Dirtiest vegetables and fruits in 2018 to avoid.

As we enter Earth Day weekend I wanted to share a resource by the Environmental Working Group, EWG, which helps to release stress around food as it has released its dirtiest dozen fruits and vegetables list. This is my go to list to know what fresh and frozen produce has the most pesticides on it so I can avoid them. Eating organic is awesome yet it’s not always financially feasible, so by using this list you can save money yet most importantly you can reduce stress in your body and of your loved ones.

I have this list printed on my fridge so when I make my grocery list I mark an O next to the ones I should purchase organically.

Eating healthy is one way for self-care and stress release as you’re consciously putting into your body foods that provide the most nourishment which is the gasoline your body needs to flourish everyday. If you’re eating the rainbow everyday, meaning your meals have a variety of colors, then you’re doing really well and you’re immune system has to work less. This isn’t about being on a diet, it’s about creating a lifestyle that assists your body to heal daily and enhance your immune system.

Within my Mariposas Transformation Program launching next month we’ll be discussing foods and colors that help bring your body into your balance. Each color has a different vibration which increases or decreases the energy in your body depending on your needs. You’ll receive recipes within the program and will be able to post ones that you’ve created in our private Facebook group to share with others in the program. We’ll make eating so much fun and creative so that each time you’re in the kitchen you’re excited to be there.

Print out the list today or visit EWG.org for the dirty dozen list, plus lots of other goodies. Vote with your dollars and choose the vegetables and fruits that are the healthiest for you and our planet.

Reply to this email if you’re interested in learning more about my upcoming online program. Space is limited to 10 and I already have 2 people who’ve signed up.

Join us as we launch May 21, the day my sister transformed into an angel 8 years ago and to whom this program is dedicated to.


Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

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