Mariposas is open for business


Mariposas Holistic Healing began in Esteli, Nicaragua in 2013 a few months after I graduated from New Mexico State University. I knew half way through the my dual master’s program in social work and public health that I wanted to seek out my own path. I just had no idea how. The universe provided me my first client who sought me for a physical health issue she’s had since she was very young. We began with reiki and added counseling, but in actuality was coaching. While working with her, others came and soon I was learning how to take on clients and run a business.

November 2013 I returned to the US to reunite with my then boyfriend and work on our relationship. I also wanted to learn about how to truly run a business and so I jumped into business classes, workshops, and working with business coaches absorbing all I could. Since I decided I wanted to travel and live abroad, I sought opportunities that could offer financial freedom. In March 2014 I began the Certified Health Coach online program through Institute of Integrative Nutrition which is a comprehensive one year self-paced health program.

Within weekly modules I have learned over 100 dietary theories, holistic health, coaching skills, and how to build a part-time or full-time business. By following their suggestions, my own experience, and talking with other health practitioners and coaches I have successfully launched Mariposas Holistic Healing as a LLC. I now have a website, which will be enhanced by my creative and talented dear friend, Carlos Z. Within the website I have connected my blog, online client management program, and contact information to make it easy for people attracted to working with me can communicate and register for my services. Today, I opened my a business account which is another important resource to legitimize my business and embrace my professionalism.

I know I will be successful because I believe in what I do and know I can share my positive energy and love with so many people. Mariposas Holistic Healing is about transformation. As I have transformed throughout the years from a scared and shy child who sought love in all the wrong places to a middle aged woman who confidently and daringly travels alone throughout the world in order to learn from others.

Thank you for joining me on this journey for as you read this blog you are a part of the transformation.

How is your transformation?

Ask and you shall receive

As I prepare my amazing journey back to Nicaragua for two months I began to ask the universe for my wants. First on my list was secure housing with access to a kitchen and close to the city. Today I heard from a friend who lives in Nicaragua as she has an extra room in her house that she is willing to rent for $100 a month, all utilities included. She sent me pictures and described the house. I fell in love with the idea that it’s on a large piece of land and just outside the city. She explained the only downside was limited access to internet.

That is a small downside as I do have health coaching clients and having access to the internet is how I connect with them. However, I do have a week once I am in Esteli before I speak to my clients to develop a system or even find a place with good internet to use so I can speak with my clients. Overall, I believe this is a great place and with good company.

My second request is for the universe to put in my path the people who will assist me in manifesting my dreams of establishing a wellness center in the city of Esteli if that is my purpose.

My third request is that my Reiki 1 and 2 workshop in Leon have at least 6 people who are willing to learn and practice Reiki upon themselves and others. I have been translating the manuals I co-wrote with another Reiki Master into Spanish and I just received a message from a friend that she is willing to edit my work.

I am thankful for these opportunities, for the gifts the universe has bestowed upon me, and the people in my life who have been supportive and helpful along my journey.

2015 Vision Board

MHH vision     

I created this vision board recently as the foundation for Mariposas Holistic and what I want to embrace in my life. I want to share with others my journey towards health and wellness while empowering them to begin or continue their paths.

So I share my vision with the world so I can be held accountable. My website, will continue to grow and expand this vision for the right people to find me. The right people are those who see this vision board and are called to learn more. Together we will make our visions reality.

This journey was not one I expected to travel on yet it feels as though it were meant for me. Therefore, I trust the energy’s source to light my way and accompany safely on the road. I want to share this message of love and faith with others to embrace in their lives.

The year of manifestation, 2015

I feel it in my bones, this year is my year. I am also hearing it from others in various circles. More and more people are feeling positive about this year and how they are manifesting their true desires and dreams.

I am 100% certain that my business, Mariposas Holistic Healing, is on its path to greatness as I empower myself and others towards health and healing. As much as I am learning and reading about healing, energy work, and the power of intentions, I can share this information with people who are being brought to me by the universe. I know my calling is beyond me and that it is God’s will that I pursue this healing path. I want to and am supporting people in realizing their dreams and creating the life they deserve and desire.

Manifestation begins with an idea. The idea then grows into a specific dream and then it becomes an intention. Once it is released into the universe it will become reality at the perfect time. Many of us are impatient with when that time would be, yet we can not control when situations manifest, we must simply believe they will happen. As we release and allow the universe/God/whatever your spiritual source’s name is, then we can continue pursuing that is what has us feels wonderful and all will occur in due time.

In my case, I continue to receive signs that having my own business (although I know nothing of starting a business) and that it will encompass all I care to do such as teaching, coaching, and energy work is happening. For example, two of my very first clients came to me for assistance and I felt I was not ready as I was still in the health coaching program, yet I plunged forward. We are all growing together and they appreciate my support each session. I realize it was my fear of failure which kept me from moving forward.

Yet I have released that fear and am embracing opportunities. I am offering free health consultations to anyone who desires to speak about their lives for a full hour with me. I am going to Nicaragua next month to scout a possible location for a wellness center where people can receive healing treatments, coaching, and learn healing techniques.

I am grateful for the people entering my life at this moment to support my new life and those who have been present and urging me forward.