Dreams and Inspirations Continue

August 13 is a date that will be forever etched in my mind and heart. It’s the day my former partner Joel took his life due to reasons he took with him. Joel suffered for many years due to a traumatic experience he had while serving in the military. We met while in a support group for veterans and dated until I chose to stay in Miami and he returned to his family in Colorado.

My heart weighs heavy with his loss and all those who loved him. His passing has empowered me to continue my healing work as he was very proud. Now he is another person who supports me on the spiritual side which is uplifting.

August also holds another important date for me August 27, the day I leave for a life changing experience to Nicaragua. For 3 months I will be an intern with Natural Doctor’s International and the final month I will be traveling around Nicaragua speaking with other healers. For the past year I have felt guided to take this trip and like many other things I do, I jumped feet first without too much thought because I know there’s a reason.

My goals while in Nicaragua are to improve my skills as a holistic practitioner and counselor through natural healing techniques to reduce stress. During this time I will also be maintaining my business as I continue to work with clients remotely and offering for the first time, Wheels of Life Chakra online course.

What I have learned throughout the losses I have experienced, beginning with my sister passing away 6 years ago, is that I have received so much support and opportunities because I have been more open to them.

All that I do in my professional life, I do with the emphasis that I would be offering these same tools and support to my loved ones who have passed along. I know they would have enjoyed many of the techniques I now practice which have expanded.

I’m excited yet nervous about what my upcoming trip to Nicaragua will bring. I’m thankful to all of you who have supported me in various ways. I look forward to sharing what I learn with you throughout my travels. I will continue to send out weekly newsletters about my work in Nicaragua and inspiration insights for you to also expand on.

Peace and love,
Paty, La Mariposa

My purpose is to empower you on your healing journey and my mission is to offer you health-related insights, practical tips, inspiration, and stories that will support you in living balanced towards a happy and healthy life as you embrace your joy and purpose.

Feel free to reply as I’d love to hear from you. Pass this blog along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need love everyday!

It’s here! It’s here! Finally, my idea has burst out of its cocoon and extended its wings as the Wheels of Life 8 week chakra course.

For 8 weeks, beginning October 2 you will receive detoxes, recipes, information, affirmations, and guided meditations for each chakra so you can balance yourself towards health and happiness. There will be a private Facebook page for those who register and lots of free goodies throughout the course.

Register here and receive a free guided meditationDSC04745.

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Are you worthy? Of course you are!!

Doubts of feeling worthy comes from fear which may have begun during childhood experiences. Fear is a word we all dread yet is a necessary part of our primal blueprint. It alerts us to danger which then activates our flight or fight response so we can act as we protect ourselves. However, fear can also be a deterrent as we begin to face new opportunities in life and push ourselves to be better.

Psychologically speaking, fear can cause us to hold back from achieving our dreams and being creative as doubts consume our thoughts. On a daily basis we may identify with more negative thoughts, such as “I am unworthy, I am not enough, I don’t have what it takes, I am not unique.” These are very strong statements and said often enough it will appear as though it’s true.

For the past 3 years I have felt fear and feelings of unworthiness stronger than before as I set on my path as an entrepreneur. Family wise, support is limited because they doubt I can be successful without a steady paycheck. However, I’m building a community of entrepreneurs, especially with women, who are showing me otherwise.


Yet, fear continues to rear its ugly head and I procrastinate or stall or not accomplish what I say I will do which eats me up inside. Fortunately, I have asked my guardians/angels for support and they have willingly sent me people, books, resources, etc to assist me in challenging fear. I have now learned to embrace fear and identify when it’s present so I can decide to move forward.

Since then, I have taken a more proactive approach in my business as I step into the light. I am dedicated to writing you newsletters that are teachable moments, show my vulnerability and truth, while sharing tips and resources that have helped me along the way.

I recently recorded this video for myself and you as a reminder that We are Worthy and We are Enough. In this world of chaos and anger, we must be the light and peace we want to see more of in this world. Therefore, by stating“I am worthy and I am Enough” we can show up with confidence, peace, and being present.

Join me today in repeating these mantras on a daily basis. “I am Worthy and I am Enough.”

My purpose is to empower you on your healing journey and my mission is to offer you health-related insights, practical tips, inspiration and stories that will support you in living balanced towards a happy and healthy life as you embrace your joy and purpose.

Feel free to reply to this blog as I’d love to hear from you and pass this along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need love everyday!

Peace and love,  

Paty, La Mariposa


Are you an energy mirror?

Have you been feeling physical or emotional pain that is similar to others who are close to you or that you’re working with?

Are you a heart centered individual who gives more than receives?

