The 4th is right around the corner!

In just a few days we’ll be celebrating (those that live in the United States) the 4th of July, to honor the acceptance of the Declaration of Independence which our founding leaders used for the pursuit of happiness. This document was written over 200 years ago and is the foundation of our country.
I was curious though about what else made the 4th of July unique so I found a YouTube video that discusses 25 facts about it.  Check it out here if you’re also curious like me.
I wonder sometimes what the founding fathers would think of our country today with the overwhelming laws and consistent fight within our borders for human rights or the right to bear arms, amongst other issues we’re seeing every day.
Truth is, there are numerous injustices happening all around us and it’s so important for each one of us to uphold our democratic rights along with others. I believe with our actions and our words that we can make differences in people’s lives, regardless of how big or small.
As we move towards the 4th let’s focus on appreciating the rights we do have, the people we love around us, and the freedom we experience on a daily basis. Of course, also enjoy the fireworks if you’re able to (I know many people can’t for various reasons).
One action I’ve been taking on a daily basis is focusing on peace and love for all every morning during my meditation time. I also began to offer a daily evening meditation on Facebook, however, I wasn’t staying consistent. So, I’ve decided to dedicate every Monday evening, 10pm est in Our Wheels of Life Facebook group to a prayer circle of peace. This is a non-religious prayer circle.
The purpose of this prayer circle is to focus on peace, mindfulness, and relaxation.
I believe in the power of the people and groups. I believe together if we focus on peace and love, we, like John Lennon sang, can Imagine a peaceful world.
I believe the pursuit of happiness begins with us and so does peace.
Join me if you can online within Our Wheels of Life Facebook group every Monday night at 10pm est or you can join us offline by connecting energetically to us and saying your prayers for peace.
If you’d like to co-facilitate please respond to this email and we can talk about it.

Happy US Independence,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Upcoming In Person Events

July 29, Reiki 1 in North Carolina
August 26, Reiki 1 in Coral Gables
October 7, Reiki 2 in Coral Gables
September 29-30, 2018, Usui Reiki III* Certification Class

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