Popping In With Exciting News

I’m popping into your mailbox because I just have some incredible news to share with you.

I’m writing to you from my 10 day personal and business trip in North Carolina as I share my love of Reiki with my best friend Paula whom I’ll teach her the Reiki Master/Teacher and together we’ll be offering a Reiki 1 class while I’m in town.

Reiki is one of my loves and I’m blessed to have created a business around sharing it individually and in group settings.

I became an entrepreneur in 2013, not out of choice per say but out of necessity because I was living abroad and beginning to work individually with clients.

I had just graduated earlier that year with my dual Masters of Public Health and Social Work. Once I graduated I moved to Nicaragua as I was working with a non-profit there as a volunteer coordinator. After a few months that reality ended after a miscommunication and I was left without a job or idea of what to do next.

I had the option of returning home (really didn’t want to) or continue to offer counseling and reiki to the people living in the town I was in which began by word of mouth.

After a few months I decided to return to the United States and become a health coach so I could learn how to be an entrepreneur, a skill that wasn’t taught in my graduate program.

The year I graduated as a health coach, 2014, I was asked to return home as my mom’s cancer had advanced and her body was slowly dying.

I dropped everything to focus on her and my father which was a full time job. When she passed away September 2014 I stayed with my dad so I could help him adjust and settle her accounts.

At this time I felt called to continue my path as an entrepreneur and revitalize Mariposas Holistic Healing as a counselor, coach, and energy healer.

Being an entrepreneur runs in our family as my mom began a home based business once I turned 10 years old to help my dad. Then I witnessed Yoli, my sister become an entrepreneur as a story teller and actress.

This lifestyle, even with its constant struggles and figuring out lots of things on my own, was the best way for me to continue creating the life I wanted. This works for me.

As I coached people who were struggling in their current jobs, feeling unhappy in their relationships, or feeling stuck a common theme stuck out; they were bored because they weren’t living fulfilling lives.

Often they asked how could they know their purpose and I would ask what brought them joy. They would groan as they discussed their money woes of living paycheck to paycheck, working with people they disliked, or doing whatever their partners wanted.

Sometimes after our sessions I would ponder about the word experiences and adventures as they came up often.

As I mentioned above, I love to travel and I’ve been on a journey to create a business in which I can teach, empower, and have fun wherever I go.

With Instagram I post pictures of my latest adventure or work trip and often receive comments such as “lucky,” “I live through your experiences,” “I wish I could travel too,” etc.

I totally believe that if I could have these amazing experiences so could anyone else.

I then thought to myself after each comment that there must be a better way to share with people how they could have experiences without even leaving their own cities.

Adventures can be found just walking down the street if you’re open to them.

So that curiosity and wanting to continue living the life I want to create has kept me on the journey of being an entrepreneur.

This journey has had its challenges as I’ve struggled with low confidence, fear, doubt in my abilities, and much more as most entrepreneurs, especially solo ones go through.

As my confidence grew so did my business success along with a desire for more because i still don’t have the level of freedom that i want in my life… something was missing.

Most importantly though I began to create a community of other entrepreneurs and business coaches which is so important to me.

I’ve then begun to shift my mindset of what success is to a mindset of abundance in all areas with the focus of experience.

My mission has also shifted to include sharing with people ways to live a life they thought was impossible through experiences and gratitude. 

I focused on the 3 main lessons I’ve learned thanks to Reiki

1) Gratitude is a daily practice

2) Do my work honestly, meaning evaluate how I’m showing up and holding myself accountable

3) Be kind to myself and others, which includes enjoy myself and others

Along this journey I was introduced to Liv…

Immediately I meshed with the mission of the company of living each day fully.

More than that they offer a community of like-minded people focused on living each day fully. Yet when I heard they focus on having Liv local experiences and Liv 2 give to empower local communities and those who are struggling to make ends meet, my heart expanded and I felt butterflies in my stomach.

Shortly after I joined the company, one of my team members created the 60 day #livmoments challenge which is a daily posting of pictures capturing our moments of gratitude.

​​​At the end of our 60 days each team member that participated in this challenge will receive at our doorsteps a photo book with all of the images we’ve taken for 60 days as a reminder of how amazing life is.

If you follow me on Instagram check out the hashtag and you’ll know which pictures will make it into my photo book.

So now that you know a little bit about why I’ve started my business and added a new one, I’d like to invite you to consider participating in the challenge for yourself.

Everything you need to know in order to make that decision can be found right here on this special invite page we put together – Just click here to view that page now.

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

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