Summer Is Ending, Fall Is Near…

Virtual Tune Up

Time continues to move quickly especially as we’re entering the new academic school year. Regardless if you have children or not, you feel the shift as people are back from their travels, stores are packed with people preparing for schools, and the roads are once again congested. Parents are feeling overwhelmed as they’re preparing for the new school year through the purchase of new school supplies and clothes. Children are shifting their energies too as they’re preparing for change whether they want to or not as they enter their new school year.

As summer slowly shifts into fall, we may feel the subtle change in the seasons as we’re connected to our environments and to the people around us. One of the biggest changes of summer are routines as more often than not they were thrown out the window as children were not in school and many families were traveling. Absences from work were frequent which caused shifts in the working environment which could have led to more work on our plates to make up for those who were out of the office or for entrepreneurs in service based industries, less work because people were traveling.

Truth is, having a consistent routine is important year round because it keeps us centered and grounded. For example, if you’re accustomed to waking up at a certain time during the week but try to sleep in on the weekends, it does cause your body to struggle as it readjusts. You may experience this especially on Monday mornings as it’s harder to wake up because of the changes that may have happened on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Apart from having a routine, another important aspect is having a consistent time for you to be still as you release tension and energies that are blocking the flow which will then help you rest better at night so you’re body can heal.

This time may be through meditation, a mindfulness practice, or receiving healing sessions, such as a massage, acupuncture, or Reiki to name a few.

I want to share with you one of my client’s favorite and most popular ways to release tension and feel more relaxed, a remote chakra balance, aka a virtual tune up.

Simply put, because a chakra balance works in such a way that it relaxes the mind which then allows the energies in your body to flow with ease. It is easy, from within this relaxed state it’ll help you quiet the constant chatter in your head and assist you in handling the day to day activities with ease.

The virtual tune up includes Reiki and color therapy which your body instantly recognizes as helpful tools to assist in a deeper energetic clearing.

Within our remote session which can be done by phone or video I’ll guide you in a brief grounding meditation and then use these energy based tools remotely so you can feel relaxed and at ease.

The benefits of this session will last for various days and it’ll enhance your productivity and temperament especially as you’re around others who are in their aspect of changes.

The purpose overall is to help you stay grounded and focused. 

Schedule now your virtual tune up as I only have a few slots left this month for remote sessions. Click this link and scroll down to the virtual tune up option and find the best time and date that works for you.

Allow me to assist you in releasing stagnant energy so you can be more present and calm in your day to day activities.

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa ​​​​​​​

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It’s Happy Time!!

August is a month of mixed emotions and feelings for me.

On the sad and fearful end it’s the month my ex-boyfriend passed away a few years ago and it’s also when hurricanes come close to Florida. In 1992 was huddle in our living room with various family members as Hurricane Andrew ravaged through Miami and the the southern cities of Florida.

On the happy end it’s when I travel the most with my family and visit close friends. This month I have some amazing events planned out and programs I’m running and preparing for.Best of all, I’m 2 months away from turning 40. It’s going to be an epic birthday month that’s beginning to unveil itself.

So, I want to keep this month happy even while embracing the tough emotions that are triggered from various elements. Once I made that decision, an email popped into my inbox validating it with a cool resource. I love when that happens quickly.

I’m part of a newsletter list called Action for Happiness and yesterday they emailed a calendar for August that offers tips to be on ways to be happy every day which I find priceless and wanted to share it.

Of course, I chose you my awesome and happy tribe of heart-centered  individuals and Facebook group to begin with.

Let’s dedicate this month on happiness.

Every day intentionally do something that brings happiness to another which will boomerang to you.

Be Creative!!

Then share your happy activity on my public Facebook group Our Wheels of Life.

Take a look at the calendar above for inspiration or create your own activity and share it.

Happiness begins with us so let’s share the love.

P.S. I’ll be traveling between August 4-11 with limited internet but will post when I can. ​​​​​​​

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Popping In With Exciting News

I’m popping into your mailbox because I just have some incredible news to share with you.

I’m writing to you from my 10 day personal and business trip in North Carolina as I share my love of Reiki with my best friend Paula whom I’ll teach her the Reiki Master/Teacher and together we’ll be offering a Reiki 1 class while I’m in town.

