Law of Attraction signs

The Law of Attraction is a term many people have heard about or even the phrase, “be careful what you ask for, for you will receive it.” The concept of the Law of Attraction is that you ask, believe, and receive. The easiest parts are asking and receiving, the most challenging is believing. However, there is also another part of the Law of Attraction which is taking action and one most forget.

I will be vulnerable here and state that my ask is that of a life partner, a person who respects me and my work and qualifies within my list of expectations, which is rather lengthy yet practical. After all, if I’m going to spend my life with a person, I want it to be for the right reasons and not just to fulfill my family’s perception that I will be taken care of. Obviously, being independent for 37 years now proves I can take care of myself, yet having a loving and encouraging partner is very important to me.

I have asked the universe for a life partner and been very specific. I have released my expectations and outcomes to believe it will happen. I have to admit it does get frustrating at times because I constantly wonder when. I have been taking action such as dating and going out more, especially to places that I really enjoy such as music festivals and excursions. I am also focusing on positive affirmations, “I am worthy of love,” “Love comes easily and effortlessly to me” because being in a loving relationship moves many emotions.

The universe in return has been letting me know through small signs that my request has been heard and that my true love is on his way. For example, I use Angel Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue for inspiration. I simply ask while holding the cards, “what is it that I need to know now?” and then take out a certain number of cards. For the past two months I have been continuously receiving the soulmate card.

My point to this is that even though I have not manifested yet in physical form my soulmate, I am constantly comforted by the universe through signs that my request has been heard and in the perfect time I will receive. Therefore, if you are feeling frustrated after asking the universe (God) for a specific request, keep in mind the response can be right in front of you. Simply open your eyes and ears.

The Universe lets us know through signs such as a hearing a song that sings exactly to your emotions and thoughts, meeting someone that resonates with your request, receiving assistance and support, seeing a rainbow, etc. Our requests come into our lives as we are ready to receive it.

So, if you have asked for a request, such as more money, a better relationship, another job, etc, what are you doing to make it happen? Simply waiting for the coveted item to appear in your life does not push the energy to show you really want it. Action is also part of believing. Then once you receive what you have asked, be grateful and appreciative.

In closing, the law of attraction is a give and receive force of energy. We give to the universe our request and dedication then will receive our request as it best aligns with our current path and then are grateful for whatever we receive. The universe provides us with casual signs which reminds us to maintain hope and faith.

Please share your experience with the law of attraction, especially a recent request that has been fulfilled.

PS. If you’re feeling blocked or unsure how to use the law of attraction, schedule a complementary phone discovery session with me.abundance image