Depression hits again

On Sunday I had just finished working with a new client (very excited) and was waiting on my brother to call me so I could meet up with him and his family to spend time with the kiddos, my niece and nephew. Almost an hour passed and I didn’t hear from him. I knew they were dealing with an issue and would contact me when they were finished. Yet while I was waiting at my office and listening to a business podcast (it’s an entrepreneur thing), depression creeped in. It came out of nowhere as sad thoughts soon led to tears starting to flow.

Crap! (not truly what I thought but thought it best to keep this G rated) I immediately sent a text to my brother and told him I wasn’t feeling well and was heading home. En route thoughts of every imaginable reason as to why I was sad came crashing into my head space and the tears just flowed. I raised the windows, adjusted my sunglasses, turned off the radio, and spoke out loud the thoughts running through my mind. Just hearing them seemed like they carried less weight than what was happening in my head. Within the commute back home (about 35 minutes) I cried out my sadness and feelings of unworthiness. As I turned the corner heading towards the apartment I made a plan to feel more focused and centered once I was home for I didn’t want to continue wallowing in this misery.

Truth is I’ve been struggling with depression since as long as I could remember. I was “diagnosed” with depression when I was 18 years old and prescribed Paxil which I took for a few months. Yet I didn’t like how I felt when I was on them so I stopped and found other ways to cope with it.

Throughout my life I have fallen into bouts of depression which could last hours or days. The depression would be triggered by thoughts or sometimes after a traumatic event such as a loss of my loved ones. For example, I was triggered on Sunday because I was on an amazing high which was then popped by limiting beliefs. Doubts and insecurities, especially limiting beliefs of not feeling worthy or good enough are the struggles I have been dealing with throughout my life. Since I became an entrepreneur they have become stronger as I have been facing them head on.

I checked my face before I got out of the car and said to myself in the mirror: “Paty, it’s okay to cry. Now it’s time to move forward by listening to happy music and organizing your room and home office. You got this. You’re worth it and you are loved by many.”

With a sigh and a prayer to my spiritual guides for strength I moved on with the rest of my day.

Feeling sad and depressed is normal, it becomes a problem when it lingers for more than a day.

Fact is depression does have a habit of creeping in from time to time, especially just when things appear to be going so amazing.

Have you experienced that before?

I didn’t fight the depression or blame myself for feeling the way I was, I just allowed it to flow out of my system. Then I used my depression kicker of listening to happy music and cleaning up my living space so I didn’t feel more chaotic. My other favorite depression kickers are watching funny movies, going for walks outside, dancing, dropping orange essential oil in my diffuser, and calling uplifting friends.

If you struggle with depression what are ways that you move through it?

Leave a comment of your favorite tips.

Pass this along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need support everyday!

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  

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Dreams and Inspirations Continue

August 13 is a date that will be forever etched in my mind and heart. It’s the day my former partner Joel took his life due to reasons he took with him. Joel suffered for many years due to a traumatic experience he had while serving in the military. We met while in a support group for veterans and dated until I chose to stay in Miami and he returned to his family in Colorado.

My heart weighs heavy with his loss and all those who loved him. His passing has empowered me to continue my healing work as he was very proud. Now he is another person who supports me on the spiritual side which is uplifting.

August also holds another important date for me August 27, the day I leave for a life changing experience to Nicaragua. For 3 months I will be an intern with Natural Doctor’s International and the final month I will be traveling around Nicaragua speaking with other healers. For the past year I have felt guided to take this trip and like many other things I do, I jumped feet first without too much thought because I know there’s a reason.

My goals while in Nicaragua are to improve my skills as a holistic practitioner and counselor through natural healing techniques to reduce stress. During this time I will also be maintaining my business as I continue to work with clients remotely and offering for the first time, Wheels of Life Chakra online course.

What I have learned throughout the losses I have experienced, beginning with my sister passing away 6 years ago, is that I have received so much support and opportunities because I have been more open to them.

All that I do in my professional life, I do with the emphasis that I would be offering these same tools and support to my loved ones who have passed along. I know they would have enjoyed many of the techniques I now practice which have expanded.

I’m excited yet nervous about what my upcoming trip to Nicaragua will bring. I’m thankful to all of you who have supported me in various ways. I look forward to sharing what I learn with you throughout my travels. I will continue to send out weekly newsletters about my work in Nicaragua and inspiration insights for you to also expand on.

