Grounding during chaos!

Have you been feeling out of sorts lately, sometimes without reason?

I have and it feels like the world around me is in continuous chaos. From various social media feeds to online news outlets to front page news and even loved ones sharing the latest updates, information comes charging into our lives which can sometimes knock us down emotionally.

Since we’re energetic beings, we’re connected to one another and so we do feel in various degrees the negative energies from the chaos around us.

Lately my heart has been crying for the people in Nicaragua (my second home) who are living in a constant state of fear due a civil uprising due to police brutality and a non-engaged government who prefers power over peace. Also, along our southern borders we’re seeing the tragedy of the families being torn apart because they seek a new way of life from the chaos and challenges they’re leaving behind. Immigration is a challenging issue, yet human rights should be upheld along with dignity.

Of course, some of us who are in social activism are aware of many other issues affecting our country, like missing children from the foster system, health care issues, high costs, etc.

We’re also seeing the chaos Mother Earth is causing due to the energetic shifts of being taken advantage rather than taken care of, leading to changing temperatures that’s causing irrefutable damage around the world.

Perhaps in your life you are currently feeling the weight of many changes on a personal basis such as relationship issues or chronic stress due to various reasons.

Chaos and trauma affects us all at one point or another in our lives in various degrees.

As one client mentioned earlier this week in a session, “when it rains, it pours,” referring to the onslaught of challenging issues that have shown up recently in her life.

Regardless of what’s going on around you, when you’re in control and able to be present, you then stand tall like a tree and rooted to the ground.

One way, my favorite way, of being grounded is walking barefoot. At home and at my office I always take off my shoes as soon as I enter the door. I just immediately feel better.

Did you know that walking around barefoot helps you to be more mindful?

Grounding, which means being connected to the earth is probably the oldest preventative medicine as the energy, electrons, found within the earth assist in balancing the entire body.

When chaos, a disturbance in energy, swirls around us we can feel out of control especially if we want to help but are unsure how. By grounding and being present (a daily practice) we can stay in control of our reactions so we can make better choices in our lives.

Don’t just take my word for it, try it yourself right now. If you have shoes on, place both feet flat on the floor (inside is fine) and feel the connection (if any) between your feet and the ground. Now, take your shoes off and do the same.

Do you feel a difference?

For more information about the science of grounding, check out this amazing video below.

I invite you to spend some time walking around barefoot outdoors and focus on gratitude, then send love through the ground to the people who need it.

Let me know your reaction to this activity and/or share a picture or thoughts about this video and grounding in general.

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Let’s talk more about grounding.

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Celebrating Fathers


Happy Father’s Day!

Let’s celebrate and honor the men who’ve taken on the role

as a biological father or a dad that raised us throughout our lives

on this special day There are a few men within my tribe who are fathers

or have a father-like role to loved ones and I bless you.

Even if our fathers have passed on, let’s give thanks for their teachings,

whatever they were for they helped shape us into who we are today.

Fathers have usually taken on the role as protector and provider, yet that role

has changed throughout the years as women have become providers while

fathers stay home with their children.

I was raised by a father who was more of a provider as he traveled for work

which caused him to be away 1-2 weeks a month. Growing up I yearned for him

and was constantly disappointed because he’d be traveling whenever I wanted

his company. Now as an adult I’m so grateful to have a father who loved his family

so much he believed at that time that it was his only option. My father has his faults

as every human being does and I’ve learned through observation so much about him,

plus just asking him questions that I couldn’t growing up. For many

years I struggled with my dad’s decisions which affected all of us at various times.

I also realized that I was very short fused and impatient just like him which annoyed

me even more. I recall a family member at a party pointing out the root reason

when I was in my teenage years about a wrongful decision he made that cost us dearly that crushed my soul.

Through years of awareness, making different choices, and releasing expectations

I’ve come to love and appreciate him for the man he is, thus releasing my

anger and disappointment. I focus now on appreciating him rather than judging him.

