The 4th is right around the corner!

In just a few days we’ll be celebrating (those that live in the United States) the 4th of July, to honor the acceptance of the Declaration of Independence which our founding leaders used for the pursuit of happiness. This document was written over 200 years ago and is the foundation of our country.
I was curious though about what else made the 4th of July unique so I found a YouTube video that discusses 25 facts about it.  Check it out here if you’re also curious like me.
I wonder sometimes what the founding fathers would think of our country today with the overwhelming laws and consistent fight within our borders for human rights or the right to bear arms, amongst other issues we’re seeing every day.
Truth is, there are numerous injustices happening all around us and it’s so important for each one of us to uphold our democratic rights along with others. I believe with our actions and our words that we can make differences in people’s lives, regardless of how big or small.
As we move towards the 4th let’s focus on appreciating the rights we do have, the people we love around us, and the freedom we experience on a daily basis. Of course, also enjoy the fireworks if you’re able to (I know many people can’t for various reasons).
One action I’ve been taking on a daily basis is focusing on peace and love for all every morning during my meditation time. I also began to offer a daily evening meditation on Facebook, however, I wasn’t staying consistent. So, I’ve decided to dedicate every Monday evening, 10pm est in Our Wheels of Life Facebook group to a prayer circle of peace. This is a non-religious prayer circle.
The purpose of this prayer circle is to focus on peace, mindfulness, and relaxation.
I believe in the power of the people and groups. I believe together if we focus on peace and love, we, like John Lennon sang, can Imagine a peaceful world.
I believe the pursuit of happiness begins with us and so does peace.
Join me if you can online within Our Wheels of Life Facebook group every Monday night at 10pm est or you can join us offline by connecting energetically to us and saying your prayers for peace.
If you’d like to co-facilitate please respond to this email and we can talk about it.

Happy US Independence,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Upcoming In Person Events

July 29, Reiki 1 in North Carolina
August 26, Reiki 1 in Coral Gables
October 7, Reiki 2 in Coral Gables
September 29-30, 2018, Usui Reiki III* Certification Class

Grounding during chaos!

Have you been feeling out of sorts lately, sometimes without reason?

I have and it feels like the world around me is in continuous chaos. From various social media feeds to online news outlets to front page news and even loved ones sharing the latest updates, information comes charging into our lives which can sometimes knock us down emotionally.

Since we’re energetic beings, we’re connected to one another and so we do feel in various degrees the negative energies from the chaos around us.

Lately my heart has been crying for the people in Nicaragua (my second home) who are living in a constant state of fear due a civil uprising due to police brutality and a non-engaged government who prefers power over peace. Also, along our southern borders we’re seeing the tragedy of the families being torn apart because they seek a new way of life from the chaos and challenges they’re leaving behind. Immigration is a challenging issue, yet human rights should be upheld along with dignity.

Of course, some of us who are in social activism are aware of many other issues affecting our country, like missing children from the foster system, health care issues, high costs, etc.

We’re also seeing the chaos Mother Earth is causing due to the energetic shifts of being taken advantage rather than taken care of, leading to changing temperatures that’s causing irrefutable damage around the world.

Perhaps in your life you are currently feeling the weight of many changes on a personal basis such as relationship issues or chronic stress due to various reasons.

Chaos and trauma affects us all at one point or another in our lives in various degrees.

As one client mentioned earlier this week in a session, “when it rains, it pours,” referring to the onslaught of challenging issues that have shown up recently in her life.

Regardless of what’s going on around you, when you’re in control and able to be present, you then stand tall like a tree and rooted to the ground.

One way, my favorite way, of being grounded is walking barefoot. At home and at my office I always take off my shoes as soon as I enter the door. I just immediately feel better.

Did you know that walking around barefoot helps you to be more mindful?

Grounding, which means being connected to the earth is probably the oldest preventative medicine as the energy, electrons, found within the earth assist in balancing the entire body.

When chaos, a disturbance in energy, swirls around us we can feel out of control especially if we want to help but are unsure how. By grounding and being present (a daily practice) we can stay in control of our reactions so we can make better choices in our lives.

