The 4 agreements!

I remember coming across the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz while visiting my sister during her healing journey 8 years ago. I recall how I sat on her couch and read through the book that teaches how following these 4 agreements will release you from endless suffering.
I also remember at first thinking, yeah right, but then over time as I stepped more into my spiritual awakening I found these to be true. Throughout the years these agreements got lost in my quest for more information yet it was time for a reminder. The universe, I believe, put these agreements, rather this image, back on my path as a reminder to focus only on what I can control, which are my thoughts and actions.
Do you believe the universe (God) puts people and ideas in our path?
Once I saw this image, I knew it was a reminder to be more present as I assess who I am and where I want to go. To ensure I kept it in plain site, I immediately printed it out and hung it on my wall where I could see it every day. I’m happy to note that I’ve done very well in my self-empowerment progress of not taking things personally. Granted there are still times that someone can cut me to the bone with their words yet I’m more aware of my reaction and the pain doesn’t last as long.
The agreement I’m currently working on is about being impeccable with my word, being authentic. As a healer and counselor, I’m very much aware of what I say and to whom. Most importantly though it’s about how I’m showing up. For example, when I offer suggestions or recommendations they are of resources and techniques that have worked for me at some point or other in my life.
Authenticity is about being honest and not portraying someone I’m not. When I teach Reiki, I share my truth that my self-Reiki daily practice may only be a few minutes of practicing the Reiki principles and 1 or 2 hand positions or it can be a full session that lasts 10-15 minutes.
So now, I pass these on to you, my tribe, as a reminder that self awareness is a daily practice towards self-empowerment. Transformation is a lifelong journey and when you have learned your lesson, then it’s time for you to transition. Harsh, but true! What’s important is finding a spiritual practice that causes you to look within and above for assurance you’re on the right path.
What spiritual practice do you incorporate on a daily basis that helps you stay present?
If you’re struggling with finding a spiritual practice or techniques to assist you in being more present, then I invite you to a complimentary discovery session. With over 17 years of experiencing listening to thousands of people expressing their stressors, I’ve been able to identify at least one technique that can be of support regardless of your situation.
Enjoy your life and every minute you’ve been given because today is a gift as tomorrow is not guaranteed. Take a moment today and choose a time to speak with me by phone so we can discuss your struggles with spiritual practice. Click here and find the time that works for you.
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Thank you for being a part of my expanding family.

Paty, La Mariposa

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Let’s Detox together in 2017

Last week I wrote about shaking the blues which was focused on removing processed sugar from your lifestyle, especially if you struggle with depression. This is truly one aspect of holistic care. Today I want to share with you an amazing opportunity that I will be a part of called the Whole Detox. It’s a 21 online event put on by my teacher and mentor, Dr. Deanna Minich.

The Whole Detox Program is an excellent way to completely reset your body while establishing long-term lifestyle changes. And the changing of the season is the perfect time to make this happen.

The 21-day program includes:

  • 5 informative, in-depth webinars
  • Access to a supportive community with 14 Teaching Assistants to answer your questions
  • Guiding emails throughout the program
  • And even some fun, surprise gifts. 
I will be one of the teaching assistants so I will also be present and engaged within the program. I’ll even be posting on Day 7 about stress, my favorite subject.
The image above identifies the various ways we must detox holistically by incorporating healthier behaviors into our lifestyles and releasing those that no longer serve us.

Take the Quiz

Not sure if you really need the program “right now”? Take the Whole Detox Spectrum Quiz now to see if any of your systems are out of balance. It will help to personalize the Whole Detox program to address those systems of health that are most out of balance.

I invite you to make this powerful decision for your whole health today. And if you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by replying or email Food and Spirit directly at!

Pass this email along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need time to focus on ourselves everyday!
Thank you for taking a moment for yourself as you practice self-care and stress release.

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  

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Shaking the blues


One of my professional hats I wear is that of a health coach focuses on wellness in a holistic manner, meaning looking at the whole person, which includes what we put in our mouths. I know how overwhelming it is to know about what is “healthy” to put in your mouth as I have learned over 100 dietary theories and my biggest takeaway is that we are all different. By being more intent on how our bodies react to food we can be more proactive.