As energy beings we are constantly absorbing and releasing energy around us. Our field filters in what’s helpful and not, yet with so much stimulation occurring within and around us, sometimes we lose our balance. Losing our balance can occur on various levels in our lives yet show up through physical or emotional pain as that is how our body communicates with us. Also, the universe throws mirrors in our lives as we are confronted with situations, experiences or people that mirror our challenges or issues we need to improve so we can continue on our path towards self-actualization or connecting to spirit.

Recently a Reiki student told me how she was struggling with low back pain which has been affecting her daily life. We discussed how the pain was related to the sacral chakra, relationships, flow, sexual energy. She then mentioned doing energy work with the client, not Reiki, which dealt with releasing energetic attachments from a traumatic loss. She added that her client had been struggling with low back pain and her own pain started after the energetic session.

Have you been protecting yourself with Reiki?, I asked her.

No, she replied, how do I do that?

As she discussed when the pain arose, work with her client, and other issues coming up in her life, she began to connect the dots.

So, now that the awareness is there, next step is the protection and taking care of self.

As a Reiki practitioner or energy healer, it’s important to protect yourself before and after sessions. Also, taking care of yourself is important. As heart centered individuals taking care of yourself with even 5 minutes of time for you allows you to balance yourself again.

Below I have identified 5 ways you can energetically protect and take care of yourself, regardless if you’re an energy practitioner or not.

5 steps to protect yourself energetically

  1. Intention: Before a troubling situation or working with clients/customers, set an intention that you will be protected and ask for support from God/spirit/angels. I usually imagine myself surrounded by white light, like a bubble. Reiki 2 and up practitioners, use the power and distant symbol before each session.
  2. Dust the energy off: Imagine the energy you have absorbed after a session or challenging situation as dust. Using intention and action, state that you will release the energy while also brushing the energy off with your hands. Begin with left hand over right arm and switch, same with left hand over right leg and switch, then both hands dusting off front and back. Clap your hands to end it.
  3. Cutting ties: Similar to dusting the energy, this concept is more about cutting ties. After working with traumatic situations with clients, state your intention (out loud or in your head) to cut energetic ties and release any attachments. With your hands acting like a knife, imagine slicing down your front and back stating the intention.
  4. 5 minute self-care: We’re all busy rushing from one place to another, yet giving yourself 5 minutes will help your energy remain balanced throughout the day. After each session or client leaves (if able), set an alarm for 5 minutes and sit quietly without interruptions. Focus on your breath, breathing in and out of your mouth. Allow the thoughts to float away without focusing on them.
  5. Gratitude: Always take a few moments after each session to identify 3 ways you are grateful (action you did, thanking God/spirit/angels for assistance, being present, etc).

Implementing one or all of these tips into your daily self-care practice will liberate you from energetic attachments which has been brought on by stressful situations or people you are working with. By engaging in these practices you will remain balanced and protected from absorbing issues other people are struggling with.

Please share with me your experience with energetic attachments and if any of these tips were helpful to you. Connect with me via email at patricia@mariposasholistic.com or visit my website, http://www.mariposasholistic.com to learn more about me and my work.

Blessings and health,
Paty Hernandez, MSW, MPH, CHC

Playing small

Playing small to me implies not pushing through my fears in order to be successful in my life. Recently, I was reminded how I am continuing to play small by not having the confidence in what I do. This has been a constant debate within myself and I have moments of clarity with progress and other times moments of doubt. My intellectual mind understands this, yet my emotional mind is what keeps me in my comfort zone.

Throughout this year I have placed myself in numerous opportunities to push past my fears of sharing my work with others. Every time has been successful yet limiting because I would shrug back from the light when feelings of fear started showing up.

This week I am choosing to change that. I have found in the past I work best within a structured environment, which I have been lacking. As an entrepreneur I have appreciated not having a 9-5pm structure yet I’m becoming aware that this lack of structure is causing me to work long hours scattered throughout the week. By my calculations, I’m working 60 hours a week without much direction.

I have decided to change it by taking my business more seriously, which means creating a structure and specific goals. I have been following various successful entrepreneurs and even downloaded their helpful resources, yet without action it means nothing. Now, I have a plan to share my knowledge and promote my healing work to those who vibe with what I have to say.


However, the first step towards structure begins with my self-care. Therefore, I am establishing a positive ritual every morning that consists of meditation, positive affirmations, exercise, gratitude, and a healthy breakfast. By taking care of me first I feel more energized and motivated to move forward in my life. I am playing big because I’m taking care of myself so I can show up in an authentic and loving way.