Don’t just take my word for it, try it yourself right now. If you have shoes on, place both feet flat on the floor (inside is fine) and feel the connection (if any) between your feet and the ground. Now, take your shoes off and do the same.

Do you feel a difference?

For more information about the science of grounding, check out this amazing video below.

I invite you to spend some time walking around barefoot outdoors and focus on gratitude, then send love through the ground to the people who need it.

Let me know your reaction to this activity and/or share a picture or thoughts about this video and grounding in general.

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Let’s talk more about grounding.

Schedule a discovery session!

Celebrating Fathers


Happy Father’s Day!

Let’s celebrate and honor the men who’ve taken on the role

as a biological father or a dad that raised us throughout our lives

on this special day There are a few men within my tribe who are fathers

or have a father-like role to loved ones and I bless you.

Even if our fathers have passed on, let’s give thanks for their teachings,

whatever they were for they helped shape us into who we are today.

Fathers have usually taken on the role as protector and provider, yet that role

has changed throughout the years as women have become providers while

fathers stay home with their children.

I was raised by a father who was more of a provider as he traveled for work

which caused him to be away 1-2 weeks a month. Growing up I yearned for him

and was constantly disappointed because he’d be traveling whenever I wanted

his company. Now as an adult I’m so grateful to have a father who loved his family

so much he believed at that time that it was his only option. My father has his faults

as every human being does and I’ve learned through observation so much about him,

plus just asking him questions that I couldn’t growing up. For many

years I struggled with my dad’s decisions which affected all of us at various times.

I also realized that I was very short fused and impatient just like him which annoyed

me even more. I recall a family member at a party pointing out the root reason

when I was in my teenage years about a wrongful decision he made that cost us dearly that crushed my soul.

Through years of awareness, making different choices, and releasing expectations

I’ve come to love and appreciate him for the man he is, thus releasing my

anger and disappointment. I focus now on appreciating him rather than judging him.

Thanks to his enjoyment of traveling around the world with his family, I’ve incorporated

traveling as a joyful experience in which I can also call work. My healing journey

has also been addressed through energy medicine and and other modalities so I could

release the energetic ties.

I’ve learned that transformation is an ongoing process that requires me to become

aware of my thoughts and emotions that lead to specific actions. One of the biggest

areas to focus on is releasing expectations. This is so hard yet necessary to

release stress within our bodies.

Father’s day is a time to celebrate the man who’s in your life spending time with you

in his way, not always how you expect him to be. One of the ways is through

forgiveness. If this is an area that you struggle with, then let’s talk for it doesn’t really

help you to hold onto anger and bitterness.

Let’s release your anger through conversation and energy medicine so you can

feel freer and happier.

Schedule a discovery call with me today.

One of the ways I celebrate father’s day is by writing a thoughtful and grateful card for

my brother and father as they are still with me.

How do you celebrate Father’s Day?

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Raising my happiness vibration

Last week I wrote about how I move through loneliness sometimes and was so blessed to receive emails of support and feeling the same. Being vulnerable has been a work in progress for me because when I was younger I didn’t feel listened to, a pattern I’m breaking through. By speaking my truth and receiving such support it empowers me to continue sharing which I hope encourages you to do as well. I so love and appreciate each of you.

I love my alone time because I’m an introvert. Whenever I’ve spend the day out of my home I’m excited to return and just be. I believe happiness is a state of mind that takes nurturing.

Happiness for me involves so many different aspects such as creating my life of adventure, meeting people, traveling, teaching, helping my family, taking care of myself, and sharing my gifts with others through Mariposas Holistic Healing. I know I shine when I’m doing what I love and being present with others.

How about you, what causes you to shine and feel as though you love what you’re doing?

The easiest way to vibrate at high levels is when we’re laughing, being in love, having fun, and being. Yet, as the saying goes what goes up will come down. Our energy can easily be deflated when we doubt or criticize ourselves, or spend time with people that bring us down.

It’s totally normal to feel both forms our vibrations and it takes work to stay up. This includes our mindset, how we feel, who we’re around, and what we’re doing. Intention is a huge part of that.

Where our focus goes, energy flows.