Even though, most of my clients come to me for support in releasing stress they come with symptoms such as these found below. As a coach, a wellness detective, my goal is assist them in identifying the root causes to them.

headaches nausea dizziness
hearing loss tinnitus insomnia
blurred vision eye problems hallucinations
memory loss slurred speech mild to suicidal depression
personality changes violent episodes mood changes
anxiety attacks hyperactivity heart arrhythmia
edema or swelling gastrointestinal disorders seizures
skin lesions muscle cramps joint pains
fatigue PMS menstrual irregularities
chest pain increased appetite numbness and tingling of extremities

Have you been experiencing these symptoms lately?

Most of the time though food is a huge culprit in causing the symptoms stated above or rather certain ingredients in food.

As they say, you are what you eat. So what are you eating on a daily basis?
If you have been feeling any of these symptoms recently, one such culprit could be the impact of Valentine’s Day which just ended last week and for many that meant loads of sugar laden items being popped continuously into our mouths.

I admit that I took advantage of chocolate specials at the stores and helping my nephew (unknown to him) reduce his valentine candy stockpile. So, recently when I began to notice that I was feeling sluggish, experienced difficulty in focusing, annoyed with people or a lack of motivation I became my own health coach and took stock of what I was eating.

Now, in order to get back on track with my life and help my body feel better I’m in the process of detoxing my whole life, nutrition included as I take responsibility for my life. The concept of The whole detox*, by Dr. Deanna Minich one of my mentors, is that in order to maintain balance and health we have to look at all aspects of our lives. (More info coming soon)

As I mentioned I took stock of what I was eating and realized that my sugar intake had increased tremendously. I want to share with you the truth about sugar so you can also make an informed decision if that’s what’s causing your health issues. Let’s begin with one of the most toxic and easily found products in our world today, sucrose products (table sugar) and artificial sweeteners (sugar substitutes) so you can make the best qualified decision of what sweets you will continue to allow into your life and into the mouths of your loved ones.

Did you know that artificial sweeteners are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, (FDA)?

In 1958, the Food Additives Amendment to the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act required the FDA to approve food additives, including artificial sweeteners, before they can be made available for sale in the United States. However, keep in mind that while it is approved it does not mean it is safe for long term use.

There are five major categories of artificial sweeteners that are approved by the FDA:

1.  Aspartame, sold under the brand names NutraSweet® and Equal®
2.  Saccharin, sold under the brand name Sweet’N Low®
3.  Sucralose, sold under the brand name Splenda®
4.  Acesulfame K (or acesulfame potassium), produced by Hoechst, a German chemical company; widely used in foods, beverages, and pharmaceutical products around the world
5.  Neotame, produced by the NutraSweet Company; the most recent addition to FDA’s list of approved artificial sweeteners, neotame is used in diet soft drinks and low-calorie foods

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) cautions everyone to avoid aspartame, saccharin, and acesulfame K because they are unsafe when consumed in large amounts or are very poorly tested and not worth the risk. The CSPI lists neotame and sucralose as safe.

Aspartame is of particular concern because it contains phenylalanine (50%), aspartic acid (40%), and methanol (10%), three well-recognized neurotoxins. Fortunately, most of the the symptoms I stated above are alleviated once aspartame use is discontinued.

Stevia-based sweeteners in the form of Truvia and PureVia have been rapidly replacing aspartame sweetened products. However, due to health concerns cited in literature the FDA has not approved the use of whole-leaf Stevia or crude Stevia extracts as food additives. On the other hand, a “no objection” approval on the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list of additives was given to its extracts known as Truvia, a sweet-tasting compound found in products like Coca-Cola and Cargill and PureVia, typically found in PepsiCo products. Although Stevia has not retained an official “approval” it is allowed to be marketed and sold as a dietary supplement.

My rule of thumb is if I can’t pronounce it, I don’t eat it or wear it on my skin

In conclusion, artificial sweeteners are that, artificial. When you place artificial items into your body then it can cause issues because your body is not used to it. Review the symptoms found in the beginning of the article and take a look at what foods you are ingesting. If you notice that you are putting more artificial items, especially ones you can’t pronounce, then replace it with more natural options like local honey or coconut sugar.  Take responsibility of your health by asking yourself why you are feeling the way you do. If you’re feeling stumped then contact me for a free healthy check in by phone to discover what’s holding you back in life.

