Going Vegan.

I’ve decided that for the month of February, the month of love, I’m going to jump in the deep end and go vegan. I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time as a way to totally detox my body from the toxins and inflammation I’ve been experiencing lately. So, beginning February 1 I’ll cut out all animal products, including honey from my lifestyle, as I return to the basics. Then in March after I return from Nicaragua (March 7) I’ll slowly begin to reintroduce animal products into my life. Truth be told I’ve always been curious of what it’s like to be vegan but didn’t have the guts to do it because I thought it would be too hard.

Have you ever experienced being vegan? If so, please respond and share your story.

Honestly, it’s not so much about being vegan but about truly being aware of what I put into my mouth and on my body, much more than I am now. I’ve allowed myself to get out of health balance as I’ve skipped meals, low water intake, mindless eating, junk food, and just not planning my meals ahead of time. Sometimes I have to go to extremes in order to really pay attention, like waiting until the last minute to complete a deadline or adding too many tasks onto my agenda until I crawl into bed from exhaustion or leaving the country to appreciate what I have back home.

Can you relate?

I’m telling you this because this will ensure that I’m holding myself accountable. Also, if anyone is interested in joining me (please, please, please), we can support each other through video check ins and posting favorite recipes on Our Wheels of Life.  I love accountability partners.

I recently received a vegan starter kit from PETA and will be talking with vegan friends and working with a nutritional consultant to ensure my body remains in balance.

By going vegan I’ll be treating my body and mind with love as I’m more conscious of what I’m doing. After all if I don’t take care of myself, who will?

How will you celebrate yourself in the month of love??

Take Action With Clarity!

Earlier this week I attended a fun and motivating masterclass with Tiffany Nicole, Certified Transformational coach with Creative Insight Journey. There were at least 15 people in the free class engaged as they shared their intentions, goals, and named someone from their “itty bitty shitty committee.” Thanks Ana for coming out and playing.

Tiffany taught us a few tricks and tips that we could apply immediately in our lives for success. I’ve already applied 2 and have seen positive responses.

I’d like to share my biggest takeaway and one that’s already working. Earlier this year I shared with you my 3 words for 2018: momentum, freedom, and accountability. I have these words written throughout my apartment. Well, I’ve now added something else that makes it even more clear. Tiffany discussed the power of intention and as this month my theme is mindset, I figured this would be the best to share.

What makes an intention powerful is the belief. Resolutions often are hopes that people expect to come true yet an intention is faith that it’ll happen. Yet what’s also important is what you want to happen, which is where visualization comes into play.

Think of one thing you really want; a new car, career, more money, a better house, a relationship, etc. Now, visualize it or even better yet be a part of it. For example, if you want a new car go test drive the ones you want. If you want a new house go visit the areas you want to live in and perhaps houses that interest you. If you want a partner begin to look around your house and life to see if you’re ready for a relationship, then imagine yourself being in one. Feel the sensations, the emotions, etc.

Then state one intention, be clear and direct with an action step. Example, I want to live with financial abundance. My action step is to actively seek financial opportunities and have a monthly goal. Then, write this one intention and action step 5 times and place it around your living space so you can see it and repeat it everyday.

True story, on Wednesday I had just read the intention as I was preparing to leave to my office when my office assistant called me to tell me a client had just left me a cash balance. Although, I knew the balance was going to be paid at some point, it was still a surprise to receive that call (which doesn’t happen as I take care of my own payments) just after I read that intention.

So, take a moment after reading this, don’t put it off, and write an intention and an action step. Feel free to email me or share it on our Facebook group, Our Wheels of Life.

Pass this email along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need time to focus on ourselves everyday!

Thank you for taking a moment for yourself as you practice self-care and stress release.

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Happiness begins with your thoughts.

I’ll be honest, my first few days in the new year were amazing. I felt on top of the world and then it shifted and I fell down again. I’ve returned to my pattern of putting things off until tomorrow. Yet, I’ve caught myself. Instead of beating myself up over the fall, I calmly point out that this is a pattern and I have a choice. Stay like this and keep getting the same roller coaster effect or do something about it.
I’ve decided to act and move toward momentum. As I’ve mentioned in my previous newsletters, we must begin with our thoughts so we can take action. In order to be free of the negative thoughts, I take stock of what I need to do to change. One, is definitely surround myself with people who are supportive, focused, and insightful.
One of my big whys of doing what I do is to have the freedom to spend time with my loved ones. Last week my niece and nephew had off as winter break was not over so I volunteered to have them stay with me for a couple of days. When I’m with them, it’s all about them. We went to a park, Santa’s Enchanted Forest (biggest Christmas theme park in US), played games in my house, etc. It was fun for all of us.
However, once they left I was left with my thoughts and lots of things to do. So, I sat down and figured out what’s next, then made a to do list with the tasks I needed to take care of. Now, that I’m back up to speed the universe is sending amazing opportunities my way.
I’m super excited to host at my office in Coral Gables, Transformational Coach, Tiffany Nicole who’ll be offering a masterclass on Shaking Sh*t up in 2018. Best of all she’s offering classes in person and online. I have to admit that I offered to host the class because I wanted to attend and the options that she offered didn’t work for me. So, I found a way and we’re all winners. Now, I get to also share her schedule with you so that you can find a time and day that works for you.

In the FREE Masterclass, you will receive proven techniques and practical tools from the 8-week FAMED Stanford University Master’s Degree Course, The Creative Insight Journey.

You’ll learn how to:

●  Get clear about where you are and what you want so you can live a life filled with purpose.

