Thank you Mothers, gift for you!

      Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mothers!

Not a day goes by that I don’t talk to my mother and thank her for all that she’s taught me. I share with her my frustrations, my hopes, my adventures, and so much more. She’s become such a better listener now that she’s in heaven as she doesn’t interrupt with her advice. ha ha!! Although I do miss that too, especially her voice.

I remember the first time I was able to share my gift of Reiki with her and was so excited about it. Normally, it was her taking care of me and now I could take care of her so she could relax. It was fall 2011 and I had just taken a semester off of graduate school so I could focus on being with her at home as she had surgery to remove a tumor from her spine. She had been diagnosed with cancer that month.

She laid down on the massage table I set up in my parent’s living room with the drapes open to look over the ocean (that was for my personal benefit). I began with my customary routine; confirmed she was comfortable, turned on soft meditation music, and placed lavender oil on my hands so she could smell it as I placed them a few inches above her nose.

I then began to move my hand over her body looking for energetic blocks and placed crystals over the areas so they could pull the stuck energy. Using my hands I slowly moved from the top of her head towards the bottom of her feet. During this time I heard her gentle snore and I smiled for I know how hard it was for her to fully relax and allow someone else to take care of her. Finally, when I finished her session (both front and back) I gently called her back to the present.

She mentioned how relaxed she felt and her pain had greatly decreased. The look on her face confirmed that. I then made her a relaxing tea and we sat down to talk.

Reiki has been a relaxation tool that I could share with people in person and remotely with amazing benefits for the recipient. I’ve been able to travel around the world offering healing services and share Reiki within multiple cultures. I’m also privileged to teach Reiki to anyone willing to learn (check out my local classes below).

For this Mother’s Day I want to give back and share with the first 10 mothers who respond to this email will only pay $85 for 2, 45 minute relaxing stress release session. Yes, that’s 2 for the price of 1. Special ends June 30, 2018.

Yes, gift certificates are available. Purchase 1 for your mother today, she’ll totally appreciate it.

Click here to book an in person Mother’s Day session (scroll all the way down) or call/text me to schedule a remote session or purchase a gift certificate. 

You deserve time to simply lay back like my mother did many years ago and just let go as someone loves on you.
P.S. Receive a special essential oil gift in exchange for a video testimonial after your session.

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Embracing Your Purpose (4 Spots Left)

      Mariposas Transformation Online Program

Imagine what your life would be like if for 6 months you stepped out of your comfort zone as you shared your truths with others.

Imagine if by speaking authentically you were supported and appreciated.

I guarantee…

You would open up more.

You would feel more powerful.

You would experience an energy surging within you.

You would try new and fun activities.

You would learn tools and techniques you could apply every day to release stress.

You would connect with others struggling with similar feelings.

Say yes today and give yourself the gift of joining a small group of individuals ready to push through limiting beliefs and step into the light via a confidential online program.

Learn how to set specific and small goals that you will accomplish along with accountability.

Join me in the launch of my new online group program, May 21, as together we transform with love and empowerment.

Doors close Friday May 11, 2018

To learn more, I’ve opened up my schedule to offer 20 minute discovery calls to verify if this is the right program for you! Click here to schedule the discovery session.

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

My “Secret” To Releasing Stress

Do you wince at the word stress?

If you could, would you remove the word from your vocabulary?

Stress can sometimes be an icky word yet I actually love it because when I say it at some point in a conversation to someone then that means there’s something happening in my life that’s causing me to feel imbalanced. Keep in mind stress can be both positive and negative, however, when most people when they say it describe it as negative. Awareness of the stressful situation is the first step and then taking action on finding ways to reduce the energetic impact is the next one.

Recently, I had 2 stressors in my life that really weren’t serving me in the long run, meaning they didn’t vibrate with me. One, was a cat named Fiona and the other was a man I began dating who I met through an online dating site, which I really don’t like to do anyways. Fiona came into my life when I was contemplating being more responsible and rooted as I now had my own apartment. I thought it was time to share my life with another being that I could love and receive love, so I thought let’s start with a cat as I love cats. So, the universe brought her to me in January and for a month it was awesome. Then my reality set in as I began to travel and was very busy in my life.