Reiki is one of my loves and I’m blessed to have created a business around sharing it individually and in group settings.

I became an entrepreneur in 2013, not out of choice per say but out of necessity because I was living abroad and beginning to work individually with clients.

I had just graduated earlier that year with my dual Masters of Public Health and Social Work. Once I graduated I moved to Nicaragua as I was working with a non-profit there as a volunteer coordinator. After a few months that reality ended after a miscommunication and I was left without a job or idea of what to do next.

I had the option of returning home (really didn’t want to) or continue to offer counseling and reiki to the people living in the town I was in which began by word of mouth.

After a few months I decided to return to the United States and become a health coach so I could learn how to be an entrepreneur, a skill that wasn’t taught in my graduate program.

The year I graduated as a health coach, 2014, I was asked to return home as my mom’s cancer had advanced and her body was slowly dying.

I dropped everything to focus on her and my father which was a full time job. When she passed away September 2014 I stayed with my dad so I could help him adjust and settle her accounts.

At this time I felt called to continue my path as an entrepreneur and revitalize Mariposas Holistic Healing as a counselor, coach, and energy healer.

Being an entrepreneur runs in our family as my mom began a home based business once I turned 10 years old to help my dad. Then I witnessed Yoli, my sister become an entrepreneur as a story teller and actress.

This lifestyle, even with its constant struggles and figuring out lots of things on my own, was the best way for me to continue creating the life I wanted. This works for me.

As I coached people who were struggling in their current jobs, feeling unhappy in their relationships, or feeling stuck a common theme stuck out; they were bored because they weren’t living fulfilling lives.

Often they asked how could they know their purpose and I would ask what brought them joy. They would groan as they discussed their money woes of living paycheck to paycheck, working with people they disliked, or doing whatever their partners wanted.

Sometimes after our sessions I would ponder about the word experiences and adventures as they came up often.

As I mentioned above, I love to travel and I’ve been on a journey to create a business in which I can teach, empower, and have fun wherever I go.

With Instagram I post pictures of my latest adventure or work trip and often receive comments such as “lucky,” “I live through your experiences,” “I wish I could travel too,” etc.

I totally believe that if I could have these amazing experiences so could anyone else.

I then thought to myself after each comment that there must be a better way to share with people how they could have experiences without even leaving their own cities.

Adventures can be found just walking down the street if you’re open to them.

So that curiosity and wanting to continue living the life I want to create has kept me on the journey of being an entrepreneur.

This journey has had its challenges as I’ve struggled with low confidence, fear, doubt in my abilities, and much more as most entrepreneurs, especially solo ones go through.

As my confidence grew so did my business success along with a desire for more because i still don’t have the level of freedom that i want in my life… something was missing.

Most importantly though I began to create a community of other entrepreneurs and business coaches which is so important to me.

I’ve then begun to shift my mindset of what success is to a mindset of abundance in all areas with the focus of experience.

My mission has also shifted to include sharing with people ways to live a life they thought was impossible through experiences and gratitude. 

I focused on the 3 main lessons I’ve learned thanks to Reiki

1) Gratitude is a daily practice

2) Do my work honestly, meaning evaluate how I’m showing up and holding myself accountable

3) Be kind to myself and others, which includes enjoy myself and others

Along this journey I was introduced to Liv…

Immediately I meshed with the mission of the company of living each day fully.

More than that they offer a community of like-minded people focused on living each day fully. Yet when I heard they focus on having Liv local experiences and Liv 2 give to empower local communities and those who are struggling to make ends meet, my heart expanded and I felt butterflies in my stomach.

Shortly after I joined the company, one of my team members created the 60 day #livmoments challenge which is a daily posting of pictures capturing our moments of gratitude.

​​​At the end of our 60 days each team member that participated in this challenge will receive at our doorsteps a photo book with all of the images we’ve taken for 60 days as a reminder of how amazing life is.

If you follow me on Instagram check out the hashtag and you’ll know which pictures will make it into my photo book.

So now that you know a little bit about why I’ve started my business and added a new one, I’d like to invite you to consider participating in the challenge for yourself.

Everything you need to know in order to make that decision can be found right here on this special invite page we put together – Just click here to view that page now.