●  Intention setting through a guided visualization and step by step process that gets you immediately into action.

●  Silence your inner Sh*t talker so you can pursue your goals & dreams.

●  Get clear on the daily habits that no longer serve you or grow you.

●  Learn a new daily mindfulness practice that creates peace & productivity in your everyday life.

●  Discover what is blocking you in reaching your highest potential in both your personal and professional life.

●  Learn tools to live in the present and STOP obsessive thinking.

A 3-step, proven, actionable results plan to attain your goals & hold you accountable.You’ll leave with new and profound insights as to how to get out of your own way, as well as powerful tools that you can start implementing immediately to take your life to a level of unlimited possibilities! Let’s get you from where you are to where you want to be in 2018!

For more information on Tiffany Nicole & Creative Insight Journey please visit www.Tiffanynicole.co

 Click here for her local (Miami) and online classes.

I’d love to hear your feedback if you’ve attended her class.

For Miami peeps, hope to see you on Tuesday for her Masterclass at Gables Optimal Health.

3 magical words for 2018

Wow, it’s already been 5 days into 2018. How has it been so far for you?

I can honestly say that this week has been one of my most productive few days in a long time. However, it’s not about the year 2018, it’s really about my decision to take action and of course my why. Each day, not each year is a do over as I get to choose how I react in this world. I’ve identified my goals, I’ve set up my support system, and each day I take action. Also, it helps that many people in my circle are feeling as pumped up about this year as I am.

What are people in your circle saying about 2018?

Like I mentioned in my previous newsletter, I’ve chosen 3 words that I have placed throughout my apartment so I’m reminded everyday of my purpose. Check out the picture below of me with the words written on my bathroom mirror. (Yes, I intentionally put it upside down, just because).

Yes, seeing the words is helpful but continuing to move through the day is even more important with imperfect action. I’ve also become more aware of my peak hours, meaning my productive hours. We all have them and as an entrepreneur I’m thankful that I can create a schedule around them. I have the most energy and focus between 10-12:30pm then I break for lunch and back to work from 1ish-4pm. I take another break and work for a couple of hours or so, then I may be done for the day unless I get inspired to do something else.

This works for me. I’ve found my sweet spot and knowing that helps me to plan my day.

According to the chakras; freedom and accountability are about my throat; expressing what I want to do in life and asking for help while momentum is my solar chakra as it focuses on confidence, fire, and self-empowerment.

I’d like to hear from you, what word or words describe what 2018 means to you. Hit me back with a reply or scroll on over to Our Wheels of Life and share them there and how they can relate to your chakras.
Pass this email along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need time to focus on ourselves everyday!
Thank you for taking a moment for yourself as you practice self-care and stress release.

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​


Happy Best Year of Your Life, Welcome 2018

I feel it in every part of my being that 2018 is going to my year of transformation along with many others. To set it off, tonight we have the first super moon of the year. I’m heading to the beach today to set up my intentions and releasing them into the universe. This is truly the year that many awakened individuals, such as yourself, are taking control of their lives and manifesting their true desires.
This month I’m going to focus on mindset and will devote each weekly newsletter to what that means for manifestation of your dreams so they can become reality. As I write for you I’m also keeping myself accountable to stay present and focused.
These last few days I really began to dig in deep as to why 2017 wasn’t as transformative for me. I was able to identify many aha moments in 2017 that have been helpful in putting into perspective the lifestyle I want and meeting people who are aligned with a similar purpose. Yet, I know that I faltered along the way because I truly need to shift my mindset.
This Friday, I’m going to share with you my 3 key words of the year and how we’re going to keep each other accountable in 2018. So please ensure you open it on Friday.
Today I began with a 10 minute meditation which is part of my goal this year to be more present. When my alarm went off (the second time) I had a choice to continue staying in bed or get up and take action. My ego was saying, stay in bed, yet my purpose said get up and take action, which I did. This year my plan is to ensure I have the upper hand as I keep my ego in check and I want to support you along your journey as well.
In 2017 a few of my ahas…
  • My mindset was in victim role, I’ve been waiting for someone to save me from my struggles.
  • I love to have fun and will find ways that combine business and pleasure.
  • I wasn’t as proactive as I could have been because fears of being unworthy continued to show up in my life.
  • I’m comfortable staying at home alone sometimes yet it doesn’t bring on loneliness just time for reflection.
  • However, staying at home is also a sign of feeling unworthy of being with others
  • Everyday (or throughout the day) is a new opportunity to take action towards the life that I want.
  • Belief is important yet taking action on that belief is even more.
  • Ask and it’ll be given.
  • I can manifest anything that’s in my highest good.
  • I’m still grieving the losses of my loved ones yet being present with the ones still here.
  • I’ve lowered my expectations for how I engage with my immediate family.
  • I love bike riding and plan on doing more of it in 2018.
  • It takes mindset each day to move forward on my goals.
  • Procrastination is part of feeling unworthy
  • I have an incredible gift to assist myself and others on their healing journeys.
  • I’m extremely grateful for all that I have in my life.
  • I work best in collaboration rather than often by myself because there’s more time for fear and doubt to rise up
  • Social work is an entrenched part of my being
The ahas continue to come as I’ve remained open to receiving them. Now, it’s important to reflect on them as a learning tool as long as I don’t stay caught up in my errors.
I’d love to hear your 2017 reflections so take a moment and leave me a note or send me a private message.
Pass this newsletter along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need time to focus on ourselves everyday!

Blessed to be part of your healing journey, Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

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