By raising my vibration through structure and creating my reality, I can then share more positively my message and assist in creating a happy and healthy world. Owning my worth and believing I have value to share is what drives me forward, even past my fears.

How do you feel you’re playing small in your life?

Book a Healthy Check-In Session with me and let’s discuss any blocks you may have in your life or struggles with playing small.  I’m here to support you with a step-by-step plan to balance your life, embrace your power, and focus on health.

Spring Cleaning for the Mind and Body

Cleanse your mind and body with daily practice

As we continue to flow through spring and the transformation that continues to take place as the world reawakens from its winter sleep, the time is now to clean out what no longer serves us, which could be over accumulation of stuff, toxins in our bodies or our negative thoughts.

Each of us has our own process of cleansing. When we clear out our homes it can be done through yard sales and donations. Our “junk” can be someone else’s treasure and we receive compensation in some form plus a cleaner home and happier state of mind. Hopefully, though the idea is that we release what we no longer need or want so that we may simplify our lives and clear out the clutter. Others clear out negative thoughts or emotions that are blocking us from moving forward in life by seeking help through a coach, counselor, workshop, class, book, etc. Some also do short-term detoxes to clear our bodies from toxins. Whatever process we choose, our intuition guides us and the opportunities or support appear to help us.

You may recall the saying, “out with the old, in with the new” which could apply to all ways of cleansing.  Transformation begins, when we take responsibility for our lives by recognizing we are not feeling fulfilled or happy in this present moment, we then take action. Recently my process of cleansing has been through various ways, from clearing out physical items from my living space and computer, meditating, and also recognizing my challenges. Two of my ongoing challenges as a creative person with numerous ideas and goals are staying focused and completing projects.

Each year (and week to be honest) I state I’m going to be more focused and just like many I set intentions and goals about how I will do that. Yet, four months into the year I do not see that I have progressed well in that area. Although I have purchased and watched numerous programs which advertised I would be more focused I have not taken the necessary action by focusing on one or two projects.  Granted I have been accomplishing many tasks as my business continues to grow yet I have also been procrastinating with many other tasks and activities. I feel sometimes like I have 8 arms and all are busy doing something different.

Have you felt this way too?

As a health coach and counselor, I work with people who are struggling with the same issues of too many ideas and little focus. Last year I took action by investing in a business coach to assist me in building my business and understanding what it takes to be successful. While she helped me in some areas to become more clear, being focused was not one of them, which I take full responsibility. I have tried various ways to be more organized but in all honestly have not been 100% committed.

Lately I have been listening more to what I say to others and have recognized that I am constantly complaining to people, “I’m not focused” I’m such a procrastinator, I’m so frustrated and annoyed with myself.”

Does this sound like you?

Obviously criticizing and complaining are not the solution and are really bringing my energy down. I asked my spiritual self for help and recalled what has helped me in the past was having a planner to write in and not just relying on my online calendar. I turned to Amazon Prime, my favorite shopping place, to search for a planner that could help me become more focused and I came upon one that really met my needs. It’s called The Life Coach* in a Book for 90 days and it addresses achieving balance in life by addressing goals, visions, and chunking it down by month, week, and day. I have committed to writing in it each morning and night. This commitment of taking action is about taking responsibility for my challenges and transforming them into strengths. I am enjoying this guide so much I am now using it in my Ultimate Stress Release Program and provide it as a gift to my clients which we use during our program.


Check out this planner* and see if it will help you in clearing out your limiting beliefs and filling them with limitless ones.

Please share your thoughts about what you use to stay focused or your thoughts about this planner @patymariposas 


Book a Healthy Check-In Session with me and let’s discuss any blocks you may have in your life or struggles with procrastination.  I’m here to support you with a step-by-step plan to balance your life, embrace your power, and focus on health.

*Disclaimer, I am an affiliate through this link and will receive financial compensation.


Reiki, my life’s work

I discovered Reiki, a Japanese stress reduction technique which promotes relaxation within the body-mind-soul for holistic healing, in 2009, the year my sister was diagnosed with cancer. I took Reiki level 1 in the home of my first Reiki teacher/master, Sarah. I was amazed by the energy that began to flow through my hands as I practiced the hand motions. Excitedly, I knew I had a new skill I could use to share with my sister and help her on her healing journey. After all, it was my sister who first introduced me to energy healing such as sound healing, affirmations, meditation, and eating cleaner foods.

Unfortunately, my sister passed away in 2010 and honestly my heart for Reiki died with her. I felt as though I failed her. I continued my familiar path of social work and being of service to others by being present and supportive. Two years later my heart beat again for Reiki as embraced the idea of using Reiki as a way to release stress. Within a year I became a Reiki Master/Teacher with the focus of sharing it with others, especially in Latin America. I could combine my love of community work with establishing a natural healing center in Nicaragua.

