It’s Happy Time!!

August is a month of mixed emotions and feelings for me.

On the sad and fearful end it’s the month my ex-boyfriend passed away a few years ago and it’s also when hurricanes come close to Florida. In 1992 was huddle in our living room with various family members as Hurricane Andrew ravaged through Miami and the the southern cities of Florida.

On the happy end it’s when I travel the most with my family and visit close friends. This month I have some amazing events planned out and programs I’m running and preparing for.Best of all, I’m 2 months away from turning 40. It’s going to be an epic birthday month that’s beginning to unveil itself.

So, I want to keep this month happy even while embracing the tough emotions that are triggered from various elements. Once I made that decision, an email popped into my inbox validating it with a cool resource. I love when that happens quickly.

I’m part of a newsletter list called Action for Happiness and yesterday they emailed a calendar for August that offers tips to be on ways to be happy every day which I find priceless and wanted to share it.

Of course, I chose you my awesome and happy tribe of heart-centered  individuals and Facebook group to begin with.

Let’s dedicate this month on happiness.

Every day intentionally do something that brings happiness to another which will boomerang to you.

Be Creative!!

Then share your happy activity on my public Facebook group Our Wheels of Life.

Take a look at the calendar above for inspiration or create your own activity and share it.

Happiness begins with us so let’s share the love.

P.S. I’ll be traveling between August 4-11 with limited internet but will post when I can. ​​​​​​​

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

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