Once you have a thought about what you want, then it’s about taking action towards what you do want. For example, I love to travel and so I set an intention about how I want to travel, sometimes even mentioning specific places. I ask for help from spirit and take action towards what brings me joy. I’m happy to state that I’ve been able to combine travel for business and pleasure.

Recently, I took it another step forward by becoming a promoter through Liv, a lifestyle membership club. Since being a member I’ve been able to save time and money by booking directly through their travel app, working with a concierge to handle trip details I would normally spend hours on, and connecting with a new group of people dedicated to having more fun in their lives.

I believe that life can be created yet sometimes we also have to learn lessons along the way. Life is made up of experiences that either encourage us to be better people as we take responsibility for what we can control or victims, blaming others for why our life isn’t how we wanted it to go.

What do you believe about life and our purpose here?

Every year I’m able to create a lifestyle that expands beyond my dreams and I’m really grateful for the experiences, both positive and challenging.

If you’re ready to try something new and have the time of your life then check out my newest endeavor Liv. I’m super excited to share this with you because I’d love for us to travel together and create many happy moments.

If you’re interested in seeing what I’m talking about it then check out my Liv site by clicking here.

For those in Miami, come listen to how traveling is an amazing stress releaser as I’ll be sharing Liv on June 24 at 2:30pm in the workshop room at Stress Less Sunday, a Liv Local event.

PS Keep an eye out for my #livmoments on my instagram posts. Those posts will be my happiest moments which will be captured after 60 posts by  Liv and they’ll send me my own hard copy photo book with all the pictures I tagged.
Yep, I don’t have to worry about saving them or putting them in a special folder, OR wasting the time to create the photo book myself. Very soon they’ll be in my hands, thanks to LIV.  (One of the many perks of this awesome membership that you can check out HERE)

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Upcoming In Person Events

June 23 $5 Reiki Sessions at Tropical Park Farmer’s Market, 10-3pm 

June 23, Journey Dance at Crossfit Boundless, 4-6pm

June 24, Family Stress Less Sunday on Giralda Plaza

July 14 Reiki 2 Certification class

July 15, Family Stress Less Sunday on Giralda Plaza

July 29, Reiki 1 in North Carolina

September 29-30, 2018, Usui Reiki III* Certification Class

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Moving through loneliness

The other day I was talking with my 10 year old niece about how we find more comfort and friendships in books than we have in real life. She admitted to being lonely as she didn’t have any friends. I so related to her as I remember spending more days and weekends alone than I did in the company of others during many years of my life. Loneliness is like a shadow to me, always sneaking up whenever I turn a corner and looming over me for long periods of time.

I’ve become so accustomed to being alone that sometimes I feel really awkward when I’m around groups of people and I find myself sneaking into a quiet corner or even leaving the uncomfortable environment. More often than not I enjoy time on my own, yet there are times that I miss the closeness of others and sharing ideas. Since I began my business I’ve seen myself spend hours in front of the computer working rather than taking action and being around others.

Recently, I was feeling rather lonely and sad as I sat alone in my apartment wondering what to do that weekend for fun. A few months ago I set a goal to have more fun in Miami, at least once a month, that wasn’t work related. I find it almost funny that I’ve been back in Miami, my place of birth, for 4 years now after being gone for 15 years and still can’t say I have 1 good friend here. At least anyone I can truly call up and say, let’s go out for fun. Everyone I used to hang out with has moved on to another way of life really different from mine or has moved away. I do have 1 friend I’ve known for a few years but she’s usually really busy or prefers to spend time alone, which I totally understand.

I began to cry because I didn’t understand how this could be as I’m such a friendly person. Eventually I noticed that I was judging and beating myself up with each negative thought so I decided to confront my feelings of loneliness by questioning what could I do differently. I allowed myself to cry and release the emotions moving within me and then stood up and shook it off. Really I put on an awesome song and danced my heart out. Then, I walked around my apartment thinking to myself what am I really missing? How else have I been feeling supported and welcomed in other areas of my life. Almost immediately, the word tribe came into my mind.

Yes, how have I been building up my tribe? A tribe is a group of like minded people who come together in one way or another to empower each other in some aspect. In the past tribes were people of the same culture who lived or traveled together and helped each other survive by thriving within their various skills.