In 2013 I taught my first Reiki 1 and 2 class in Costa Rica as my friend Libby taught yoga. Together we focused on healing the chakras through yoga and Reiki. We had 10 participants, including my mom. It was truly a blessing and a sign I was on the right path. I have continued to practice and teach Reiki in Nicaragua and various states within the United States. My path of having a healing center is temporarily on hold as I feel guided towards another one which is still unclear.


All I know is that my mission to assist people in release stress naturally as an energy healer and health coach is constantly affirmed by the universe. Since 2013 I have been teaching Reiki Level 1 and 2 in both English and Spanish with the sole purpose of providing people a natural tool to heal mind-body-soul. I am grateful to state that I will be teaching my first Reiki 3 class in Palmetto Bay this year, bringing forth another generation of energy healers who will continue to share love and light to this world.


As I teach others about ways to heal themselves I believe I am supported by my sister and mother who are watching from heaven. They have inspired and taught me about healing oneself emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally which is a life long journey. My grief for them has now turned into my greatest service to others. I’m blessed to have assisted others with cancer find more meaning about their illness.

yoli 010

Please share if you have experienced grief and how you have been able to transform it into your greatest passion @patymariposas or leaving a comment below. If you’re interested in a complementary telephone healthy check-in and discover how to find your life’s passion or ways to embrace your grief, email me at patricia@mariposasholistic.com



Understanding Grief

Grief first took hold of my heart when my sister was first diagnosed with cancer in 2009, which changed our family forever. However, nothing compared to the loss I felt when she passed away in 2010 followed by my mother 4 years later, both due to cancer. Then when I thought I was doing well another shock occurred in August 2015 when my ex-boyfriend committed suicide, which has caused an intense pain that differed from the loss of my sister and mother.
Grief, I have learned can be experienced at anytime to help us cope with the sadness we feel inside. Contrary to what many people expect or hope for, there is not a time limit or sequence of events that have to happen. Grief is how we process our feelings internally and each person handles it differently. Even after 6 years since my sister, and best friend, passed away I still feel the dull ache which can cause me at times to crawl into a fetal position and sob intensely.  However, I have realized that the depth of that sadness has diminished with time. I have not forgotten, I have simply continued to live and embrace life as I know she would have. She is the reason I am on this path of natural healing.
Our emotions are energy, for how much impact they have on us depends on how much we give it. For example, when I first learned that Joel, my ex-boyfriend, had committed suicide I felt as though all the air had been sucked out of me. For the first two weeks I played conversations in my head and belittled myself of what I didn’t do or what I could have done better. Eventually, I realized how much I was hurting myself in this way and so I focused on staying busy and talking to others. I also brought out the tools I have learned throughout the years that have helped me move forward.

Moving forward through grief is a process and everyone has their own way. Growing through grief happens on a personal level yet the resources can be similar. According to Michael Caserta et al (2009), personal growth is strengthened through religion/spiritual(having faith in something higher than us), social support (friends, family, support groups, etc), healing therapies (Reiki, counseling, energy work, aromatherapy, etc), self-esteem(what you say to yourself), motivation (how you take one step at a time), and confidence(how you hold yourself up).

The resources I have found helpful within my grief work have been numerous. I also believe they are still present as they offer me signs they are near. I have also shared my feelings with friends and family while also taking time alone and crying wherever the mood hits if I feel I am in a safe place. Self-healing techniques, such as Reiki and meditation,  provide me with the comfort and peace as energy moves throughout my body.
Moving forward through grief is a part of the healing journey and I want to support you in a safe space and share with you the tools that have helped me.
Embrace your grief as you move forward with a compassionate guide while you release your frustrations and fears is comforting.
I’ll listen as you talk about your grief and stressors then together we will identify the resources and techniques that work best for you while moving forward along your healing journey yet still embracing the memory of your loved ones or situations.
Begin by completing this form and I will be in touch with you so we can talk about how I can support you on your healing journey.
Blessings and love,
PS. What have you found helpful to manage your grief? Please respond to this blog and share your techniques.
Blessings in love and health,
Paty Hernandez
Mariposas Holistic Healing

My birthday celebration

bday collage

Today, October 12 I celebrate 37 years on this beautiful and inspiring place called Earth. Also, I am celebrating in my hometown of Miami with my family. It has been a life full of ups and downs. I have loved, lost, and lived numerous adventures. I am now living my dream of building my own practice at Mariposas Holistic Healing and traveling around the United States and Central America. Thankfully I have two paying positions as a as a property manager for my father and for a holistic gym, I Am Equilibrium in Miami in administration and as an energy facilitator and stress reduction specialist.