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Just for today…

A few years ago while I was living and working on the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua I had the opportunity to teach a group of Nicaraguan helping professionals Usui Reiki 1. Before we even began to discuss Reiki, I focused on how energy can be kept in the body after stressful situations if it’s not able to release after the initial fight or flight response. The blocked energy can lead to chronic physical health conditions within the body, such as pain, diabetes, heart conditions, back pain, etc or emotional/mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, worry, overwhelm or stress.

The participants groaned as soon as I mentioned the word stress. One woman burst out stating she wished she could divorce herself from stress. We all burst into laughter.

Returning to all seriousness, I informed them that stress is an essential part of our survival protocol as it protects us from danger and it’s a blessing we have it. However, if we continue to go from one stressful event to another this creates a problems that grows with time.

It’s a reality for all of us as we live in a world that’s constantly demanding our attention from current events in our hometown or in other countries to our families demands and expectations of all the roles we fill on a daily basis.

One of the best tools yet most challenging one for people to achieve is finding within ourselves a sense of stillness. Through engaging in a daily practice that assists in releasing blocked energy it then helps the body return to its relaxed and healthy state.

One of the ways I achieve stillness on a daily basis is through a daily mantra pracitce that I teach in my Usui Reiki 1 classes. Sensei Mikao Usui’s (founder of Usui Reiki) established 5 principles which he taught to his Reiki students as a foundation to begin and end the day. Within my daily practice they help me ground and when I find myself in a stress situations, I’m able to calm myself by that by stating each one. This helps me regain my sense of control of how I react to situations and people.

I’ve written below the principles as he stated them along with a brief explanation of what it means. If you feel called to apply these principles in your own life then feel free to choose words that resonate with you so it’s easier to incorporate.

Sensei Mikao Usui stated

    “The secret art of inviting happiness, the miraculous medicine of all diseases. Every morning and evening join your hands in prayer position, pray these words to your heart, and chant these words with your mouth.”

Just for today, (All you know is this moment)

Do not be angry(Anger is a negative force that consumes reason)

Do not worry(Worry is fear that’s not real because it’s based in the future, what you don’t know)

Be filled with gratitude(Gratitude, is a positive force that embraces reasoning)

Devote yourself to your work honestly, (Working on yourself and your purpose is a daily process)

Be kind to people.” (Be kind to yourself and others, for you’re perfect just the way you are)

Peace and tranquility begin with you.

What’s your favorite technique or saying that helps your mind, body, and soul find calm within chaos?

PS. I’ll be teaching Reiki 1 in North Carolina (July) and Miami (August). Register today as spots are filling up fast.

P.P.S. Can’t make it in person, then learn it remotely. Schedule a complimentary discovery call to learn how.

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

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July 13

It’s summer time in most of the world and that usually means the weather is nice enough to spend time outdoors and have fun. Being outdoors is different for everyone, yet what’s important is spending at least 10 minutes surrounded by trees, birds, getting direct sun or other natural environment.

One of the benefits of being in nature is to enhance your physical health.

Have you ever taken a deep breath when you have walked outside your building or your home? That’s because you’re body (an energetic being) is connected with nature, another energy being.

This is related to your heart chakra which heals faster in natural environments then indoors all the time.

Another benefit is on your mental and emotional health. It’s easier to have positive thoughts and feel more relaxed when you’re looking at a tree, the beach, or a river. You allow your mind to wander like a leaf moving down the river.

There are many ways to connect with nature as a way to naturally release stress such as grounding of which I discussed the science about it a couple of weeks ago in a previous newsletter, titled Grounding during chaos.

I’ve noticed many of my clients recently feeling ungrounded so I thought I’d share some quick ideas. Choose the one that resonates the most with you and just do it.

My favorite grounding technique is walking barefoot which I’ve done since I was a little girl. Of course, I had no idea what grounding was at the time. I remember vividly my mom nagging for me to put on shoes which I ignored until I absolutely had to. Mentally it almost hurt to put them on.

Now, I understand grounding as I like to understand why I do the things I do. I continue to walk barefoot at home and work and it feels so good.

Another favorite grounding technique is tree hugging. Growing up I loved to climb trees and just sit in them for hours on end. Now, as an adult I feel called to hug them yet I prefer to stay on the ground now.