I then realized that I do have various tribes; my family, my clients and colleagues, my friends in other parts of the country and world, along with other tribes I’ve joined doing what I love through dancing, healing, and traveling.

Truth be told with so many people in this world, it still amazes me how many of us still feel so lonely and isolated. I then realized that I’m beginning to change that as I’ve been taking action by creating events and being part of ones that bring people together. Miami is full of such events, it’s just up to me to say yes to what would bring me the most joy. I have a choice to be around others or be alone. I’ve been choosing loneliness for fear of being uncomfortable and now, I choose to move past that as I set out to be more around my tribes. Oooh, it feels so empowering!!

I may still feel lonely at times yet now I feel so much more inspired to do more local events and connect with others as I continue to enhance my tribes. This then deepens my roots where I’m at so I can continue to bloom.

With each event I create (see below) I take steps to close the loneliness gap for myself and others which is such a blessing.

I’d love to hear from you.

What tribes do you belong to?

When you feel lonely what action steps do you take to move forward into the light?

Love and hugs,

Paty Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

                                       2018 Upcoming In Person Events

JUNE 3: Healing Arts Holistic Expo at the Gables 2018

JUNE 10: Usui Reiki I Certification Class 

JUNE 23: Energy Healing Sessions at Tropical Park Farmer’s Market 

JUNE 23: Journey Dance at Crossfit Boundless, 4-6pm

JUNE 24: Family Stress Less Sunday on Giralda Plaza

JULY 14: Reiki 2 Certification class

JULY 29: Reiki 1 in North Carolina

SEPTEMBER 29-30: Usui Reiki III* Certification Class

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Happily Joining The Herd With Updates To Our Privacy Policy And Terms Of Use

By now if you’re on other listservs you’ve received emails about companies updating their privacy policy and terms of use. I was inspired by them to take action and dust off and update our privacy policy so I can proudly share it with my tribe.

Although this is an European Union (EU) law, our websites are frequently visited by EU citizens and we do collect some data from EU and worldwide users, such as: ad tracking, Google analytics, emails, phone numbers and address information when you make a purchase or do a voluntary opt in to our web forms.

As my tribe, my community, I, we (my team) value your privacy and we’re committed to protect your personal data, contacts, and anyone who visits our website and other social media locations where we collect information. Within our company we value confidentiality and empowerment with our tribe, which includes protecting and safeguarding information. Therefore, we’ve chosen to comply with GDPR to show our commitment to protecting your data. As Mariposas Holistic Healing grows, we, actively design and embrace features with privacy.

This policy can be viewed by clicking this link and the document will soon be uploaded to our website.

By continuing to remain on this listserv from May 23, 2018, you acknowledge our updated Privacy Policy and agree to our updated Terms of Use.

As our company grows and evolves, we’ll continue to focus on strengthening and improving our privacy practices and tools, for the benefit of our clients, contacts, and website visitors.

If you no longer want to receive great content and updates from us.  We totally understand and you will be missed. Please use the link below to unsubscribe.

P.S. I admire you and am humbled by your support. Thank you for allowing me to show up in your inbox and share my best stuff on inspiring, empowering, and balancing your life towards health and happiness.

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

When In Doubt, Just Ask

This time 8 years ago I was sitting on my sister’s hospital bed in our room at our parents’ apartment in Key Biscayne. I was staring out the window with her hand in mine as she gently slept. I recalled how just last year I was at her apartment listening to her talk about she was going to beat the cancer and spread out her arms highlighting all of her books on cancer, natural healing, chakras, and so much more. She had affirmations written on all of her walls reminding her how amazing and beautiful she was, plus how she was healing.

It was only 1 year ago when she introduced me to energy healing, green smoothies, raw food, affirmations, and oracle cards. She had embraced these techniques and seeing a counselor as her choice of treatment to clear the cancer from her body. I remember listening to her talk about chakras (no idea what they were at the time) and how she believed her cancer stemmed from her inability to speak her truth for so long plus insecurities she struggled with. It was truly hard for me to understand some of the things that she told me about back then.