I felt bad for her. She actually cried for attention and it pulled at my heart, causing me to feel stress and guilt. I knew then I had to make a decision to find her a new home because I wasn’t able to give her what she needed. I set my intention, practiced my Reiki ritual, and began to tell people that she needed a new home. I have to be honest that I received lots of comments from my loved ones that were sarcastic in nature, meaning they were telling the truth in the form of a joke about my wanting to pass on the cat after so little time. However, I knew it was the right thing to do.

I’m happy to say that earlier this week, someone who took care of Fiona last year picked her up and took her to her home where she’ll live with 6 other cats. It’s a win, win situation and I feel a weight has been lifted.

The second stressor was a man I was dating for a couple of months and really didn’t tell anyone about him because I was still testing the waters with him. Since the beginning there were moments of frustration because I didn’t feel he understood me yet I pushed through trying to understand if it was just me or we really didn’t jive. I noticed that I would vent about him to others and at one point I realized I’m feeling stressed about a man I recently met.

Finally, after a recent date in which I became annoyed with him about a conversation we were having I told him the truth and said it’s time to move on. When asked if there was something he did, I replied no, the issue is with me as I know what I want in a man and his actions showed me that he didn’t offer what I wanted. His response when I told him about what I look for in a man, rather my ideal partner, “you’re looking for perfection.” I knew then I made the right decision because what I sought was someone with similar values and motivation. So, I too let him go and am so thankful because in the past I would have hung on for fear of being alone.

By releasing the situations that were causing me stress and I would complain about I now feel so much lighter and happier.

Are you currently struggling with stressors in your life that you’re unsure how to handle?

Are you ready to focus on releasing those stressors and achieve the life you know you’re meant to live?

Join me on May 21 as I launch Mariposas Transformation online group program. For 6 months we’ll break through your struggles in a loving environment and intimate community.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call with me and let’s discuss if this is the right fit for you. I’m only accepting 10 individuals at this time and I have space currently for 6 more people.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to respond to this email as I love to hear from you. ​​​​​​​

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Dirtiest vegetables and fruits in 2018 to avoid.

As we enter Earth Day weekend I wanted to share a resource by the Environmental Working Group, EWG, which helps to release stress around food as it has released its dirtiest dozen fruits and vegetables list. This is my go to list to know what fresh and frozen produce has the most pesticides on it so I can avoid them. Eating organic is awesome yet it’s not always financially feasible, so by using this list you can save money yet most importantly you can reduce stress in your body and of your loved ones.

I have this list printed on my fridge so when I make my grocery list I mark an O next to the ones I should purchase organically.

Eating healthy is one way for self-care and stress release as you’re consciously putting into your body foods that provide the most nourishment which is the gasoline your body needs to flourish everyday. If you’re eating the rainbow everyday, meaning your meals have a variety of colors, then you’re doing really well and you’re immune system has to work less. This isn’t about being on a diet, it’s about creating a lifestyle that assists your body to heal daily and enhance your immune system.

Within my Mariposas Transformation Program launching next month we’ll be discussing foods and colors that help bring your body into your balance. Each color has a different vibration which increases or decreases the energy in your body depending on your needs. You’ll receive recipes within the program and will be able to post ones that you’ve created in our private Facebook group to share with others in the program. We’ll make eating so much fun and creative so that each time you’re in the kitchen you’re excited to be there.

Print out the list today or visit for the dirty dozen list, plus lots of other goodies. Vote with your dollars and choose the vegetables and fruits that are the healthiest for you and our planet.

Reply to this email if you’re interested in learning more about my upcoming online program. Space is limited to 10 and I already have 2 people who’ve signed up.

Join us as we launch May 21, the day my sister transformed into an angel 8 years ago and to whom this program is dedicated to.


Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Putting Yourself First Is A MUST

Transform Your Life and Balance Your Life Holistically

Mariposas Transformation Online Group Program 

Do you ever feel like you are:

– Isolated and trying to do your personal development all alone?

– Going from workshops to books to audios, without a foundation or scalable plan for your holistic wellbeing?

– Walking a path yet unsure if it’s the right direction for you?

– Feeling frustrated because your thoughts seem to overwhelm every step you take?

– Running around in circles, feeling like you’re taking action but STILL not getting where you think you should be?

I have felt your pain!!

Time and time again these questions and feelings surfaced for me as I felt unbalanced, without purpose, and sadly felt alone more often than not.

In a world with billions of people in it, I found it to be such a sad experience because honestly there’s no need to experience this loneliness.

Truth is we live in developed countries yet sometimes it doesn’t feel as such because we’re constantly being told through marketing and society what we need to do, say, or wear in order to feel fulfilled and enough.

I have come to find out that instead of fighting against the status quo and wearing masks all the time to take my power back by coming to a place of inner peace, trust, and self love exactly how I am.

Within my personal practice and using my holistic balance assessment I’ve been able to arrive at a place of doing less and being more as I have released feelings of GUILT so I can focus on what’s more important; practicing self care and self respect. I have arrived at a place of feeling completely fulfilled and satisfied.

I’ve learned that I don’t have to do this inner work alone for there is immense power of health and healing, when we connect with a group of likeminded people, in a safe space and supportive environment.

I now apply these experiences and tools into my professional practice and have been leading my clients individually through my signature system called Mariposas Transformation with remarkable success.

I’ve taken a step forward and created a group online program so I can offer this to more people and to enhance the community I’ve been building.

The program is open to a small group of 10 people as I really want to create an intimate setting so everyone can be heard.

Let’s join together – combining our right and left brain, our hearts, and spirituality with holistic wisdom, fun, and inspiration in a confidential and healing environment.

Are you ready to put yourself first for a change?

Are you ready to embrace and trust your own body’s wisdom and to nourish all parts of who you are?

You’ll excel in this group program if:

  • You have an intention and vision for your calling towards wholeness and wellbeing as you define what it means to you.
  • You’ve made the leap and declared that you are making yourself a priority
  • You’re excited about listening and speaking to others who are going through similar struggles and exchanging tools.
  • You’re prepared to commit to a group process that is only limited by the amount of energy and commitment you put into it.
  • You’re willing to let go of limiting beliefs, old stories, and toxic patterns so you can do what you must to become who you really are.
  • You’re finally ready to devote yourself to your own unique and authentic path.
  • Both inner and outer components of your nourishment need renewed attention.
  • You’ve worked with me in the past and you’re ready to do this in a group program.

This group program is NOT right for you if:

  • You’re at the very beginning of discovering your motivation behind creating a life that you love and don’t yet have an understanding of your personal development
  • You don’t like working in a group and community setting…you prefer one-to-one support.
  • You’re not coachable and are unwilling to receive feedback and insights to help you get out of your own way.
  • You’re not interested in being vulnerable and truth telling about your journey.

I’ll be launching the program May 21 which is a super duper special day as it marks the day Yoli, my sister transitioned 8 years ago. I dedicate this launch to her.

Doors for the program will be closing May 15th so respond to this email today to secure your spot.

Your Investment:

Option 1: Pay in full by May 8, $450 and receive a complimentary remote energy healing session which you can schedule anytime.

Option 2: Recurring payment plan: $100 a month, beginning when you register for the program and continuing that same day every month.

First 3 people who sign up will receive an individualized guided meditation specific to your needs.

If you have any questions please feel free to hit reply and let me know.

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Invitation for Beta Testers only!

         Mariposas Transformational Online Program

                                                              Beta Invitation!

If you’ve been following me via this newsletter or social media you know by now that I’ve had a recent accident, a simple trip and fall with devastating results. Due to this accident I fractured a bone in my left wrist, scraped my right elbow, and a hole in my right knee which became infected and painful.

