as she’s a Reiki student of mine I was able to offer her suggestions of incorporating Reiki as we worked.

Within a few minutes she had felt the energy pass from these various energy centers and eventually leave her body. She felt more calm and centered, yet most importantly lighter as the weight of the memories or energy had dissipated.

Reiki is a tool that can be practiced anywhere and it connects you directly to the Universal source which is the most loving sensation one can ever experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Reiki can positively impact your life, schedule a discovery call today. I offer classes in person (different locations are being identified as I write) and remotely.

This weekend I’ll be teaching a Reiki 1 level class in Coral Gables. This class is perfect for anyone interested in learning what Reiki is, how energy works, chakra basics, and interest in practicing more self-care.

It’s an honor to share Reiki with you in any capacity and especially being able to teach it so you can apply it to your life at any point.

Check out my website, for upcoming in person classes and events.

Pass this email along to someone who may benefit from applying Reiki in their lives!

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​
Students practicing self-Reiki, Reiki 1 in Nicaragua 2016

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