Thanks to his enjoyment of traveling around the world with his family, I’ve incorporated

traveling as a joyful experience in which I can also call work. My healing journey

has also been addressed through energy medicine and and other modalities so I could

release the energetic ties.

I’ve learned that transformation is an ongoing process that requires me to become

aware of my thoughts and emotions that lead to specific actions. One of the biggest

areas to focus on is releasing expectations. This is so hard yet necessary to

release stress within our bodies.

Father’s day is a time to celebrate the man who’s in your life spending time with you

in his way, not always how you expect him to be. One of the ways is through

forgiveness. If this is an area that you struggle with, then let’s talk for it doesn’t really

help you to hold onto anger and bitterness.

Let’s release your anger through conversation and energy medicine so you can

feel freer and happier.

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One of the ways I celebrate father’s day is by writing a thoughtful and grateful card for

my brother and father as they are still with me.

How do you celebrate Father’s Day?

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Raising my happiness vibration

Last week I wrote about how I move through loneliness sometimes and was so blessed to receive emails of support and feeling the same. Being vulnerable has been a work in progress for me because when I was younger I didn’t feel listened to, a pattern I’m breaking through. By speaking my truth and receiving such support it empowers me to continue sharing which I hope encourages you to do as well. I so love and appreciate each of you.

I love my alone time because I’m an introvert. Whenever I’ve spend the day out of my home I’m excited to return and just be. I believe happiness is a state of mind that takes nurturing.

Happiness for me involves so many different aspects such as creating my life of adventure, meeting people, traveling, teaching, helping my family, taking care of myself, and sharing my gifts with others through Mariposas Holistic Healing. I know I shine when I’m doing what I love and being present with others.

How about you, what causes you to shine and feel as though you love what you’re doing?

The easiest way to vibrate at high levels is when we’re laughing, being in love, having fun, and being. Yet, as the saying goes what goes up will come down. Our energy can easily be deflated when we doubt or criticize ourselves, or spend time with people that bring us down.

It’s totally normal to feel both forms our vibrations and it takes work to stay up. This includes our mindset, how we feel, who we’re around, and what we’re doing. Intention is a huge part of that.

Where our focus goes, energy flows.

Once you have a thought about what you want, then it’s about taking action towards what you do want. For example, I love to travel and so I set an intention about how I want to travel, sometimes even mentioning specific places. I ask for help from spirit and take action towards what brings me joy. I’m happy to state that I’ve been able to combine travel for business and pleasure.

Recently, I took it another step forward by becoming a promoter through Liv, a lifestyle membership club. Since being a member I’ve been able to save time and money by booking directly through their travel app, working with a concierge to handle trip details I would normally spend hours on, and connecting with a new group of people dedicated to having more fun in their lives.

I believe that life can be created yet sometimes we also have to learn lessons along the way. Life is made up of experiences that either encourage us to be better people as we take responsibility for what we can control or victims, blaming others for why our life isn’t how we wanted it to go.

What do you believe about life and our purpose here?

Every year I’m able to create a lifestyle that expands beyond my dreams and I’m really grateful for the experiences, both positive and challenging.

If you’re ready to try something new and have the time of your life then check out my newest endeavor Liv. I’m super excited to share this with you because I’d love for us to travel together and create many happy moments.

If you’re interested in seeing what I’m talking about it then check out my Liv site by clicking here.

For those in Miami, come listen to how traveling is an amazing stress releaser as I’ll be sharing Liv on June 24 at 2:30pm in the workshop room at Stress Less Sunday, a Liv Local event.