For over a week my life had been temporarily disrupted.  I’m so thankful for the Affordable Care Act which provided me with health insurance for it paid for many of my health care bills. Last week I dedicated most days to solely taking care of myself so my body can heal. During this down- time I chose to really dig in as to why this accident happened. I believe everything happens for a reason and I knew there was a message within this accident.  

While I focused on my self-care I opted not to see clients for an entire week. Yet I saw  what can happen to my life and business if I continue along the path that I’m on, which is shrouded in fear and unknown. I have many ideas yet just as many insecurities which are preventing me from really launching Mariposas the way I want to see it fly. 

One of those amazing ideas has been to create a signature program based on my holistic balance 7 aspect assessment. If you’ve worked with me, then you know what I’m talking about. 

I’m choosing now to move past fear and take the path of imperfect action. Therefore on May 21st I have chosen to launch my signature online group program for 6 months. This day has significant meaning for me because it’s on this day 8 years ago Yoli, my older sister, transitioned and so I dedicate this Beta Launch to her.

The jist of the program is that for 6 months we will meet bi-weekly via Zoom, a confidential video conferencing program, so you can join from where you are in this beautiful world, headsets are highly encouraged. I’ll continue to share more within the next few weeks. I’ve decided to open this program to a limited amount of people to ensure an intimate setting.

This accident reminded me about the importance of community and of reaching out for help. When we connect with a group of like-minded people in a safe and confidential environment there is an intense power of health and healing, for we realize that many of the thoughts in our heads are also shared by others.

There’s never a right time to be hurt or sick which increases our levels of stress. Therefore, by investing in yourself, learning tools for self care, and embracing a community of supportive people you can  achieve a life with peace of mind and happiness regardless of the chaos that may happen in your life.

Curious to learn more?, I’ve opened up my schedule to offer 20 minute discovery calls to verify if this is the right program for you! 

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Schedule your discovery call today

Reiki, My Saving Grace.

One of my constant stressors that I’m always working on is being here in the moment. I’m a busy person with many activities piled on my plate because I’ve asked for them to be there. Try as I might to lessen the load, I continue to say yes to new activities, however, I’ve become more conscious about what I say yes to.

For example, this week alone I saw clients, finished the final touches for an award ceremony I was helping to plan, as well as, being the Master of Ceremonies, and of course spending time with my family. Behind the scenes there was plenty of work to do to prepare for the actitivies plus taking care of other tasks that came up.

When I felt my stressors becoming too much; distracting thoughts, fast breathing, panic or feelings of overwhelm, I immediately stopped whatever I was doing and practiced Reiki.

Reiki has been a tool that I use every day for every thing. By practicing Reiki and reminding myself to be present, I immediately feel more calm and I can think more clearly. I then reduce my overwhelm and stress by writing out all the tasks that I have to do, then cross them out as I accomplish them. I so love when that happens.

Reiki is a tool that I also incorporate with my clients both in person and remotely. For example, yesterday I was coaching a client through a challenging situation that she had recalled from her childhood. When I asked her how she was feeling, she admitted to pain in her neck and stomach. This was caused by a building up of energy as she was processing buried emotions, energy in motion, which is common yet uncomfortable. I asked her permission to do Reiki and also as she’s a Reiki student of mine I was able to offer her suggestions of incorporating Reiki as we worked.

Within a few minutes she had felt the energy pass from these various energy centers and eventually leave her body. She felt more calm and centered, yet most importantly lighter as the weight of the memories or energy had dissipated.

Reiki is a tool that can be practiced anywhere and it connects you directly to the Universal source which is the most loving sensation one can ever experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Reiki can positively impact your life, schedule a discovery call today. I offer classes in person (different locations are being identified as I write) and remotely.

This weekend I’ll be teaching a Reiki 1 level class in Coral Gables. This class is perfect for anyone interested in learning what Reiki is, how energy works, chakra basics, and interest in practicing more self-care.