Now, 8 years later, I’m the one sharing these techniques and so much more with people who find me because the universe merged our paths. I believe with all of my heart that Yoli’s journey has helped me to really look within myself to heal as I’m able to support others on their healing path.

Honestly, after Yoli passed away I did shy away from many of these energetic discussions and natural healing techniques. I dove head first into staying super busy with graduate school while living in New Mexico and not really thinking about what she taught me. Yet, Spirit had other plans for me and began to place in my path people and opportunities that have truly shaped who I am today as a person and business.

In 2013 the year I graduated with my Masters, I also became a Reiki Master/Teacher. I vowed then that my mission would be to empower others, like Yoli, on their healing journey and offer them support and kindness by being present with them.

Honestly, this journey does have it’s ups and downs as I struggle to find my own entrepreneur path while also dealing with personal issues that come up from time to time. What helps me through these challenging times is my personal practice of Reiki, meditation, and reading of the oracle cards.

If you’ve worked with me at any time then you may have received a reading from my Angel or Nature Whispers deck so you understand the power these have to move hesitations or doubts from your mind.

On Mother’s Day, after completing my personal practice I drew a card from the deck and received Gratitude and Appreciation (below). For me the card confirmed that even when I’m struggling or sad or miss my mom, sister or other loved ones that have passed to focus on gratitude and appreciation. I felt it was a sign from my mom as I would always shower her with gratitude and her she was sending me her appreciation. The picture depicts the innocence of a child with a magical creature, full of love for one another.

I believe the purpose of oracle card readings is not to know my future but to seek confirmation when I doubt my pathSometimes we don’t have all the answers, yet the cards we choose say exactly what we need to hear.

So, when I’m in doubt as if I’m on the right path or my next idea is the correct one, I pull a card from my deck and receive the confirmation I need. Then, I move forward and take action as I believe it’s what Spirit wants me to do to fulfill my purpose in life.

I’d love to hear from you, what’s your experience with oracle cards?

Do you have a favorite deck?

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Thank you Mothers, gift for you!

      Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mothers!

Not a day goes by that I don’t talk to my mother and thank her for all that she’s taught me. I share with her my frustrations, my hopes, my adventures, and so much more. She’s become such a better listener now that she’s in heaven as she doesn’t interrupt with her advice. ha ha!! Although I do miss that too, especially her voice.

I remember the first time I was able to share my gift of Reiki with her and was so excited about it. Normally, it was her taking care of me and now I could take care of her so she could relax. It was fall 2011 and I had just taken a semester off of graduate school so I could focus on being with her at home as she had surgery to remove a tumor from her spine. She had been diagnosed with cancer that month.

She laid down on the massage table I set up in my parent’s living room with the drapes open to look over the ocean (that was for my personal benefit). I began with my customary routine; confirmed she was comfortable, turned on soft meditation music, and placed lavender oil on my hands so she could smell it as I placed them a few inches above her nose.

I then began to move my hand over her body looking for energetic blocks and placed crystals over the areas so they could pull the stuck energy. Using my hands I slowly moved from the top of her head towards the bottom of her feet. During this time I heard her gentle snore and I smiled for I know how hard it was for her to fully relax and allow someone else to take care of her. Finally, when I finished her session (both front and back) I gently called her back to the present.

She mentioned how relaxed she felt and her pain had greatly decreased. The look on her face confirmed that. I then made her a relaxing tea and we sat down to talk.

Reiki has been a relaxation tool that I could share with people in person and remotely with amazing benefits for the recipient. I’ve been able to travel around the world offering healing services and share Reiki within multiple cultures. I’m also privileged to teach Reiki to anyone willing to learn (check out my local classes below).

For this Mother’s Day I want to give back and share with the first 10 mothers who respond to this email will only pay $85 for 2, 45 minute relaxing stress release session. Yes, that’s 2 for the price of 1. Special ends June 30, 2018.

Yes, gift certificates are available. Purchase 1 for your mother today, she’ll totally appreciate it.

Click here to book an in person Mother’s Day session (scroll all the way down) or call/text me to schedule a remote session or purchase a gift certificate. 