PS Keep an eye out for my #livmoments on my instagram posts. Those posts will be my happiest moments which will be captured after 60 posts by  Liv and they’ll send me my own hard copy photo book with all the pictures I tagged.
Yep, I don’t have to worry about saving them or putting them in a special folder, OR wasting the time to create the photo book myself. Very soon they’ll be in my hands, thanks to LIV.  (One of the many perks of this awesome membership that you can check out HERE)

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Upcoming In Person Events

June 23 $5 Reiki Sessions at Tropical Park Farmer’s Market, 10-3pm 

June 23, Journey Dance at Crossfit Boundless, 4-6pm

June 24, Family Stress Less Sunday on Giralda Plaza

July 14 Reiki 2 Certification class

July 15, Family Stress Less Sunday on Giralda Plaza

July 29, Reiki 1 in North Carolina

September 29-30, 2018, Usui Reiki III* Certification Class

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Moving through loneliness

The other day I was talking with my 10 year old niece about how we find more comfort and friendships in books than we have in real life. She admitted to being lonely as she didn’t have any friends. I so related to her as I remember spending more days and weekends alone than I did in the company of others during many years of my life. Loneliness is like a shadow to me, always sneaking up whenever I turn a corner and looming over me for long periods of time.

I’ve become so accustomed to being alone that sometimes I feel really awkward when I’m around groups of people and I find myself sneaking into a quiet corner or even leaving the uncomfortable environment. More often than not I enjoy time on my own, yet there are times that I miss the closeness of others and sharing ideas. Since I began my business I’ve seen myself spend hours in front of the computer working rather than taking action and being around others.

Recently, I was feeling rather lonely and sad as I sat alone in my apartment wondering what to do that weekend for fun. A few months ago I set a goal to have more fun in Miami, at least once a month, that wasn’t work related. I find it almost funny that I’ve been back in Miami, my place of birth, for 4 years now after being gone for 15 years and still can’t say I have 1 good friend here. At least anyone I can truly call up and say, let’s go out for fun. Everyone I used to hang out with has moved on to another way of life really different from mine or has moved away. I do have 1 friend I’ve known for a few years but she’s usually really busy or prefers to spend time alone, which I totally understand.

I began to cry because I didn’t understand how this could be as I’m such a friendly person. Eventually I noticed that I was judging and beating myself up with each negative thought so I decided to confront my feelings of loneliness by questioning what could I do differently. I allowed myself to cry and release the emotions moving within me and then stood up and shook it off. Really I put on an awesome song and danced my heart out. Then, I walked around my apartment thinking to myself what am I really missing? How else have I been feeling supported and welcomed in other areas of my life. Almost immediately, the word tribe came into my mind.

Yes, how have I been building up my tribe? A tribe is a group of like minded people who come together in one way or another to empower each other in some aspect. In the past tribes were people of the same culture who lived or traveled together and helped each other survive by thriving within their various skills.

I then realized that I do have various tribes; my family, my clients and colleagues, my friends in other parts of the country and world, along with other tribes I’ve joined doing what I love through dancing, healing, and traveling.

Truth be told with so many people in this world, it still amazes me how many of us still feel so lonely and isolated. I then realized that I’m beginning to change that as I’ve been taking action by creating events and being part of ones that bring people together. Miami is full of such events, it’s just up to me to say yes to what would bring me the most joy. I have a choice to be around others or be alone. I’ve been choosing loneliness for fear of being uncomfortable and now, I choose to move past that as I set out to be more around my tribes. Oooh, it feels so empowering!!

I may still feel lonely at times yet now I feel so much more inspired to do more local events and connect with others as I continue to enhance my tribes. This then deepens my roots where I’m at so I can continue to bloom.

With each event I create (see below) I take steps to close the loneliness gap for myself and others which is such a blessing.

I’d love to hear from you.

What tribes do you belong to?

When you feel lonely what action steps do you take to move forward into the light?

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

                                       2018 Upcoming In Person Events

JUNE 3: Healing Arts Holistic Expo at the Gables 2018

JUNE 10: Usui Reiki I Certification Class 

JUNE 23: Energy Healing Sessions at Tropical Park Farmer’s Market 

JUNE 23: Journey Dance at Crossfit Boundless, 4-6pm

JUNE 24: Family Stress Less Sunday on Giralda Plaza

JULY 14: Reiki 2 Certification class

JULY 29: Reiki 1 in North Carolina

SEPTEMBER 29-30: Usui Reiki III* Certification Class

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