Peace and love,
Paty, La Mariposa

My purpose is to empower you on your healing journey and my mission is to offer you health-related insights, practical tips, inspiration, and stories that will support you in living balanced towards a happy and healthy life as you embrace your joy and purpose.

Feel free to reply as I’d love to hear from you. Pass this blog along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need love everyday!

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Affirmations and Inspiration

On my desk I have an inspirational perpetual flip calendar by Robert Holden called Success Now which I flip every now and then whenever I feel called for a pick me up. Affirmations for me are like a candy or a coffee as they fill me with energy to keep moving and stay motivated. I obtain affirmations and inspirations in numerous ways such as Angel Readings, meditation, podcasts, social media and so much more.

For the last few days I have been feeling very happy and focused. I recently returned from a fabulous weekend music festival called Farm to Family.  I participated at this event as a vendor offering stress and relaxation service to attendees. This was my second time vending opportunity and it brought me so much happiness. I was able to enjoy the music from my booth and feel the earth energy as we were surrounded by trees, water, and camping. Each day I focused on gratitude for my holistic abundance.

Once home I settled back into focusing on my business and my responsibilities. Feeling a need for inspirational focus I turned to the calendar by Robert Holden called Success Now   and landed on a quote that really hit home for me. It said “Reflect on how you can make today more beautiful, more meaningful, and more enjoyable for yourself and others.” It brought back memories of the festival and how blessed I was for the numerous types of abundance. All that I had manifested came true.

Also when I see that quote I wonder what can I do to make this day more beautiful and take action on ideas that come forth. How can I continue to inspire myself and others?

In a world in which we are constantly bombarded with negativity on social media, television, radios, and surrounded by grouchy and negative people, I believe it’s important to find inspiration each day and embrace it with happiness. Life can be very challenging at times yet it can also be happy and peaceful if you find inspiration throughout your day.

Inspiration also comes from the work I do with my clients. Today was an example as I received a text from one of my counseling clients who’s been really sad lately, stating he felt more optimist and energized since he’s been finding his joy again. I was so appreciative that he shared that with me. I reflected how my work with this client made today and other days “more beautiful, more meaningful, and more enjoyable.”

Being happy for me is the greatest feeling in the world and for me happiness comes from the simple things in life. From dancing to live music in the sand barefoot, reading a good book in a comfortable spot undisturbed, and spending time with my niece and nephew amongst many many more

Reflect today on what you can do to make it more beautiful, more meaningful, and more enjoyable for yourself and others.

I would love to hear what inspires you. What are some of your favorite affirmations? Please share at @patymariposas on Instagram.

Suicide, a traumatic loss for all

This time last week I received the most horrific news, my ex-boyfriend committed suicide at his parents’ home. It honestly came as a surprise to all because he had been doing so well on his healing journey. He had served 15 years in the military and a few years ago left the Army due to Post Traumatic Stress. He was in recovery using natural methods such as massage, meditation, essential oils, and was also taking a reasonable amount of prescribed medication. He starred in the documentary, Hidden Enemy about the overuse of prescription medicine in the military.  In October he would have completed a year long massage training program and would have started a massage program for veterans at the school. For reasons unknown to all those who loved him he took his own life.


For those left behind the trauma of a losing a loved one suddenly is quite shocking. Although I have experienced the loss of numerous family members recently, I was able to prepare for their passing as they passed on due to illnesses and I was by their side as they passed over.

I have worked as a grief counselor and yet nothing could have prepared me for the gut wrenching loss of losing a person I really cared about. Although our romantic relationship ended, our friendship was always consistent and full of love. Following the news I was unable to eat or work for a few days. I felt numb and full of grief.The pain is like a punch in the stomach and just feels dull after a bit. The tears that have flowed and continue to flow have been unlike any I have felt before. I have only just recently began to move forward and return to work as a health coach and energy healer. It is comforting to continue to serve others yet also taking time for myself.

I have been taking care of myself by acknowledging my grief and allowing the tears to fall as needed. I also have spoken to numerous friends and family who have supported me throughout this time. Many have noted my strength which comes from knowing how to ask for help and being present. I also have taken numerous walks along the beach and dips in the ocean to release the sadness. Being in nature is so important to being grounded and present. I am aware of the stages of grief and know I have gone through them numerous times, which is a normal process.

I will continue to reach out to others, receive emotional support and healing, and be grateful for knowing and loving a man who was generous with so many people. I will take this loss as a reason to continue doing the work of supporting others and being present, especially for those who have suffered trauma.

If you have suffered from loss or know of someone who committed suicide please share your story and how you prevailed. Thank you!