Hugging is such an essential part of our energy exchange as social beings. Do you recall the last time you received a really good hug? Sometimes a tree can give those too.

Michael Franti sings how beneficial it is to hug once a day yet sometimes that may not always happen, especially if you live alone and work from home. So, when I can’t hug a person for whatever reason, I turn to trees for a deep energetic connection.

Other ways to get out into nature are

  • Visit a local park
  • Have a picnic
  • go camping
  • local hike
  • rent a kayak or canoe
  • play outside with kids
  • Outside live music
What’s your favorite way to spend time in nature?  Share your response on my Facebook community, Our Wheels of Life.

Love and virtual hugs,

Paty Mariposa ​​​​​​​

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From Independence to Interconnection

A couple of days ago the United States celebrated the signing of our constitution which was written by men whose families came to this country seeking religion and social freedoms, what we call immigrants today. The fourth of July is usually represented by get togethers by family and friends for cookouts and fireworks. Not everyone agrees with this tradition based on numerous factors such as traumatic symptoms triggered by the fireworks, which is a right Americans have.

Truth is that the United States is one of the youngest countries formed Democratically by European immigrants and it’s sought out by citizens of other countries who are escaping torture, crime, death, and other horrors based on their beliefs. The traumas endured as they travel to the US can be horrendous at times and then they arrive to face another traumatic situation as families are ripped apart either at the border or even from their homes. This is a social and public health crisis happening within our borders that is affecting many people.

We all have our struggles and differences, sometimes we face them on our own unable to speak honestly about our ideas and values which is a sad truth. As a developed country we lack the interconnection many others embrace yet I believe that we can break through that so we can make a positive difference to influence our lives.

I believe that ignorance and fear is built by a focus of independence and that people who look and act differently from us are in some way wrong. I believe that in order to counter that it’s important for interconnection with others and nature. It’s through conversation and coming to the table that we can enact change. Yet, it begins with wanting to work with others.

When we judge others we hurt them for being individuals and we lessen the interconnection. Before you judge someone based on their values or personal choices, ensure you’re taking a look at yourself and remember the words to Michael Jackson’s song, Man in the Mirror.

Let’s take a stand today, together, to be more interconnected, to appreciate each other’s differences, and to be more loving towards ourselves and others. It’s through small and consistent actions that we can create change at least within ourselves.

There are so many ways to become involved so find one and let’s make a change together so people can heal. One way I chose to take action is by creating a prayer circle once a week so that we can join either via Facebook live or energetically to raise the vibrations of peace. If more people find hope within their hearts, there’s less chance to find fear. The circle will be in English and Spanish.

What do you choose, fear (independent) or hope (interconnection)?

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa 

 ​​​​​​​Online Events

Every Monday at 10pm est, Prayer Circle for Peace, Facebook Live

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The 4th is right around the corner!

In just a few days we’ll be celebrating (those that live in the United States) the 4th of July, to honor the acceptance of the Declaration of Independence which our founding leaders used for the pursuit of happiness. This document was written over 200 years ago and is the foundation of our country.
I was curious though about what else made the 4th of July unique so I found a YouTube video that discusses 25 facts about it.  Check it out here if you’re also curious like me.
I wonder sometimes what the founding fathers would think of our country today with the overwhelming laws and consistent fight within our borders for human rights or the right to bear arms, amongst other issues we’re seeing every day.
Truth is, there are numerous injustices happening all around us and it’s so important for each one of us to uphold our democratic rights along with others. I believe with our actions and our words that we can make differences in people’s lives, regardless of how big or small.
As we move towards the 4th let’s focus on appreciating the rights we do have, the people we love around us, and the freedom we experience on a daily basis. Of course, also enjoy the fireworks if you’re able to (I know many people can’t for various reasons).
One action I’ve been taking on a daily basis is focusing on peace and love for all every morning during my meditation time. I also began to offer a daily evening meditation on Facebook, however, I wasn’t staying consistent. So, I’ve decided to dedicate every Monday evening, 10pm est in Our Wheels of Life Facebook group to a prayer circle of peace. This is a non-religious prayer circle.
The purpose of this prayer circle is to focus on peace, mindfulness, and relaxation.
I believe in the power of the people and groups. I believe together if we focus on peace and love, we, like John Lennon sang, can Imagine a peaceful world.
I believe the pursuit of happiness begins with us and so does peace.
Join me if you can online within Our Wheels of Life Facebook group every Monday night at 10pm est or you can join us offline by connecting energetically to us and saying your prayers for peace.
If you’d like to co-facilitate please respond to this email and we can talk about it.