My purpose is to empower you on your healing journey and my mission is to offer you health-related insights, practical tips, inspiration and stories that will support you in living balanced towards a happy and healthy life as you embrace your joy and purpose.
Feel free to reply to these emails as I’d love to hear from you. Pass this email along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need love everyday!

Thank you for being a part of my expanding family. I’m so grateful to be on this healing journey with you.

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  

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Love yourself through meditation

Let’s begin February, the month of love and friendship, by celebrating you, mind-body-soul!!!
Beginning Thursday February 2 and every Thursday after that, at House of Movement in Brickell I will be facilitating a guided chakra balancing meditation from 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM.
We will begin with a brief discussion of the chakras and then I will lead you through a guided meditation that will assist you in releasing stuck energy within your chakras, energy centers in your body.
Using Reiki, color, and sound therapy you will go on a journey into your deepest self which will promote relaxation and energetic release throughout your entire body.
The best gift you can give yourself is time to let go and be free.
Join us on Thursdays at House of Movement in Brickell.
Register through the House of Movement. Limited space is available.
You’ll receive $25 off your first individual chakra balancing session when you book with me that night. Sessions available in Pinecrest and at House of Movement.
P.S. Please bring your yoga mat and blanket, however, there will be yoga mats available if needed.
With love,

Paty, La Mariposa

Let’s discuss any blocks you may have in your life or struggles which is limiting your light from shining through.
I’m here to support you with a step-by-step plan to balance your life, embrace your power, and focus on holistic health.    

Green goodness for your heart and life

Today I wanted to share an amazing new recipe that I made the other day for dinner. It’s super easy to make and everyone will enjoy it. All you need are the ingredients and a food processor. Seriously, you cannot mess this up even if you say you don’t know or like to cook.

As you may know I live in Miami, Fl. and we have two seasons; hot as heck and mostly hot. Therefore, our foods are primarily tropical and also shipped in from Latin America. However, I have found in my local co-op (which is seasonal) that avocados are in. I looooooove avocados. However, if they’re not in season yet where you are then save this note for when they are.

Avocados you may (or not) know are a healthy fatty food. Yes, I said healthy and fat in the same sentence. This fat is super good for you. Avocados offer numerous nutritional benefits especially in helping with weight loss as they are a great filler. Also, as they are green they are also great for the heart chakra.

There are so many ways to incorporate avocados into your meals, such as on top of salads, in smoothies, on sandwiches, guacamoles, etc.

What’s your favorite way to add avocados into your meal?

Recently I received a share of organic avocados from my local community share, Annie’s buying club. Normally, before I receive my share I check what my box of goodies will be but since I was just returning home from traveling around Florida, I forgot. Then it so happened a couple of days before I received my box of yummy organic veggies I went food shopping with my dad at Costco. Yep, I purchased a bag there. Therefore by Monday when I received my box I realized I had too many avocados and not enough time to eat them as they go soft quickly.

Thanks to Annie’s buying club, they shared with me an amazing recipe for creamy avocado dressing which came out super delicious!!

Doesn’t this picture just make you want to lick the screen? Try out the recipe and let me know how it went for you or better yet send me a picture.


Peace and love,

Paty,  La Mariposa 

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Staying healthy this Halloween

Being healthy involves what you put in, on, and around your body.

As Halloween approaches, along with changes in temperatures, you may be reaching more for face paint and moisturizing creams to add to your body. Before you reach just any product take a look at the ingredients. Can you pronounce them? If not, then what in the heck are you putting on your largest organ that then filters into your body?


