Hot yoga heats me up

I have been hearing about hot yoga for numerous years from various sources. While living in Las Cruces, New Mexico I attended a few sessions of hot yoga which I liked because it was during the cold months and it was a break from the cold. However, hot yoga in Miami was not appealing to me.

Today, I decided to face the fear or discomfort as I attended a 7am class. There were 2 other female students and we did the best we could. When doubts or concerns began to creep into my mind I gently pushed them away with my breath and focused on the current position.

Throughout the class I felt my muscles relax so I could push further into the stretch. When the teacher ended the class, the only male in the room, I was surprised that 1.5 hours had passed. It felt really good to sweat and my back felt much better. The teacher praised all of us and even added that for my first time I did very well. It was nice to hear as I thought I looked like a stork on a pillow as much as I moved around.

After the class I spoke with another student who said she has attended 3 times and has already reaped the benefits as a pain in her shoulder has decreased without drugs or shots, which she was given by her doctor in the past, and she was able to sleep more peacefully.

Is hot yoga for me? I do not know. However, I did push myself and signed up for an unlimited month of classes as I know making a decision after only one session is wrong. For change to really happen it takes a few more times. So, I plan to go at least once a week, wearing as little as possible, and sweating profusely as I attempt new postures. My purpose is to try a new healing technique so I have more information as to what works and share the ideas with my clients.