Happy US Independence,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

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Grounding during chaos!

Have you been feeling out of sorts lately, sometimes without reason?

I have and it feels like the world around me is in continuous chaos. From various social media feeds to online news outlets to front page news and even loved ones sharing the latest updates, information comes charging into our lives which can sometimes knock us down emotionally.

Since we’re energetic beings, we’re connected to one another and so we do feel in various degrees the negative energies from the chaos around us.

Lately my heart has been crying for the people in Nicaragua (my second home) who are living in a constant state of fear due a civil uprising due to police brutality and a non-engaged government who prefers power over peace. Also, along our southern borders we’re seeing the tragedy of the families being torn apart because they seek a new way of life from the chaos and challenges they’re leaving behind. Immigration is a challenging issue, yet human rights should be upheld along with dignity.

Of course, some of us who are in social activism are aware of many other issues affecting our country, like missing children from the foster system, health care issues, high costs, etc.

We’re also seeing the chaos Mother Earth is causing due to the energetic shifts of being taken advantage rather than taken care of, leading to changing temperatures that’s causing irrefutable damage around the world.

Perhaps in your life you are currently feeling the weight of many changes on a personal basis such as relationship issues or chronic stress due to various reasons.

Chaos and trauma affects us all at one point or another in our lives in various degrees.

As one client mentioned earlier this week in a session, “when it rains, it pours,” referring to the onslaught of challenging issues that have shown up recently in her life.

Regardless of what’s going on around you, when you’re in control and able to be present, you then stand tall like a tree and rooted to the ground.

One way, my favorite way, of being grounded is walking barefoot. At home and at my office I always take off my shoes as soon as I enter the door. I just immediately feel better.

Did you know that walking around barefoot helps you to be more mindful?

Grounding, which means being connected to the earth is probably the oldest preventative medicine as the energy, electrons, found within the earth assist in balancing the entire body.

When chaos, a disturbance in energy, swirls around us we can feel out of control especially if we want to help but are unsure how. By grounding and being present (a daily practice) we can stay in control of our reactions so we can make better choices in our lives.

Don’t just take my word for it, try it yourself right now. If you have shoes on, place both feet flat on the floor (inside is fine) and feel the connection (if any) between your feet and the ground. Now, take your shoes off and do the same.

Do you feel a difference?

For more information about the science of grounding, check out this amazing video below.

I invite you to spend some time walking around barefoot outdoors and focus on gratitude, then send love through the ground to the people who need it.

Let me know your reaction to this activity and/or share a picture or thoughts about this video and grounding in general.

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Let’s talk more about grounding.

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Celebrating Fathers


Happy Father’s Day!

Let’s celebrate and honor the men who’ve taken on the role

as a biological father or a dad that raised us throughout our lives

on this special day There are a few men within my tribe who are fathers

or have a father-like role to loved ones and I bless you.

Even if our fathers have passed on, let’s give thanks for their teachings,

whatever they were for they helped shape us into who we are today.

Fathers have usually taken on the role as protector and provider, yet that role

has changed throughout the years as women have become providers while

fathers stay home with their children.

I was raised by a father who was more of a provider as he traveled for work

which caused him to be away 1-2 weeks a month. Growing up I yearned for him

and was constantly disappointed because he’d be traveling whenever I wanted

his company. Now as an adult I’m so grateful to have a father who loved his family

so much he believed at that time that it was his only option. My father has his faults

as every human being does and I’ve learned through observation so much about him,

plus just asking him questions that I couldn’t growing up. For many

years I struggled with my dad’s decisions which affected all of us at various times.

I also realized that I was very short fused and impatient just like him which annoyed

me even more. I recall a family member at a party pointing out the root reason

when I was in my teenage years about a wrongful decision he made that cost us dearly that crushed my soul.