It’s an honor to share Reiki with you in any capacity and especially being able to teach it so you can apply it to your life at any point.

Check out my website, for upcoming in person classes and events.

Pass this email along to someone who may benefit from applying Reiki in their lives!

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​
Students practicing self-Reiki, Reiki 1 in Nicaragua 2016

Time to transform

This year feels like a constant transformational journey because of the actions I’m taking to pursue my goals and the support I’m receiving from various areas as I move forward. I still feel motivated most days and have continued to be blessed with amazing colleagues and clients/patients this year.

One of my newest transformations has been the changing of my logo. I honestly didn’t intend to change it yet it was part of a marketing program I invested in to enhance my brand. I told the graphic design team what I wanted to have sure and they came back with 3 options, with this being the winner.

This logo represents my continuous transformation, saying yes to what I believe will bring me more growth and stepping through my fears. I love it and I feel it’s even stronger than my previous ones!!

What do you think of my new logo? Respond to this email as I’d love to hear your feedback.

Since the beginning of 2018 I’ve been reassured by many people; friends, colleagues, and clients alike that this is the year for transformation. People are popping with excitement and ahas left and right, especially those who are working with someone who supports them because change is super scary.
Feeling supported and empowered is a necessary part of transformation, therefore I’d like to share with you the debut of my signature program on Monday May 7. This will be a group program that’ll offer for the first time yet it’s based on the individual work I do with my clients, both remotely and in person.
Today, I’m offering you a very special opportunity to work with me remotely at an affordable price within my online group program called Mariposas Transformational Program using my signature holistic balance aspects as our guide.
Click here to schedule a complimentary Discovery phone session so we can discover if this is the right program for you.
The Mariposas Transformational Program is ideal for individuals ready to move past their fears and take control of their lives, achieve balance by understanding what that means for them, and discovering their purpose so they live a life with happiness and peace of mind.
Sound like you? Awesome, let’s talk so click here and choose the Discovery phone session.
As it’s the first time (not last time) I launch this online program I want an intimate setting of 6-8 participants which will happen twice a month, for two hours a session within 6 months.
Join me today on this transformational journey launching on May 7, 2018.
Pass this email along to someone who may benefit from this program. 

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Mindfulness March

We’re already in the 3rd month of the year and I feel as though I’ve progressed on my goals and also faltered in other areas.
February has felt as though there weren’t enough hours in the day with all the projects and activities I piled on my plate. Fortunately I’ve been part of an inaugural online program about how to be more mindful and creative. It’s helped wonders and has truly kept my stress levels down.
Also, in February a community was negatively impacted by a school shooting by a former student. This has shaken many people into further action and working together.
With so much going on in my personal life and hearing the news outside my bubble, I have to constantly remind myself to be present.
I’ve also noticed that many of my clients have also been struggling with this issue of being more present and I share with them lots of tools and techniques to BE HERE NOW!
i decided to share the wealth and will be offering tools and techniques to reduce anxiety, lower stress levels, lessen negative thinking and much more by being here now.
 I’ll be offering these tips here in the newsletter but offering others in Our Wheels of Life Facebook group and I encourage you to join us. Plus share your favorite tip about mindfulness.
My first favorite tip I want to share with you is to use a meditation app. Choose 1 and dedicate time to use it at least 2x a week. My favorite is insight app, however calm is also good and many others.
whats you’re favorite?
please share either by replying or posting in Our Wheels of Lifefacebook group. 
2018 is the year of action, so let’s move!!!
Pass this email along to someone who may benefit from it as we all need time to focus on ourselves everyday!
Thank you for taking a moment for yourself as you practice self-care and stress release.

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​
Upcoming Events in March and April 2018
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Journey Dance at Yoga Fest Nicaragua, March 3 and 4
March 6, Reiki Refresher in Nicaragua
March 25, Reiki 1 Coral Gables
April 6, 7-9pm Journey Dance at Keep it in the Heart