You deserve time to simply lay back like my mother did many years ago and just let go as someone loves on you.
P.S. Receive a special essential oil gift in exchange for a video testimonial after your session.

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

Embracing Your Purpose (4 Spots Left)

      Mariposas Transformation Online Program

Imagine what your life would be like if for 6 months you stepped out of your comfort zone as you shared your truths with others.

Imagine if by speaking authentically you were supported and appreciated.

I guarantee…

You would open up more.

You would feel more powerful.

You would experience an energy surging within you.

You would try new and fun activities.

You would learn tools and techniques you could apply every day to release stress.

You would connect with others struggling with similar feelings.

Say yes today and give yourself the gift of joining a small group of individuals ready to push through limiting beliefs and step into the light via a confidential online program.

Learn how to set specific and small goals that you will accomplish along with accountability.

Join me in the launch of my new online group program, May 21, as together we transform with love and empowerment.

Doors close Friday May 11, 2018

To learn more, I’ve opened up my schedule to offer 20 minute discovery calls to verify if this is the right program for you! Click here to schedule the discovery session.

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​

My “Secret” To Releasing Stress

Do you wince at the word stress?

If you could, would you remove the word from your vocabulary?

Stress can sometimes be an icky word yet I actually love it because when I say it at some point in a conversation to someone then that means there’s something happening in my life that’s causing me to feel imbalanced. Keep in mind stress can be both positive and negative, however, when most people when they say it describe it as negative. Awareness of the stressful situation is the first step and then taking action on finding ways to reduce the energetic impact is the next one.

Recently, I had 2 stressors in my life that really weren’t serving me in the long run, meaning they didn’t vibrate with me. One, was a cat named Fiona and the other was a man I began dating who I met through an online dating site, which I really don’t like to do anyways. Fiona came into my life when I was contemplating being more responsible and rooted as I now had my own apartment. I thought it was time to share my life with another being that I could love and receive love, so I thought let’s start with a cat as I love cats. So, the universe brought her to me in January and for a month it was awesome. Then my reality set in as I began to travel and was very busy in my life.

I felt bad for her. She actually cried for attention and it pulled at my heart, causing me to feel stress and guilt. I knew then I had to make a decision to find her a new home because I wasn’t able to give her what she needed. I set my intention, practiced my Reiki ritual, and began to tell people that she needed a new home. I have to be honest that I received lots of comments from my loved ones that were sarcastic in nature, meaning they were telling the truth in the form of a joke about my wanting to pass on the cat after so little time. However, I knew it was the right thing to do.

I’m happy to say that earlier this week, someone who took care of Fiona last year picked her up and took her to her home where she’ll live with 6 other cats. It’s a win, win situation and I feel a weight has been lifted.

The second stressor was a man I was dating for a couple of months and really didn’t tell anyone about him because I was still testing the waters with him. Since the beginning there were moments of frustration because I didn’t feel he understood me yet I pushed through trying to understand if it was just me or we really didn’t jive. I noticed that I would vent about him to others and at one point I realized I’m feeling stressed about a man I recently met.

Finally, after a recent date in which I became annoyed with him about a conversation we were having I told him the truth and said it’s time to move on. When asked if there was something he did, I replied no, the issue is with me as I know what I want in a man and his actions showed me that he didn’t offer what I wanted. His response when I told him about what I look for in a man, rather my ideal partner, “you’re looking for perfection.” I knew then I made the right decision because what I sought was someone with similar values and motivation. So, I too let him go and am so thankful because in the past I would have hung on for fear of being alone.

By releasing the situations that were causing me stress and I would complain about I now feel so much lighter and happier.

Are you currently struggling with stressors in your life that you’re unsure how to handle?

Are you ready to focus on releasing those stressors and achieve the life you know you’re meant to live?

Join me on May 21 as I launch Mariposas Transformation online group program. For 6 months we’ll break through your struggles in a loving environment and intimate community.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call with me and let’s discuss if this is the right fit for you. I’m only accepting 10 individuals at this time and I have space currently for 6 more people.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to respond to this email as I love to hear from you. ​​​​​​​

Love and hugs,

Paty,  La Mariposa  ​​​​​​​