Through years of awareness, making different choices, and releasing expectations

I’ve come to love and appreciate him for the man he is, thus releasing my

anger and disappointment. I focus now on appreciating him rather than judging him.

Thanks to his enjoyment of traveling around the world with his family, I’ve incorporated

traveling as a joyful experience in which I can also call work. My healing journey

has also been addressed through energy medicine and and other modalities so I could

release the energetic ties.

I’ve learned that transformation is an ongoing process that requires me to become

aware of my thoughts and emotions that lead to specific actions. One of the biggest

areas to focus on is releasing expectations. This is so hard yet necessary to

release stress within our bodies.

Father’s day is a time to celebrate the man who’s in your life spending time with you

in his way, not always how you expect him to be. One of the ways is through

forgiveness. If this is an area that you struggle with, then let’s talk for it doesn’t really

help you to hold onto anger and bitterness.

Let’s release your anger through conversation and energy medicine so you can

feel freer and happier.

Schedule a discovery call with me today.

One of the ways I celebrate father’s day is by writing a thoughtful and grateful card for

my brother and father as they are still with me.

How do you celebrate Father’s Day?

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Raising my happiness vibration

Last week I wrote about how I move through loneliness sometimes and was so blessed to receive emails of support and feeling the same. Being vulnerable has been a work in progress for me because when I was younger I didn’t feel listened to, a pattern I’m breaking through. By speaking my truth and receiving such support it empowers me to continue sharing which I hope encourages you to do as well. I so love and appreciate each of you.

I love my alone time because I’m an introvert. Whenever I’ve spend the day out of my home I’m excited to return and just be. I believe happiness is a state of mind that takes nurturing.

Happiness for me involves so many different aspects such as creating my life of adventure, meeting people, traveling, teaching, helping my family, taking care of myself, and sharing my gifts with others through Mariposas Holistic Healing. I know I shine when I’m doing what I love and being present with others.

How about you, what causes you to shine and feel as though you love what you’re doing?

The easiest way to vibrate at high levels is when we’re laughing, being in love, having fun, and being. Yet, as the saying goes what goes up will come down. Our energy can easily be deflated when we doubt or criticize ourselves, or spend time with people that bring us down.

It’s totally normal to feel both forms our vibrations and it takes work to stay up. This includes our mindset, how we feel, who we’re around, and what we’re doing. Intention is a huge part of that.

Where our focus goes, energy flows.

Once you have a thought about what you want, then it’s about taking action towards what you do want. For example, I love to travel and so I set an intention about how I want to travel, sometimes even mentioning specific places. I ask for help from spirit and take action towards what brings me joy. I’m happy to state that I’ve been able to combine travel for business and pleasure.

Recently, I took it another step forward by becoming a promoter through Liv, a lifestyle membership club. Since being a member I’ve been able to save time and money by booking directly through their travel app, working with a concierge to handle trip details I would normally spend hours on, and connecting with a new group of people dedicated to having more fun in their lives.

I believe that life can be created yet sometimes we also have to learn lessons along the way. Life is made up of experiences that either encourage us to be better people as we take responsibility for what we can control or victims, blaming others for why our life isn’t how we wanted it to go.

What do you believe about life and our purpose here?

Every year I’m able to create a lifestyle that expands beyond my dreams and I’m really grateful for the experiences, both positive and challenging.

If you’re ready to try something new and have the time of your life then check out my newest endeavor Liv. I’m super excited to share this with you because I’d love for us to travel together and create many happy moments.

If you’re interested in seeing what I’m talking about it then check out my Liv site by clicking here.

For those in Miami, come listen to how traveling is an amazing stress releaser as I’ll be sharing Liv on June 24 at 2:30pm in the workshop room at Stress Less Sunday, a Liv Local event.

PS Keep an eye out for my #livmoments on my instagram posts. Those posts will be my happiest moments which will be captured after 60 posts by  Liv and they’ll send me my own hard copy photo book with all the pictures I tagged.
Yep, I don’t have to worry about saving them or putting them in a special folder, OR wasting the time to create the photo book myself. Very soon they’ll be in my hands, thanks to LIV.  (One of the many perks of this awesome membership that you can check out HERE)

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

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