I have to admit being in Nicaragua, Ometepe, is not the best option for my skin due to the water and limited products available. Initially I was using Palmolive soap which left my skin feeling yucky and sticky until I came across a completely natural bar of soap with tea tree oil. The price tag was astronomical, $140 cordobas or $5 for a bar of soap. Yet the feeling I received as my skin felt soft and actually clean was priceless. I had brought my own shampoo and fortunately was able to find this all natural shampoo at a local salon.
All natural ingredients
Sadly, we have to now pay a higher price for living healthywith all natural products yet that’s in the short term. In the long term we benefit from staying healthy longer as we are more focused on what we put in and on our bodies.
Recently, a client asked what beauty products should be avoided and as the universe would have it, I received an informative email highlighting the top 10 toxic chemicals to avoid. As not to repeat an already beautifully written article, I offer it you by clicking here for the top 10 toxic chemicals to avoid.
Thankfully there are growing companies dedicated to keeping you safe, such as Annmarie, Burt’s Bees, DoTerra, and Pangea to name a few. Here are a few of my favorite resources and tips to staying safe all year long regardless of where you are.
Beauty Tips:
  • You may pay more initially yet the lasting health outcome is well worth it.
  • Avoid items that list “fragrance” and choose essential oils.
  • If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, don’t buy it.
  • Choose organic only if it has the USDA organic symbol.
  • Avoid lead products; Common places to find lead are lipsticks and deodorant.
  • Natural does not always mean safe, always read the ingredients and when in doubt ask.
Additional Resources, click the blue words to link to the websites:
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La Mariposa
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Common spice reduces inflammation naturally

As a Health Coach, one of the most common complaints I hear from my clients and others is how their body feels bloated and uncomfortable. This is due to inflammation which is one of the leading causes of chronic diseases. One of the tell tale signs of inflammation si the infamous belly bloat. I began to research  for ways to naturally reduce inflammation and I came across a recipe (found below) for turmeric milk. Needless to say I liked it so much it has now become my go-to recipe and one I offer to my clients who mention the word inflammation.

Needless to say, those who put the effort into trying my suggestion have found incredible benefits within the first week they have used it. Below are two testimonials from clients who received the recipe.

Alex, “I started Turmeric Milk over a year ago and am amazed at how beneficial it has been to my digestive track. I have tried other things but nothing comes closer to giving me that cleansing feeling.”

Another client stated: “It stopped my diverticulitis symptoms. It’s a blessing to my health, thank you.”

The benefits of turmeric date back thousands of years and used often in recipes from India, Middle East, and Asia. Turmeric can be used in food for people and animals, facial, and even tie-dye recipes to name a few.


I found this great video on turmeric which discusses in greater detail the benefits of this amazing powder and various ways to use this. I personally use turmeric and black pepper daily to just about everything I heat up, especially rice, quinoa, fish/chicken, eggs, etc. I find it reduces my bloating and feelings of inflammation.

Turmeric* works best when added with a pinch of black pepper* and heated up with other spices for taste.

Add turmeric* to your shopping list now so you can use in most of your meals.

Turmeric Milk: Click here for a free chart to document your Turmeric Milk experience.

Reduce Inflammation Naturally with Turmeric Milk Tea 

Ingredients (Yield: 1 cup)

  • 1 cup non dairy milk
 (almond, coconut, rice)

  • 1/2 teaspoon dried turmeric

  • 1/2 teaspoon dried ginger

  • dash of black pepper

  • Optional stevia (you can use honey or coconut sugar)


  • Place non dairy milk in saucepan.

  • Then add turmeric, ginger, and pepper.

  • Stir and simmer and mix the ingredients (about 5 minutes)

  • Then let cool (this allows for the spices to infuse into the milk (about 5 minutes).

  • Add sweetener of choice and consume warm

Please share your favorite turmeric recipe or comments about this article by responding to or via social media #turmeric

Peace and love,
Paty, La Mariposa

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From the Ground up!

I was inspired to write after watching this documentary about  PurePlant NationAmerica and the world is awakening en masses to the idea that the food we eat is not always safe, that we can no longer simply trust the federal agencies overseeing how our food is handled.

dirty dozen

As a public health educator, I teach people about prevention of chronic health diseases and as a health coach I meet my clients where they are to help them in making lifelong health changes.

The time is now to take charge of your health and know where your food is coming from. As stated in the documentary, revolutions start “from the ground up” and so taking back our food supply while protecting our environment is of upmost importance. When we care about what we put in our bodies, we care about what we surround our lives with, and we care about how we show up in this world.

View the documentary trailer and share your thoughts here on this blog about the growing revolution of organic food, farmer market’s, and having more colorful vegetables on your plate than meat and starches.

Are you truly what you eat?