Living here was not part of my original plan as I had hoped last year to be living in Nicaragua. My life transformed completely last September with my mother’s death. That same month I broke up with my partner of two years because he was not offering what I needed in a partner and he chose to live in Colorado. Now I’m grieving for him as well because he passed away last month.

Honestly, a couple of weeks ago I was grieving for my loved ones and how confused I felt about my life and what I wanted to do, I did not want to celebrate my birthday. Yet, I shook it off because I am always telling people how important it is to celebrate one’s life. Since October began I have been celebrating every day by giving thanks for my life, career, family, friends, health, living on the beach, passport for traveling, and so much more.

Today I am celebrating with a friend and taking professional photos in the gardens of Miami. Tonight I will be eating dinner with my father, uncle, brother, and sister-in-law at a Castellano (Spanish) restaurant as they celebrate their tradition of Columbus on his voyage to the New World.

As I celebrate 37 years on this planet I am so grateful for the healing gifts I have been given, my family both blood and soul, opportunities to travel the world, my holistic health, friends that live around the world, and my numerous skills and abilities.

My wish is to continue to live a healthy and balanced life while sharing my gifts with those who cross my path, live in abundance and happiness, continue to give and receive love and peace, live and to always push past fear and push forth to my fullest potential. May I continue to live many more years.


(yes that’s an arrow in my neck. I broke it while pushing past my fear of the unknown)

How do you celebrate your birthday?

Just Breathe

abundance image

When the day becomes stifling and full of frustrations, I look for inspiration from quotes and affirmations to remind me that everything is going to work out okay. Abundance in every situation is what I try to remember when I feel despair and doubt creeping in. Whenever I see the quote above or another one “At the end of each day, I am aware that I will never live this particular day again. I am grateful to be alive.

Today is also a special day of remembrance as it is 9/11, 14 years after the devastating crisis that occurred in New York and Pennsylvania which changed thousands of lives forever. When I think I’m having a rough day I recall that someone is having a more challenging day and so I remember to take a deep breath, or many so I can bring myself to center.

Whenever there is chaos there is always comes calm in some form. It’s so easy to be caught up in our current crisis and woe is me, which is okay for a moment, yet to stay within the pity me syndrome only pushes us from others causing isolation.

So, the next time you have a trying day or moment, remember to breathe and focus on the present. You can only control yourself and how you react to situations not others and their reactions.

Please share your favorite mantra or quote that helps you get through tough days or moments.

Suicide, a traumatic loss for all

This time last week I received the most horrific news, my ex-boyfriend committed suicide at his parents’ home. It honestly came as a surprise to all because he had been doing so well on his healing journey. He had served 15 years in the military and a few years ago left the Army due to Post Traumatic Stress. He was in recovery using natural methods such as massage, meditation, essential oils, and was also taking a reasonable amount of prescribed medication. He starred in the documentary, Hidden Enemy about the overuse of prescription medicine in the military.  In October he would have completed a year long massage training program and would have started a massage program for veterans at the school. For reasons unknown to all those who loved him he took his own life.


For those left behind the trauma of a losing a loved one suddenly is quite shocking. Although I have experienced the loss of numerous family members recently, I was able to prepare for their passing as they passed on due to illnesses and I was by their side as they passed over.

I have worked as a grief counselor and yet nothing could have prepared me for the gut wrenching loss of losing a person I really cared about. Although our romantic relationship ended, our friendship was always consistent and full of love. Following the news I was unable to eat or work for a few days. I felt numb and full of grief.The pain is like a punch in the stomach and just feels dull after a bit. The tears that have flowed and continue to flow have been unlike any I have felt before. I have only just recently began to move forward and return to work as a health coach and energy healer. It is comforting to continue to serve others yet also taking time for myself.

I have been taking care of myself by acknowledging my grief and allowing the tears to fall as needed. I also have spoken to numerous friends and family who have supported me throughout this time. Many have noted my strength which comes from knowing how to ask for help and being present. I also have taken numerous walks along the beach and dips in the ocean to release the sadness. Being in nature is so important to being grounded and present. I am aware of the stages of grief and know I have gone through them numerous times, which is a normal process.

I will continue to reach out to others, receive emotional support and healing, and be grateful for knowing and loving a man who was generous with so many people. I will take this loss as a reason to continue doing the work of supporting others and being present, especially for those who have suffered trauma.

If you have suffered from loss or know of someone who committed suicide please share your story and how you prevailed. Thank you!